Stalker History

Let’s go back in time… before 2010…

At the LISK’s core, he is a stalker. His stalking behavior is evident before and after he murders his victims. He has had many, many, many years to perfect his stalking behaviors. Dennis Rader (BTK) was a stalker, and someone I have studied with the help of John Douglas, FBI Criminal Profiler. I believe LISK is almost identical to BTK. During Rader’s sentencing hearing, he went into great detail on the “what” and “why” and “how” he chose, stalked, detained, and killed each of his victims. (YouTube Documentary on Dennis Rader) It was through my study of Dennis Rader that I was able to understand the psychology of LISK. It was also the reason why I highly suspected Dr. Charles Peter Hackett to be my own #1 POI.

When I came upon the case after watching the 48 Hours Mystery episode mentioning Dr. Hackett, I was intrigued how he could be ruled out as a POI so quickly. I wanted to know more about this particular man, and went on a search for what information was out there on him. That is when I came upon a particular thread titled “The Last Happy Hour” on WS started by “truthspider”, who was also featured in an article in the UK GQ Magazine.

Truthspider was a Long Island resident and backed his information up with links and articles and made interesting observations of Dr. Hackett’s father’s book The Last Happy Hour, which I have also read, myself. There was a lot of controversy between members stemming from this particular thread and discussion. Three major articles of discussion were written in Newsday in 1997. The first, an obituary for Charles J. Hackett:

Newsday (Melville, NY)
September 13, 1997

Section: NEWS
Page: A27

Index Terms: OBITUARY.

Charles Hackett, Administrator
Author: John J. Giuffo. STAFF WRITER

Article Text: Charles Joseph Hackett, a retired administrator at Hempstead General Hospital, died Tuesday at Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, West Islip. He was 87. Mr. Hackett had been admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital for four days in early August after suffering a stroke. Mr. Hackett had a wide variety of occupations throughout his life, including that of banker, tugboat captain in World War II, hospital comptroller, poet, author and administrator. Mr. Hackett was born in Flatbush in 1909. He attended Columbia University and worked as a banker at Brown Brothers Harriman in Manhattan before enlisting in the Army in 1941. While in the Army, he rose in rank from a private in field artillery to a major in military intelligence. Before leaving the Army, he served as a trial judge advocate and as provost marshal of the 11th Airborne, where he prosecuted German war criminals, among others. Having served in the European theater for four years, he stayed in Biarritz, France, after the war to pursue graduate study at the American University there. He returned home in 1946, attended Columbia’s graduate program in hospital administration in 1952, and was soon employed as the comptroller of the Hackensack Medical Center in Hackensack, N.J. It was there during the early 1950s he met his future wife, Maryellen. They were married in February, 1955. She died a year later from complications arising from the birth of their only son, Charles Peter. Mr. Hackett later moved to Marysville, Ohio, where he was the vice president of the Scott Lawn Seed Company. He left Ohio a year later and moved to Ogunquit, Maine, in 1960, where he lived for two years as he wrote a novel, “The Last Happy Hour,” about a hospital administrator bringing up a son by himself. “My father would never admit that any of it was anything but fiction,” said his son, who lives in Point Lookout. In 1962, Mr. Hackett moved to West Islip, and to Point Lookout in 1969. In 1991, he moved to Oak Beach, where he remained until his death. He was the executive director of Hempstead General Hospital from 1962 to 1986, and a professor of hospital administration at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University from 1974 to 1984. “He was a consummate gentleman. A man of very old traditions,” his son said. Mr. Hackett would often attend the yearly Breadloaf Conference in Middlebury, Vt., where he would study poetry with the likes of Robert Frost and Jack Kerouac. He also ran five to 10 miles a day until the age of 80. “He was very dedicated to the quality of health care, both in the region and in the country,” said his son, and he often spoke out for equal access to health care for all Americans. He was Hofstra University’s Man of the Year for 1977. Mr. Hackett was also president of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce from 1972 until 1974. In addition to his son, Mr. Hackett is survived by two granddaughters and a grandson. Services were held Wednesday at the O’Shea Funeral Home in Wantagh. Mr. Hackett was buried Thursday at the Maryrest Cemetery in Mahwah, N.J.

Copyright (c) 1997 Newsday, Inc.
Record Number: 964427837

This obituary was written by Dr. Charles Peter Hackett, liar extraordinaire. There are so many inconsistencies and bold-faced lies, to go through each one took a lot of time. To really understand, you would have to know that Hackett’s father’s highest education was 8th grade.

  1. “…attended Columbia University…”8th grade education
  2. The ENTIRE portion of “Army, tugboat captain, field artillery, military intelligence, trial judge advocate, provost marshal of the 11th Airborne, and prosecuted German war criminals” is a maddening lie after lie after lie after lie that is so outrageous it’s indescribable. The lies don’t even make logical sense.
  3. “…vice president of the Scott Lawn Seed Company…” is easily verifiable to not having been Charles J. Hackett-ever. (Not as easy to verify in 1997, though, without Google searches.)
  4. “…comptroller of the Hackensack Medical Center in Hackensack, NJ.” Since he had no higher education, or even a high school education, if he had been employed there, it was based on a lie.
  5. “…married in February, 1955…” The 1940 Census has Charles J. Hackett “married”, the age of Mary Hackett states 48, but in 1940, the mother of Charles Peter Hackett would have been approximately 13, while his father was 32. Charles J. Hackett had a sister that was 2 years older, also named Mary. Sometimes, the written Census is transcribed with an error, and it appears that may be the case here. The number 4 was likely typed onto the transcribed report in error, instead, it is likely the number on the written Census was 1 for 18 (although, that age would still be a lie).
  6. “…he wrote a novel, “The Last Happy Hour,” about a hospital administrator bringing up a son by himself.” Charles Peter Hackett sates, “My father would never admit that any of it was anything but fiction.” This is the first honest statement. The book was about his father’s life, although his father would only ever admit it was fiction, but there were many truths written in that book. His father wrote about “converting whores“. That was the biggest bomb in the entire psyche of Charles Peter Hackett. His father would also take his young son to Atlantic City to gamble and have sex with those “whores” he talked about “converting”.
  7. “…the executive director of Hempstead General Hospital from 1962 to 1986…” He was an administrator.
  8. “…professor of hospital administration at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University from 1974 to 1984.” If he was, it was on a faked degree.
  9. “…Hofstra University’s Man of the Year for 1977.” Pulled out of thin air.
  10. “…president of the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce from 1972 until 1974.” He must have had an incredibly long resume for only having an 8th grade education.


With such exaggerations in his father’s book, it’s no wonder why Charles Peter Hackett was so creative with his father’s obituary. In 1997, Hackett couldn’t foresee being able to pick apart each and every lie with ease.

What does this have to do with stalking? Well, it takes a look into the history to be able to understand; Charles Peter Hackett’s mother, Mary Ellen Ryan.

Mary Ellen Ryan was born into a seemingly intelligent, successful family in West Caldwell, NJ. Her father, Eric J. Ryan was a very well respected doctor who graduated from McGill University in Montreal Canada, and her mother, Mary Catherine (Gude) Ryan was a nurse. She was the second of 4 children. Her older brother, Eric J. Ryan Jr., became an art teacher, and her brother Kevin Ryan, a doctor who received his degree from Harvard. She also had a sister, Denise.


I believe that at the time of Charles Peter Hackett’s father’s death, he knew his mother’s family history. If Charles J. Hackett played a part in his wife’s death in 1956 (weeks after the birth of her son), it would make a lot of sense that Charles Peter Hackett never got to know his mother’s side of the family, and likely believed all stories his father told him. If he found out otherwise, it may have fueled his anger and his own father may have died of unnatural means similarly to his mother.

Back to the history lesson… CPH and his wife met in Point Lookout/Lido beach some time close to Jr. High, where her father, Chief Wondsel with the Point Lookout/Lido Beach Fire Department, likely gave CPH his first job as a volunteer fire fighter. That job was the beginning of his double-life living. On one hand, CPH appeared to be a “hero” of sorts, saving lives. On the other hand, he was stalking his prey (in bars, on the beach, in strip clubs, etc.) and taking lives, like Tina Foglia in 1982 and Patricia Costello in 1986 (strangled, but made to look like a suicide). His “hunt” is the most appealing part of who he is. That is what he thrives on.



Trial and error. When he first began his murderous ways, he didn’t have access to information through the internet like we do now. I can find so much on people just by utilizing a Google search. (This is how he was able to obtain information about me and my family-more on that later.) He stalked his victims in person. He spent his time at the bar “getting to know” a woman. It’s not that hard to do with some women, especially when they’ve had several cocktails. When he went to the strip clubs, he put on an act that he was interested in getting to know the woman. She would be flattered that he was not just there to look at her body. In his mind, though, he was gathering information on her vulnerability and how close she was to her family and how risky she would be if he murdered her- would family look for her, was she from the area, did anyone know where she was. He also believed these women were “whores”, even if they didn’t do any sexual acts, they were “easy” to him, and therefore, a “whore”. He quickly learned that, although these women may have told him what they thought he wanted to hear (actual interest, perceived interest, effort to be paid more money…), family members did search for these victims. They were too risky. He had to change his ways.

Drug addicted women, transient women, and prostitutes were his “safest” victims. First, he trolled the streets in seedy areas of Brooklyn. With that, came another risk he hadn’t anticipated-being seen. He didn’t kill every prostitute he went to, and he likely went to many. This was part of his addictive personality. He was addicted to the attention and ego-stroking from these women. It wasn’t always about sex. His wife likely emasculated him, and he enjoyed the conversation and stroke of his ego from these women. Because of his overblown ego and narcissism, he thought they were being honest, but they just wanted money. At some point, he probably believed he “fell in love” with one of these women, and that may be the mother/child victim. This infuriated him more than ever, and he probably went on a killing spree of this woman’s pimp, ex boyfriends, and anyone he believed she had been with (real or imagined).

By 2004, Craigslist and UG were in full swing and soon everyone had a MySpace page. Finding information on the women he chose to kill became a job to him. He would spend hours at the computer searching, stalking, and he would employ the “services” of the women he chose, and leave a review on UG. He would create fake pages for the women he picked, he would create fake ads for the women, and he did so for his own “fun”. He likely scared some women he had chosen to victimize, but decided against killing them after meeting them. He pretended to be black men. He pretended to be women. He pretended to be concerned. He pretended to know-it-all. He pretended to be an animal lover. Through the use of the computer, he could pretend to be anyone, and did. He didn’t just victimize women, he tried on men, too. He had to up his ante since he had been doing the same thing for so long. He started taking more risks.

Either because of the lack of an excuse to his wife to be gone long hours to dismember or that it just became too time consuming and unnecessary, made him change his MO to include taunting phone calls. Looking at his pattern of stalking, he probably stalked his victims long before killing them. He “got to know them”, followed them around in his cars (pretending to be a police officer using his “PBA card and courtesy shield), read their reviews, found out about their pimps/boyfriends, found them on Facebook, got access to their info (by fooling them into believing they won something or other ways to get them to give their personal info) over the phone using icall (calling the numbers from their ads), placed ads for puppies for sale, got access to family member’s numbers through spoof apps, read blogs, reviews, websites they liked, stole their pictures, placed ads using their pictures, created Facebook pages long before he victimized them, etc. He used every means possible to stalk his victims. The stalking (before and after) is his game. The internet has become his playground.

Since 2010, he has had to change, again, how he goes about his murders. His change is by choosing victims who are likely to be labeled a “suicide” (mental disorders, history of depression, tumultuous relationship, etc.), or labeled a victim of their ex, or a runaway, etc. The stalking continues, including listening to the phone calls of the women he chooses. A woman talking to her best friend or mother or sister may reveal intimate details of her daily life. She may just be venting about something, but he takes it seriously. When Natasha Jugo says to her mother she thinks she’s being followed, it may be that she was, not that she’s schizophrenic or running away or faking her death. Someone listening to her phone calls may have information that she has/had been on medications or that she has/had tried certain drugs. If her phone had been accessed by a spoof app, the person behind that may have spoofed a friend’s phone, sending a text in the middle of a Saturday afternoon to meet up at Gilgo Beach.

Stalking his victims is this killer’s job. That is what every waking moment is about when he is not out killing.


The experience of having this stalker stalk me and my family has opened my understanding of the lengths this killer would go through to keep me silenced on pointing out what I was seeing on WS and the LISK site, to keep me silenced on who was behind it, to keep me silenced on his many murders that I was (and continue) pointing out, to keep me silenced on the methods he’s used/using to continue with his crimes (ie. using the identities of other people, putting misinformation to the media, etc.). To keep me silenced is not an easy task-for anyone. If you couldn’t tell from my blog, I’m not a wallflower, and I can have a big mouth when I get passionate about something. Someone using harassment, threats, intimidation and unintelligent insults to keep me quiet does quite the opposite. It only fuels the fire in me to get louder and spread the word. I will not stop until this stalker/murderer is in jail. I’m hot on his trail, whether he wants to believe so or not. I am, and I’ve given the information to the police (local to me, local to him, Federal, DOJ, lawyers, private investigators, and random friggen people I meet when I’m out to further protect me and my family and my friends and extended family).

He will probably put out there that I am stalking him and put out some crazy misinformation about me, my husband, my family members, etc. What the public perceives of me, at this point, is completely irrelevant. My statements, my whereabouts, my husband’s whereabouts, and any/all MISinformation can all be proved/disproved should the public decide they would like to find out for themselves or police question the authenticity. A comment has been made that the FBI is investigating myself and husband. I hope that is the case, because if they are, they are listening in on every conversation I have giving more and more and more and more evidence that points to Charles Peter Hackett, DsickO. The FBI can actually do something with the evidence I’ve uncovered and shared. (Yes, I’ve absolutely shared the information with the FBI.)

So while Hackett is stalking his next victim, I am uncovering more and more evidence to hand to the FBI. I’ve also employed a private investigator to keep an eye on him so he can’t hurt another human being. Hope he enjoys looking over his shoulder to see who is following him. The PI is VERY good at his job, and he won’t even know he’s being watched. I hope he has a good stash of groceries. He can’t keep his Forester in the one-car garage forever.

24 thoughts on “Stalker History

  1. Not Peter says:


  2. Maddalena says:

    @mystery mom-Damn good reading and research!

  3. AMD says:

    When it is proven that you are wrong, will you publicly apologize?

  4. Cheryl says:

    Kinda brilliant.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Well, you certainly know how to research. You put MD Rice to shame and all things considered, how you held your tongue with his pompous attitude and ludicrous analogies; is impressive.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I usually just skimmed MD Rice’s comments. 😉 This, to me, is not about being right or wrong or about being the “best” or anything about ME. This is getting down to the TRUTH. That’s ALWAYS been my focus.

      • Cheryl says:

        The difference is obvious. Whether one agrees with your conclusions or not, you back up what you say with evidence and logic. It’s DEMONSTRATED INTELLIGENCE as opposed to complete and utter childish sounding bullshit.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Well, thanks! I need to learn how to take a compliment. 😉

  6. Barbara H. says:

    oh petee..what you gonna do now? she’s putting the pieces together jerkoff! you told me they’d never figure out how you got ur first fire fighting job…..This is a fine mess you’ve gotten us into….you and ur perfect crime. you shouldnt have called Mari from my cell # either!

  7. Billy S says:

    Is it true that you have proof that Peter Hackett has been in your driveway?

  8. Mystery, What I can’t get past is that cph is missing a leg. Are you aware of any other SKs with that type of impairment? just can’t imagine a heavy set man with one leg being able to pull that off. the killing part might be doable but the disposing of bodies is another thing.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Could you imagine a man with that type of impairment being an avid boater? Because he is, and you come to have “sea legs”. So if he can maneuver just fine on a boat, I’m pretty sure he could walk 100 yards into a marshy area. I’m 100 lbs myself and could pick up 200 lbs over my shoulder. I’m sure that’s why he chooses petite women… under 150 lbs should be a breeze for him.

  9. BabylonBarry says:

    Was the guy in your driveway the one that lost his toy? Why would an innocent man go through great lenths of trying to scare/ silence people in real life and on the internet? Also creating such obvious fictious screen names to attempt to throw off readers of blogs/ forums

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