Just when I thought…

…this stalker, Murt, couldn’t get any creepier… he publishes a blog post pointing the finger away from himself and at Radionewzblog.net— again. He may have never heard the phrase, “When you point the finger at someone else, there’s 3 pointing back at you.” Like a tried and true stalker, he has a picture at the ready… a picture of the home where Haleigh Cummings was kidnapped from.


He’s scrambling to point me away from him, but it doesn’t work with me. I form my own opinions and can weed through, on my own, what is or isn’t bullshit. I don’t accept anyone (Murt, the “others” comments, Radionewzblog, my family, my friends, etc.) telling me what I should/n’t believe. I read right through Murt’s bullshit, and I can’t be swayed from my opinion once I’ve formed it (unless I do so on my own choosing after evidence leading me in a different direction). He has a vested interest in me with the drone, anyone who questions his possible involvement in Haleigh Cummings disappearance, and anyone who doesn’t believe what he tells them to believe. I don’t even have to look back at his history of lies because I experienced it immediately. Seeing his historical behavior only added to the already formed opinion of mine.

He was on my radar the second I got the email from him. He knew far more about the drone, specifically the one in my back yard, and made claims over and over about it, while at the same time calling it a “hoax”. For him to bring it up in the first place, and then to call it a hoax doesn’t make logical sense. Any rational person can see that. Those who say anything contrary to what a rational person can comprehend, is of no interest to me, and I have no inclination to change their irrational minds— it is a lost cause.

He’s still talking about calling the FBI on a Saturday morning and how they know nothing about the drone. If you go back to the beginning, he wrote to me about the drone acknowledging it existed. He claimed to know it was off balance. He “dared” me to bring it to the Orlando PD or OCSO. He claimed to post an ad on Craigslist to find the owner at 4:34 am, and at 4:37 am, he claimed the owner contacted him and threated to press charges on me for stolen property if I didn’t bring it to the OCSO by noon the following day— all, acknowledging its existance. When it was brought out that he was completely full of shit, he back tracked and called it all a hoax. It makes no logical sense. If it was all a hoax, why comment on any of it to begin with? Because it’s not a hoax. The drone exists. The drone is in evidence with SCSO. There really is an FBI investigation. If you (the reader) want to find out from either the SCSO or the FBI what is/isn’t going on in the investigation, you can’t, and neither can Murt. More bullshit. More fingers. More misdirection. More reasons to take a closer look into his involvement.

4 thoughts on “Just when I thought…

  1. C Peter Hackett says:

    Finally you made some sense and found the real perp.

    Murt is your man!!

  2. Better than LISK site says:

    I think your progression towards other suspects is going in a good direction. Murt may not be the SK but he should be exposed anyhow. Good job and thanks for the awareness you’ve presented me with.

  3. […] she gave her blog to me freely, and before any of you say, she gave you info and then you used it against her, […]

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