Drug Dealers, Pimps, & A PI

This author shares my suspicions, but obviously knows far more about the case than I.

Internet News Now

In a recently released article at BNN (BloggerNew.Net) Private Investigator William “Cobra” Staubs interviews a man named Jerome (Williams) and a woman who says her name is Barbara Freeman. Within the article located at:  http://www.bloggernews.net/124003

there are audio files of Cobras communications with these people.  They discusss Misty, Nay-Nay, & Amber’s drug use & prostitution allegations are made by Barbara. They also talk about Jerome Williams and a man named George who is higher up in the drug dealer food chain. This George is said to be in association with Donnie Spells, Christina (Nay-Nay) Prevatt’s boyfriend and father to her child. Ms Freeman insists that Donnie is holding the baby he and Nay-Nay share over her head to keep her quiet about anything she knows. Barbara also talks about a Charles Jones.  Many who are following the case are confused as to which Charles Jones they mean. There have been three mentioned in association with…

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The Steubenville Verdict and Ending Rape Culture

Amazing article! Very well thought out and addresses an important issue that needs change!

Warning: The content below contains information on sexual assault and may be upsetting or a trigger to some people. Please read on with careful consideration and sensitivity. The views expressed in this op-ed do not necessarily reflect those of the “!” Student Newspaper.

In all honesty, I am surprised that the Steubenville rape trial, where two small town high-school football players were convicted for not only sexually assaulting a young girl at a party, but for video-taping it, is still provoking so many heated debates about rape culture and victim-blaming. I was hopeful that after the media was flooded with “legitimate rape” stories thanks to Todd Akin during the 2012 election, people finally understood a very basic concept: rape is rape. That means that no matter who did it, celebrity or football player, who they did it too, drunk girl or valedictorian, or how they committed it, rape is a…

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Just when I thought…

…this stalker, Murt, couldn’t get any creepier… he publishes a blog post pointing the finger away from himself and at Radionewzblog.net— again. He may have never heard the phrase, “When you point the finger at someone else, there’s 3 pointing back at you.” Like a tried and true stalker, he has a picture at the ready… a picture of the home where Haleigh Cummings was kidnapped from.


He’s scrambling to point me away from him, but it doesn’t work with me. I form my own opinions and can weed through, on my own, what is or isn’t bullshit. I don’t accept anyone (Murt, the “others” comments, Radionewzblog, my family, my friends, etc.) telling me what I should/n’t believe. I read right through Murt’s bullshit, and I can’t be swayed from my opinion once I’ve formed it (unless I do so on my own choosing after evidence leading me in a different direction). He has a vested interest in me with the drone, anyone who questions his possible involvement in Haleigh Cummings disappearance, and anyone who doesn’t believe what he tells them to believe. I don’t even have to look back at his history of lies because I experienced it immediately. Seeing his historical behavior only added to the already formed opinion of mine.

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Haleigh Cummings

The disappearance of Haleigh Cummings was overshadowed by the case against Casey Anthony. I followed both cases, but I did a lot more research and digging in Casey Anthony’s case than with Haleigh’s. At the time of both, I hadn’t gotten into reading blogs or comments or joined any message boards to talk about either case, but I now realize a lot has been said that I’ve missed.

I remember hearing about Haleigh’s case and was puzzled. I could believe that a kidnapping could occur with the stepmom (Misty Croslin) sleeping next to the child, if she were drinking, doing drugs, or even if she was a hard sleeper. I could also believe that a kidnapping was staged. I watched her “hypnosis” video and she was fighting being hypnotized. She wasn’t trying to recall anything. Since I haven’t read all that much on it since watching that hypnosis video, I can’t really give any solid theories. Misty Croslin is currently incarcerated on drug trafficking charges. She was caught on video, so there isn’t even a question of her guilt of those charges.

In the search of Murt, there was information that he lived in Putnum County (where Haleigh lived) at the time of her disappearance. There was a blog I came across accusing the “anonymous owner of Radionewzblog” of Haleigh’s disappearance. The author attempted to accuse the blogger of Radionewz.net, but all he did was reveal a back and forth conversation between Boyle and “others”. This back and forth conversation is rather damning if the accusations between Boyle and “others” are true.

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