Drug Dealers, Pimps, & A PI

This author shares my suspicions, but obviously knows far more about the case than I.

Internet News Now

In a recently released article at BNN (BloggerNew.Net) Private Investigator William “Cobra” Staubs interviews a man named Jerome (Williams) and a woman who says her name is Barbara Freeman. Within the article located at:  http://www.bloggernews.net/124003

there are audio files of Cobras communications with these people.  They discusss Misty, Nay-Nay, & Amber’s drug use & prostitution allegations are made by Barbara. They also talk about Jerome Williams and a man named George who is higher up in the drug dealer food chain. This George is said to be in association with Donnie Spells, Christina (Nay-Nay) Prevatt’s boyfriend and father to her child. Ms Freeman insists that Donnie is holding the baby he and Nay-Nay share over her head to keep her quiet about anything she knows. Barbara also talks about a Charles Jones.  Many who are following the case are confused as to which Charles Jones they mean. There have been three mentioned in association with…

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