Oops! Hackett forgot something!

Vitals.com had CPH’s home address listed as his doctor’s office. This information was previously verified by Hackett. Since the commencement of the lawsuit against him, he is trying to claim that he never used his home as a doctor’s office. This is the position he is taking in order to get the lawsuit dismissed. His assertion is that if he didn’t have a home office, he wouldn’t have taken SG in to his home to treat her or anyone, therefore, he can not be held responsible for SG’s death.

This is a screen shot of the vitals.com website as it shows now:


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On Being a No-Name Blogger Using Her Real Name

So very sadly true. A must read!

Shapely Prose

In a coincidence that’s meaningful to no one but me, I decided to start writing under my real name (and fantasizing about developing a broader readership) right around the same day I first heard about Kathy Sierra. Since then, I’ve been following the endless discussions about cyberbullying, anonymity, blog civility, to what degree this is the natural consequence of the internet’s fundamental character, and to what degree it’s the natural consequence of a misogynistic culture (online or off).

Everyone seems to agree it’s the natural consequence of something, anyway, and was therefore totally predictable. Being viciously, persistently attacked for the crime of Writing While Female is something practically everyone with an opinion on the matter regards as par for the course–regardless of whether they believe that fact is outrageous and deplorable or merely, you know, the way the cookie crumbles. (And regardless of whether they believe Sierra’s real mistake…

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How did he get this picture?

BDSM was mentioned by ps149 as a possible connection to the LISK. He was either leading the readers of WS in the wrong direction or he was giving intimate knowledge of how LISK found his victims.

He had first posted this picture:

The significance of this particular event flyer is damning. Amber Lynn Costello was never reported missing. It was only when her body was found and she was identified and the last person to see her (her roommate) thought it was around Sept. 2, 2010. It could be that her killer vetted her at that Vendetta at the Beach party and picked her up days later, or it could be her killer “brought” her to that party. This is my speculation based on the LISK’s stalking habits.

Her killer would be aware of the threats made against ALC on UG and that her home address and number were posted on that site he regularly trolled.

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If you don’t follow the information handed out by the “regulars” of certain websites, it is difficult to determine the inconsistancies from the comments made by those active “regulars”. On the website specific to this case, you can form 3 distinct groups: those seriously searching for the truth, those curious but not invested, and the “distraction”.

When the “distraction” is coming from an alias that becomes “known” and questioned, the alias changes but the “distraction” continues. One has to wonder the motive of any alias meant to confuse, distract, point fingers, ramble about irrelevant issues, and comment on the other alias’ personally (to discredit, accuse, misdirect, chastise, etc).

I fall into the group of wanting to find out the truth. There isn’t much to work with. In the absence of facts, I use common sense, and think, “The simple answer is the most likely.” This brings me to the conclusions I’ve surmised about this case.

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The lengths…

For the past few months, and almost on a daily basis, I get a text alert that my Facebook password is incorrect. This happens most often around 2 am, while I’m asleep. Who would go through such lengths to get ahold of my private pictures, messages, contacts, etc.?

It came as no surprise when I checked my email this morning that someone tried to reset my password for this blog, while I was asleep. Who would go to such lengths to silence me?

I chose WordPress as my blog space after researching which blogs have the best SECURITY. That’s right, yours truly is not a complete moron like you had hoped.

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