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I recently got back on Twitter during the Boston Marathon Bombing case. I had used my account previously to BS around Tweeting to “Real Housewives” and my local radio station. It seemed news came faster on Twitter than it did from live news; even the CNN anchors were ferociously checking their phones (my guess: Twitter) during live broadcasting.

I connected to the whistle blower in the Steubenville, OH, rape case. Because of her whistle blowing, she had been stalked… and stalked… and harassed… and threatened… and stalked some more… and her friend, a blogger, had the same problem. Apparently, in the world of the internet, if someone wants to shut you up, they do exactly what I described above. Well, it doesn’t fly with me, and it didn’t fly with any of the whistle blowers in that case, either.

I’m not litigious. Suing someone is not in my every day to-do list. I go straight for the CRIMINAL prosecution of these CRIMES. I’ve referenced the Federal law on this blog in a previous post, but I’ve also familiarized myself with my local law, and have utilized it to my benefit. Some people who continue harassing in comments, spewing lies, and just being obnoxious seem to want to believe I have not reported a damn thing. That’s fine if they want to believe that, but it’s not true. Maybe they enjoy the element of surprise rather than the power of having foresight?

I would rather have some idea of what’s about to come than be completely surprised. That is why I am glad I had paid attention to the Tweets of the whistle blower when I got the following email from Murt:




Now, in my Tweet, I was purposely vague in my description of what it was used for and for what reason I believed. Either my reputation proceeded me as did his, or he has more intimate knowledge of who the drone belongs to and/or for what purpose? But… he lives in CENTRAL FLORIDA… as has been pointed out about me on numerous occasions going back to



I’d like to know what his other websites are and what they are used for.

I asked if the drone was his…



When I first started blogging, I was of the opinion that the serial killer was one, and only one, namely, CPH. There was a campaign to steer me into a different direction. Fingers were pointed everywhere, and it was difficult to see who was pointing in the right direction. Through the course of this finger pointing, I came out of my CPH tunnel, and saw a much BIGGER problem on Long Island– human trafficking. Until all the direction away from CPH, I had no idea human trafficking was as big a problem in the US as it is. Funny thing is, I think CPH was a major contributor to this campaign of getting me off his trail (as he knew about the human trafficking and its much larger scale than he believed I could figure at all), and in the process of seeing the human trafficking, I still see where he is responsible for multiple murders. He’s banking on the fact that 1. those involved in this trafficking ring will back him up so he doesn’t talk and 2. I don’t continue digging. He may have 1 in his pocket, but he can kiss 2 goodbye.

Back to Murt. He posted this on his blog yesterday, and I had sent out a Tweet about Human Trafficking. According to a recent Hoffstra study, there are 11,000 victims of Human Trafficking on Long Island alone! That’s ELEVEN THOUSAND! To the outside world Human Trafficking looks like an onion. When it’s peeled open, you see how many layers there are, and there are a lot more than at first glance. You have to actually peel it to see it, though, and most people don’t want tears in their eyes for their curiosity of what is inside the onion. As my email address states, I’m inquisitive.






Well, well, well… we’ve made full circle back to where it all began for me… Websleuths. Now, I don’t know the validity of the accusations of Tricia Griffith, but I do have personal experience with my personal information getting in the hands of a stalker. A stalker who was following me around Websleuths first. A stalker who I reported to the site admin about. A stalker, who had joined months after I had, that manipulated the TOS to suit his own agenda to have me banned for stalking. A stalker who repeatedly commented on my living in “CENTRAL FL… CENTRAL FL… CENTRAL FL…” like that consistent with stalking behavior. A stalker that, even after my banning, had continued to stalk me on other sites, and in turn, was rewarded by having the thread made private. I do have issue with the fact that I tried, in multiple emails, to inform the admin of Websleuths that they had a stalker in their midst, and instead of doing something to remedy the situation, they made it worse.




Who is this? This is Caitlin. Caitlin’s MySpace page comes up in a search of Murt’s email address. Does Murt have a daughter? Is this woman using Murt’s email address for something else? It’s interesting that it says she’s moving to West Babylon and getting a “grown up job”, and that her dad is her hero.




28 thoughts on “Murt the Stalker

  1. Maddalena says:

    I have been stalked. Never found out who it was. It is hard to prove in criminal court because one has to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. Easier to prove in a Civil Case. However, being stalked, changed my vigilance level for life. I would rather have someone get in my face if they had an issue with me.

  2. BabylonBarry says:

    Perhaps Caitlin is a relative of cph

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  4. Mystery, do you think there is any symbolism in the number 4? gilgo beach 4 and the 4 victims in AC.

  5. Robin says:

    I found your blog through Radionewz, I’m so glad I visited. I’m originally from Long Island, I lived there the first 34 years of my life before moving to Northern VA. I’ve been fascinated by the LISK, being so close to where I grew up. I’m alarmed at the number for people thought to be victims of human trafficking! I’m going to start at the beginning of your blog to learn more. Thank you for blogging on this very important subject.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Thanks for reading/commenting! It’s horrifying the number of victims, especially in such a small area! It has opened my eyes to the dark side of the world and I am not stopping at just blogging about it. The victims are silenced and it goes beyond all human rights. It disgusts me that this even exists and it’s combated few and far between.

  6. I have a call this week with the Hofstra team that led the study on 11,000 human and sex trafficking victims on Long Island. Most people have no idea how these young women, older women (who worked as “service providers” but remain stuck in the cycle of organized crime and work as drivers, running errands, etc.), some men (including transgendered) and children are PREYED UPON by the criminals. I sent our Anti-Human Trafficking Group the link to an important Department of Justice resource. My former client is the CEO of a company that developed forensic software used by law enforcement. We go back to London in the 90s – long before I had met any of these crooks in the Long Island/Carolinas/FL crime ring including my ex.

    Cristin is a fellow Bostonian and very strong mom. We keep on going. Today, someone commited a Federal crime in front of my home and my neighbors were a witness. Wow.

    This weekend, my team and I are preparing a detailed memo to all Judges in Nassau and Suffolk County Supreme Court, District Court and Family Court regarding new laws in formation. I thank Cristin and everyone who continues to care deeply about all the AC victims (the four at Egg Harbor Township plus two who had their throats slashed*), the Gilgo Beach-Oak Beach-Tobay Beach victims, Manorville, Hempstead Lake Park, Merrick (Rubbermaid container) etc. Yes, these serial killings may very well be related.

    I am grateful to all members of law enforcement (Federal/State/local) who have been reviewing the material my family in Boston, in NY and I have continued to submit. I am grateful to Judges on Long Island who ask me to speak through my layers of courage so the have all the facts. Without full information, Judges cannot make decisions that uphold our laws.

    I thank the Lord for showing us who is on the side of good/truth/justice and for disclosing evil so that those of us who CARE ABOUT HUMANITY– including escorts, children and innocent men who were preyed on — can shine the light on it, combat it and win. Win we will. (Thanks, Shannan, Megan, Amber, Jessica, Michael, Kim, Molly Jean, Barbara, Jimmy — and ALL the angels in Heaven above…when I pray for courage, it sweeps over me immediately.)

    • What I have never understood is how LE cannot track down the mutual Craiglists client/s of the GB4. We live in an era of great sceintific and technological advancement yet we cannot track down a “john” in common . Frustrating!

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Because he wasn’t the “john”, he was stalking the “john”. He also stalked the girls using sites like (free 3 min… sound familiar?) to call the girls. He stalked the men for quite some time, and probably did see the girls at one time or another himself, but it was probably weeks in advance of their murders.

  7. * a woman escaped in Atlantic City in 2006 after a murderer attempted to killer her (slashed her throat). Anyone who has information on this, please contact Detective Price in the Atlantic City County, NJ DA’s office. Thank you.

    • It is frustrating that with the AC case it appears there was a living victim and another woman “pam” that may have met the killer with the victims. Yet there has been no headway in identifying a killer.

  8. C Peter Hackett says:

    Murt sounds like a real piece of work.

    Just so you know…. To set te record straight…..

    I am not ANY of these trolls.

    I am not Murt…..

    I am not PS149…..

    I am not the troll writing under the name CPH.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about you… 😉

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I have a great idea! You can stalk Murt! Oh that would be like a dream come true!

      Wanna hear a confession, Hackett? If you and Murt were in a room together and someone told me one of you two had to die in order for me to live, I’d pick Murt over you. What do you think is my reason, Hackett?

  9. Better than LISK site says:

    Is there a better format for the recent comments? I know there’s a lost for then but it only shows me the last five or so. ..

  10. Better than LISK site says:

    List for them**

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  12. HarleyChick69 says:

    Murt seems to have moved on from dronegate.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Halleluja! Now he’s moved on to Radionewzblog… one day he’ll be held accountable… I wonder if he realizes the US Supreme Court Twitter follows him? I follow the US Supreme Court and it shows that they follow Murt.

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