Falling out

A week before I received the answer to my appeal, I had been blocked from the private group MG ran on Facebook. She blocked me personally, as well. She had been told that I was writing a book, that I was a liar, that I had been asking her friends for personal info, that I was sharing our personal conversations, and that I was talking about her to her friends.

This was a very confusing accusation to me since I had done no such thing. There were 3 Facebook “friends” I added who were connected to MG. I rarely talked to the first 2, but the third, Susie Tibet Sampierre, had started messaging me almost daily from October 1, 2012, until just after November 23, 2012.

Susie had given me personal information along the lines of idle gossip. It was never very factual information, and sometimes seemed rather harsh. She had some colorful words about MG.

I had red flags going up all over the place with her. I questioned my intuition to my credibility’s detriment. I feel ashamed that I continued speaking to Susie after the unkind, horrible, and hurtful things she said about MG.

I vented to Susie my frustration with a lack of communication between myself and MG. MG had requested I ask her permission before posting info about the FOIL request. I had previously asked MG a yes/no question that took her 10 days to respond to. I complained about it to Susie. I believe Susie used my frustrated comments against me.

None of that was going to stop my quest for truth. In my mind, it was just a bump in the road.

I had become aware that Susie had 3 different aliases she used on Websleuths: To Kill A Mockingbird (main), Kitty Katy (used only for private messages), and Hoot Owl (used only for reading).

She used the first 2 to discredit me publicly and privately. She had sent a private message calling me a liar to a person I was speaking to on the phone.

I was aware of her multiple aliases, against Websleuths’ TOS, and informed the admin. Nothing was done. The character assassination continued.

10 thoughts on “Falling out

  1. Okay…this is getting bizarre.

  2. mysterymom7 says:

    Mentioning your name? I don’t see anything about truthspider in this post. You may be able to fool others into believing you, but you can’t fool me, CPH. Truthspider is a real man, a gentleman, and very kind and has a good head on his shoulders. I’ve PM’d with him many times and I can assure anyone who reads this, it is most definitely NOT THE truthspider from WS commenting.

  3. zero says:

    were these missing posts removed by the poster? I would love to have seen his picture for myself. MM7 you become more and more a hero the more posts I read. When you first found out CPH was in the same state as you and could be cyber stalking you, most people would have clamed up. I am so glad you did not. As I posted before, I have learned more about this case from these crazy posts then all other places. The internet has made serial killers a much more dangerous thing (I know how stupid that sounds but it is true) Due to (again as I have posted before) all the crazies out there who love to play that “catfish” game you never know who we are really chatting to…

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