The rest

Something else happened on May 1, 2010, two worlds collided; Utopia Guide’s “CCC” (Carney Construction Crew) and LISK.

The fact that Shannan used a driver to get there was unknown to LISK. While he watched the car go in to the Oak Beach neighborhood, he wasn’t able to see who was driving. I imagine that Brewer went to Hackett’s that early morning (where the call to CVS came in), and Shannan was given a script-how he got her information (under the guise of medical history). For what? My guess is that it was GHB; prescribed for narcolepsy. Shannan (and Brewer) may have been led to believe that it was something else. When a doctor hands you a script, you don’t usually look it over.

Shannan and Brewer got back, had a few beers, and did their thing. Before the second go, she took the script. GHB is also a date rape drug. Every symptom that Shannan had (confusion, sounding drunk, aggitated, unaware of surroundings…) are synonymous to GHB. It only takes about 15 min for it to kick in, and at that point, Brewer would want her out, and Shannan would think Brewer was trying to kill her (it was Brewer that took Shannan to Hackett’s home). If Pak was being dismissive to Shannan, in her confusion she would think he knew what was happening and part of it and fear him, as well. She ran past the front gate, to a familiar place, to someone she thought she could trust and someone who could help her.

Hackett was ready and waiting, and he probably had her get in his Forester and drove East in the neighborhood, and out through a weathered path to the road. By the time he got to the boat dock, she had already passed out. Yes, he has a boat, and is a regular boater. Something you become good at while boating-keeping your balance. (The video clip of Hackett seeing the cameras and hobbling has been pulled from the CBS-NY site, but there’s still a clip of him toward the end of the 48 Hrs show having no trouble walking until he sees he’s being videotaped.) He likely took her to his Oak Island hideout before killing her, and since he’s a necrophiliac, well… I’ll leave it at that. (Should any family member read this, I’m not out to be upsetting.)

The news reports stated after Shannan’s body was found that 2 key bones were missing from Shannan’s neck. From his time as Suffolk County Medical Examiner, Hackett was well aware that without Shannan’s hyoid bone, the ME would have to report her death as inconclusive.

In the 19 months before Shannan’s body was found, there were many attempts to cover his tracks and point the finger in different directions. He was, in a sense, stalking the chatter of the investigation and gathering info on who best to point the finger at. The victims of his finger pointing were “the drifter”, “truthspider”, “flukeyou”, and James Bissett (and me, and my husband, and anyone who mentions Hackett’s name). I believe Hackett left Joseph Brewer out of this finger pointing because Brewer was the only person besides Shannan that could say that Shannan was in the presence of Hackett that morning, but he didn’t; it was a silent respect and I’m sure Hackett has plenty of information on Brewer’s “dirty little secrets” that Brewer would not want to open that Pandora’s Box.

The worlds that collided were from the crazy days of Hackett was a member there at one point, until he was Exiled. He started stalking the members (including the men). It came to a head when wives were being informed of their husbands’ “trysts”, and calls were being made at strange hours, and his “friends” wouldn’t go out with him when he wanted. He basically had a Category 5 temper tantrum and took it upon himself to stalk the members to find out who they were seeing regularly to victimize the women they saw so they would be blamed for his murders. That is how he chose his 2010 victims.

The link back to Brewer is not lost on me, and it’s a much bigger issue than UtopiaGuide or the “CCC”. That is for another day…

10 thoughts on “The rest

  1. Psalms123 says:

    Great post — however, some food for thought:

    1) Where is Johnny Terry now and if he was indeed the
    African-American man found dead within the past few months, has LE confirmed that he was indeed Melissa Barthelemy’s boyfriend, driver and pimp? Per press reports, he had offered to show LE where the “older man’s” house on Long Island. After all, he knew that house. Hackett is older than Melissa but so are some key POIs that Johnny Terry may have been able to identify. Dave Schaller and his neighbors in North Babylon also could also do the same (incident with the baseball bats after Amber Costello alerted Dave that she needed help against a man who stepped over the line in what he demanded of her).

    2) Joseph “Joey” Brewer lied to SCPD and told them he was home alone on April 30, 2010. BS. I know who enjoyed going to his “bachelor” parties of the former financial advisor. The 911 call that Shannan Gilbert made (while allegedly cowering behind Brewer’s couch) may contain Brewer’s voice barking instructions that include “Everyone get out!” Remember that April 30th is before the tourist season and also before many of the Oak Beach residents had moved back in for the summer (2010), kids on school vacations etc.

    So, let’s pray that SCPD Commissioner Edward Webber does the right thing and releases that 911 tape. However, let Mari Gilbert and her lawyer first listen to it and decide. That tape is CRUCIAL evidence in what will be a much larger (likely Federal) trial and it’s not just about Joey.

    3) The letter that the members of CCC drafted and posted on was reviewed by all members of the CCC. They felt sorry for the “old man” and then pretended he had died. That probably enraged him more. That was around the same time that someone threatened to serve Slinky Bender, the Web site’s “almighty” Administrator, and found the address at the UPS Store in Manhasset. It was published on for all to see, including Law Enforcement. Not a swift move, CC boys.

    4) If you study what Dottie Sandusky knew (and ignored) as a victim of DV, then you will understand why Barbara Hackett didn’t report her husband to the police. Shame on her. I once asked a psychopath’s first wife in Wantagh, “If he did that* to you, why didn’t you report him to the Police at the time? He obviously thinks he is above the law and he will continue to do that to other women”.

    * too horrific to post here. Her response was “You don’t understand.”
    Here was a CPA telling a MBA that this was just too complex to understand.

    Oh, I understand that crimes such as strangling, rape, giving someone the date rape drug, murder, money laundering, running prostitution rings/escorts, using PayPal and UPS are all State (and in some cases, Federal) crimes.

    Michael D who works at Cherrywood Pizzeria told me in writing that he knows who the LISK is. I asked him why he didn’t report him to the police. He responsed with some nonsense about Illuminati.

    No, I understand the abusive childhoods that these evil serial killer(s) had. Study sexual abuse of a boy and then you too will understand that serial killers aren’t born — they are made.

    FOR PEACE & JUSTICE >> let the truth ring free for the souls of Shannan, Megan, Maureen, Amber, Jessica, Molly Jean, Barbara, Tracy Ann, Kim, “Peaches”, Jane Doe Fire Island, Mother and Daughter/19-24 months* old, James Bissett, Asian-American man (found in women’s clothes), Lattingtown victim, victim whose leg washed up on the North Shore of Long Island near Dolans’ home, Michael Taus and all the other victims.

    * DNA will crack the case. DNA from the father’s cheek. I often wonder if the mother asked for child support and the father (a john) didn’t want to pay it and/or anyone to know he had gotten an escort pregnant.

    Pre-meditated homicide – the little girl found in a floral blanket. I know who had floral blankets 1995-2006. She lives in Wantagh. Let the SCPD show her (in the NYPD Forensics lab) and see if she recognizes the blanket (found with the little girl and/or “Peaches”). Also show the blanket to Barbara H and see what she says, too.

    Let the WOMEN help to solve this case. Enough is enough.

  2. Psalms123 says:

    My apologies >> adding Melissa Barthelemy, Jane Doe #9, Marisha Cheong and the woman whose body was found in a large Rubbermaid container near Merrick. I know who works in Merrick and who used large Rubbermaid storage containers.

    Funny how this man plotted and schemed with Joey Brewer to show up in Merrick to scare me away from MY place of business — where I had TWO bank accounts. Everything documented, including my police reports. I only recognized Brewer’s photo (and that gray zip-up jacket) in late 2012 when I was pouring through Newsday articles. I’m grateful to all those who have helped us along the way, including our Private Investigator as well. My grandfather was a Freemason and we did look into Royal Order (or “Court”) of Jesters, 32nd Degree Freemasonry etc.

    Bottom line is that the LISK is a psychopath whose mental illness goes back to childhood abuse and trauma. My gay brother-in-law told me “We were taught to sweep the bad things under the rug”.

    Result: TOXIC (in some cases, deadly) results. NOW we want justice. Hope they are building a wing onto the Federal jail in Utica. They will need it for all these men who are part of this.

  3. Teps says:

    You have nothing to link anything to anything to do with the CCC. You can’t even begin to grasp your mind around what the CCC is all about so do not think for one moment that you can form any rational thoughts or theories about the CCC.

    I am asking you with sincere politeness to PLEASE DO NOT MENTION THE CCC, UTOPIAGUiDE or anything to do with the Carney Construction Crew in relation to the Long Island Serial Killer case.

    The police have investigated those involved with the online threats against Amber from Italyrider and the others. It all had nothing to do with the CCC or any CCC meetings or members so please drop it.

    Thank you.

  4. Psalms123 says:

    Oh yes I do have PHYSICAL evidence. Do NOT dare try to silence me. Someone did and he was arrested in 2011. I wonder how large his legal defense bills are. More women will likely be getting Orders of Protection against him. I’m not the only one. He has scared his first wife in to silence and bribed her with a Lexus. She is terrified she will be prosecuted as an Accessory to murder, kidnapping, prostitution, money laundering, drug trafficking. The list goes on and on. SHAME ON HER for not reporting the criminals in 1999 so they’d all be in jail by now. Remember, Dormer would have done a lot more to have HIS detectives investigate the criminals had he not been unjustly removed from office.

    By the way, one of your CCC buddies conspired against me together with Joseph Brewer and they commited a NY State Felony on the private property of a TD Bank branch on the South Shore when I had two accounts at that bank. Their little plan backfired on them as we had the security cameras rolling. Stupid little boys who are criminals. DO NOT DARE try that little stunt — or any other stunt — ever again.

  5. BabylonBarry says:

    What were these guys trying to do at the bank? And what is ccc?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Brewer was pretending to be security for the bank and came at the request of the branch’s manager.

      CCC stands for Carney Construction Crew. It’s a group within of sadistic, mysoginistic pigs who think they can use women for whatever sick fantasies they have. They have a whole network, similar to the Mafia of old, but instead of it being about booze and cigars, it’s drugs and sex trafficking… and far worse thanks to the internet.

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