Stalker History

Let’s go back in time… before 2010…

At the LISK’s core, he is a stalker. His stalking behavior is evident before and after he murders his victims. He has had many, many, many years to perfect his stalking behaviors. Dennis Rader (BTK) was a stalker, and someone I have studied with the help of John Douglas, FBI Criminal Profiler. I believe LISK is almost identical to BTK. During Rader’s sentencing hearing, he went into great detail on the “what” and “why” and “how” he chose, stalked, detained, and killed each of his victims. (YouTube Documentary on Dennis Rader) It was through my study of Dennis Rader that I was able to understand the psychology of LISK. It was also the reason why I highly suspected Dr. Charles Peter Hackett to be my own #1 POI.

When I came upon the case after watching the 48 Hours Mystery episode mentioning Dr. Hackett, I was intrigued how he could be ruled out as a POI so quickly. I wanted to know more about this particular man, and went on a search for what information was out there on him. That is when I came upon a particular thread titled “The Last Happy Hour” on WS started by “truthspider”, who was also featured in an article in the UK GQ Magazine.

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“Do some real sleuthing…”


This is the time I need to go back to the beginning. When I came onto this case in August 2012, I never heard the names “flukeyou” or “JS”. I read thread after thread of info on the characters involved on WS before ever forming an opinion. An opinion of my own; free of others’ influence. An opinion that I based on the facts (news articles, books, dates, ages of those seemingly involved, etc) and my OWN inferences. I didn’t start talking to anyone privately about the case until after October 1, 2012. The first person I spoke to privately approached me. Susie Sampierre’s first question to me was assuming I was from Long Island or Ft. Myers (Hackett’s new residence) since I seemed to “know so much. I explained I just knew how to utilize a Google search… and read.

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Charles Peter Hackett rebuttal to dismiss and answer

Charles Peter Hackett’s sworn affadavit





Breakdown of comments:

  • I have evidenced in a previous post  the first 2 lies.
  • He calls Mari Gilbert a liar.
  • He adds, “I never had any conversation whatsoever with anyone.” This phrasing is specific to further a lie.
  • Again, he uses the phrase, “I never met nor had any contact whatsoever with Shannan.”

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Ashley Murray

Patch-Ashley Murray

The message was simple, two words: “I’m okay.”

The comment was posted on the “Ashley Come Home” Facebook page, under a new Facebook profile created Thursday by an alleged individual named Ashley Murray, with a photo of the Peconic teen. The post read: “Ashley Murray: I’m okay!”

But the question loomed for many concerned friends and loved ones: Was the comment actually written by missing teen Ashley Murray, or was the post an internet hoax?

On Friday, Southold Town Police Chief Martin Flatley said police were cognizant of the post. “As far as the Facebook posting goes, we were also made aware of the posting and investigated same.The posting has not altered our current investigation into Ashley’s disappearance.”

Ashley’s brother, Jaime Cradehl, said, “I can’t imagine Ashley really making that post. I mean, it’s possible, but not likely. I’d love for it to be her.”

The post came Thursday evening, the same night Ashley’s mother Charlotte Murray sent out a heartfelt letter to her daughter on Patch and on the “Ashley Come Home” Facebook page, asking her daughter to let her know that she was safe.

Cradehl said he has met with authorities regarding the “I’m okay” post, and said as of Friday morning, the identify of poster was being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigations, which joined the search for Ashley this week.

“I’d still like to find out what that post was about,” he said. “And if it was a hoax, by whom.”

Flatley said setting up the account would not necessarily constitute criminal impersonation or identity theft. “The rules for online use are still a lot different than other correspondence mainly because it’s a little harder to identify users and sites. That’s not to be misconstrued that there are no online violations of law, because there are, but this scenario wouldn’t fit into a crime,” he said.

As of Friday, 12 days after Ashley disappeared without her medication or warm clothes, and leaving a suicide note, there has been no word on the missing teen.

Anyone with information about Ashley Murray’s whereabouts is asked to call Southold Town police at 631-765-2600.

She went to the police station this afternoon with “an adult friend”. Who was this “friend”? This “Good Samaritan”? I think that person’s name SHOULD be released. Whoever made this Facebook page did so before she went to the police station. I pray whatever happened to this beautiful girl isn’t so traumatic that she finds it difficult to accomplish her life goals. I would direct her to Jacyee Dugard’s book.