The heat is on

A bag containing personal items were found on Ocean Parkway bringing the police back to the area.

Is this a “last ditch effort” by the killer(s)? Are the police getting close to the killer(s) identity?

Are the police now going to say the bag left footprints in the sand to lay itself to rest on the side of the road?

What lie will we hear next? Wake up, Suffolk County PD! It’s not just your County of minions watching your every move. The rest of the Country is paying close attention to what is done (or not).


3 thoughts on “The heat is on

  1. Christian says:

    Were there any other details related to this bag?
    Were they Natasha’s personal belongings?Or someone elses?
    How far was this bag from the reported footprints leading to the water,and her car?
    Every new piece of information only creates more questions.We need information that’s going to help us narrow things down.
    I’d like to think that SCPD are duteously working on this investigation.
    But from some information i’ve gathered,I feel they are the last ones to want this case solved… As one thing leads to another.

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