To me, linda is just an alias. A nameless, faceless screen name. The rest of the aliases that have been used on LISK are also nameless, faceless screen names. I know the true identities of two. My own is one of the two. My identity is now known to all of those nameless, faceless aliases, while I am left in the dark.

Linda had claimed the only time she shared her real information was on the petition I created, that I don’t have access to.

If I call someone, knowingly or accidentally, why would I ever identify myself as mysterymom7? It doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t. I would use my name, Cristin. Linda has never given me her phone number and the most of her identity that is known to me is “linda”. Let me search for linda’s phone number… let’s see… Nassau Co… linda… yeah, if you can find linda’s phone number with that info, you’re not only the greatest sleuther on the planet, you’re also a god!

Again, I don’t live anywhere remotely close to NY/LI, and none of these aliases have come over to hang out with me. I’ve never met anyone in person.

Linda wants me to apologize because she has been my #1 supporter. My #1 supporters have been (mostly) silent. They read… carefully, frequently, and silently. They know me, Cristin, not just as my alias mysterymom7, but the real me. My apology will not come any time soon to anyone or any alias because I don’t know who anyone is.

The investigation is ongoing. It isn’t something that happens overnight and it isn’t anything I will give details to with strangers. You (in general) will know when the investigation is over when court is in session. Until then, I will be quiet.

Linda was never told by me that she should die or that someone should kill and gut her children or that her husband rapes her children or that her children were whores in the making or that I wished her children would be raped, tortured, raped again and then killed. Those are all comments made about my children.

Linda says she’s only ever been on the defensive with me. Well, I’ve been on the defensive of me and my children. So do I feel sorry for linda? No. Sorry, but nothing has been said to linda that can even remotely compare to what has been said to me.

I don’t play the victim, I don’t want sympathy, I want whoever(s) said such horrible, disgusting things about my family to be held accountable and reap the consequences. That is why I am here. These people made it personal.

I was here for justice for the victims and their families, and these assholes brought me into this hell hole. I got news for them, though, they brought me into this hell hole, and I will bust that shit open and make absolute sure they all go down for EVERY crime committed.


I wanted to go back in history a couple weeks ago. Interesting observation made by Zero! Not sure if I even caught that at the time. Re-reading is helpful!

More archived linda:


22 thoughts on “Linda

  1. Cheryl says:

    God. I had no idea. What woman even thinks that way?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      This was from Feb. I had stopped publishing the crazy comments and continuation of lies being spread about me at this point. It was not the purpose of this blog.

  2. zerodinh says:

    Cheryl, how did you not see these? The stuff about the phone was on first thing I read.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I don’t think linda’s comments were quite as nasty as the ones she left here. Surprised no comments from linda since this post…

      • zerodinh says:

        I disagree, there were plenty of posts on there that were the same, especially the “we tricked you” stuff which was what first led me to believe that some of these posters were triyng to play games with you. I saw lots of posts on there that made me wonder why everyone was attacking you even though many on there were admitting to messing with you. Another part of that puzzle’s me is that if you look back far enough you see a pattern of people accussing eachother (being so sure that they are not whom they seem) and then start talking and “all of a sudden” seeing things they did not see while they were accusing. People go back and forth on there with eachother. I made several posts on there that, I thought Linda’s posts were strange and contradicting, and I couldn’t understand why no one eles on there could see this. And everyone went right on blaming you MM7. So that is why I question Cheryl on her sudden change of heart. But I do feel that her post are some of the most genuine and I didn’t feel she was one of many Screen Names like I thought others were. But as I keep stating, especially now, that a few more of these SN’s are commenting on my blogs, there is alot of game playing being done here, and I’m finding it hard to believe anyone is who they say they are. It is hard to tell the Sock Puppets from the Trolls and even harder to tell who if anyone is not one or the other.

  3. Christian says:

    That’s one sick mind.I hope it finds the help it needs;Seriously.
    Full of hate and anger.Very disturbed individual.
    Maybe this is just the calm before the storm(?)

  4. Cheryl says:

    I never saw anything that even approached those comments.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I gave the benefit of the doubt until,for many reasons, it became impossible to do so.

  6. linda says:

    some of those posts are mine and some arent..we discussed the call through email and i told you why i reacted that way…whatever game your playing continues..good luck MM7

    • mysterymom7 says:

      The screen shots of the WordPress emails were all you and you alone.

      You wanted me to prove to all about what was/wasn’t said. There it is in black and white.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      If you’re going to call me a liar, I can screen shot the part of the email with your IP address. Would you like to retract that statement or should I show everyone I’m not a liar and those ALL came from ONLY YOU.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I wouldn’t do that under normal circumstances (just so the rest of my readers know I keep that info private and take it very seriously), but if you, linda, want to call me a liar and say I’ve manipulated the screen shots in any way (other than cropping), I will be more than happy to show everyone AGAIN the words YOU and YOU ALONE wrote.

        Have you read all my posts linda? For future reference, I don’t like being called a liar.

  7. linda says:

    especially the one about “Now ur Moderating” but there are’re a very manipulative woman.. not gonna let you egg me on any can continue your obsession with me without my help..good bye

  8. Cheryl says:

    Linda you loose your temper very quickly.You go from sympathetic to hostile in an instant. I see also you tend to mimic emotion.
    You, yourself made references, numerous times on LISK to calling attorneys and speaking to LE. For what reason, I don’t know.
    For me, LISK was the place where WE ALL shared ideas with access to more or less the same information; and I was comfortable with that. However, at the point that it became clear you were personalizing your exchanges with MM and communicating – with someone – off line as well, I no longer felt that way.
    I had my own suspicions about that site and realized that what MM7 had been trying to say was true.
    Linda, your on line behavior has become increasingly intense and erratic. Because I could find no logical reason for that, I disengaged with you.
    We have had yet, no unpleasant words between us. That’s a good thing.

    • linda says:

      peace Cheryl…the WHOLE point has DEF been lost..should have listened long ago..ill still try my best moving forward to follow your wishes..

    • linda says:

      you helped me learn quite a bit..i do wish you well..we disagree in regards to mm7..envious you’ll be going to journey

  9. Christian says:

    @ Mysterymom…I like you more every day.

    @Maddalena…. I remember you from the other sites;very nice and always respectable. Do you still read on websleuths?

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