Michael Dougherty


Michael Dougherty
Aliases used:

Jim Jones– name he continues to use to victims’ families
fieldnotes– name used on WS
J.J.Fieldnotes– name used for blog
TheForeigner– name used on WS portraying a “foreign woman”
(Edit: based on new evidence, I have doubts that TheForeigner is an alias of Michael Dougherty’s.)

There are likely more, but those are the most commonly used.

Michael Dougherty was a teacher and licensed to teach 7th-12th grade, which he did in Massapequa. He is a 40 year old man still living with his parents and now works at a pizza place in Wantagh. Why does he no longer teach? His licenses expired in 2002 and 2005.



Why would a teacher let his licenses expire to work at a pizza place? Was he fired? Was he quietly let go? Was there inappropriate behavior forcing his resignation?

ps149 was a strong supporter of Michael Dougherty. He’s made mention of him several times singing his praises. The ties to Massapequa are hard to deny and ps149 makes mention of it several times (also on a previous post of mine):






There was a question of my being someone else who had contacted Michael Dougherty. I have spoken with her since her number and personal email was posted on the LISK site on March 15. She had called him once and he had given his email address to her. She called back shortly after to ask for a phone number, which he wouldn’t give because he said the FBI had his phone tapped. (Why would that matter? I would welcome the FBI tapping my phone calls with this crazy stuff going on. Does he have something to hide?)

They have had some email communications that I asked her to share with me. One particular email he wrote went from “normal” to WTF in all of 7 sentences.


The rest is so long and so crazy that I’m just going to copy/paste and not do my usual screen shot. I’m not editing any of what was written and I couldn’t even bother reading the entire thing because it is just drivel. Deflection. Misdirection.

The rest of that email:

The Review of Words:

Between 1971 and 1994 eight females between ten and thirty-eight years of age were murdered at the behest of a single INTELLECT at three distinct locations in America in pursuance of a single and unified end. All eight females had names which could be reduced to seven alliterated initials  —CC  MM  WW  RR  CC  PP  SS  TT.
The crimes which inquiry adjudges to have been occult/ ritual in nature —because such are the trace elements within the registry of events of the conjoined criminality— a narrative of consonants that for so long baffled authorities, media and public alike,
have never been viewed entirely or at all accepted as a single event spread over a twenty-three years. Nor have they been deemed the work of a single INTELLECT/ IMPETUS/ CONTROL. But, as inquiry will evince, that is exactly what the murders amount to — a premeditated multi-faceted quest surreptitiously spaced-out over an unusual time period accounted for the lives of eight females with initials that conformed to seven double-letters within the common alphabet.
By the end of this article the reader will be astounded to learn of the true nature of an already notorious wrongdoing and the magnitude of intellectual endeavour and criminal moxie that preceded the killing of eight American females. A forensic reappraisal and audit of the cerebral imprint retrieved from investigatory accounts and media reports has illuminated an uncanny criminality and attest to the long-premeditated nature of its execution.
Post-investigator and media audit and analyses often indicate the serial crimes have been used as a means of gratifying a maniacal bloodlust or other deviancies of personality. The reader, however reluctant, will eventually have to accept that the early seventies ROCHESTER series of child rape and murders very astonishingly had the communicating of signifying semiotics as its endgame. And through a careful examination of nomenclature, the figurative and the meta and semaphoric utilized by the serial transgressors and reported by police and media, the puzzle, equivocation, ambiguity and the non-sequitorial have been removed allowing the essence of a criminality to emerge into clearer focus with its true meaning comprehended.
Simply stated, this inquiry is about the isolating of specific words: Their interrogation and re-measuring as pieces of information. Proper inquiry abates mystery. And, certainly, the transgressive activities of this cadre of professional serial killers has mystified, confounded and nonplussed the American public as they have self-replicated and eluded nemesis and the law.
03  CARMEN COLON, 10 years old,
u discovered at Churchville, ROCHESTER, NY
13  MICHELLE MAENZA, 11 years old,
u discovered at Macedon, ROCHESTER, NY
23  WANDA WALKOWICZ, 11 years old,
u discovered at Webster, ROCHESTER, NY
18  ROXENE ROGESH, 18 years old,
u discovered at Ross Valley, the Bay Area, CA
03  CARMEN COLON, 22 years old,
u discovered Port Costa, Contra Costa County, the Bay Area, CA
16  PAMELA PARSONS, 38 years old,
u discovered at Yuba County, the Bay Area, CA
19  SHEILA SHEPHERD, 22 years old,
u discovered at Saratoga Springs, NY
20  TRACEY TAFOYA, 31 years old,
u discovered at Marysville, the Bay Area, CA
C  M  W  R  C  P  S  T  T  or {CC  MM  WW  RR  CC  PP  SS  TT}
Its all well and good to appreciate a crime scene and to resolve a discovered crime through the exact and unyielding CSI sciences of DNA, fingerprints, ballistics and photographic evidence, but there are other methods of arriving at the same point of dis-ambiguity: the behavior-print/ thought-print of the crime’s author and executor of activity.
Esoteric/ OCCULT crimes often remit literal and metaphoric trace or registry of activities that are observable: A confession, so to speak, sight/ unseen.
Any piece of information is simply data expressed. Data can be numeric, audio/ visual, grammatical or graphic (photographs, diagrams and charts). Interpreting the information for meaning is the start-point of the investigatory process. Inquiry’s quest in post-media forensic measurement was primarily to identify any underlying dimensional structures within the information employed to announce and to describe persons associated with the crimes and scenes of crimes by investigators and the media for the presence of the illusive interpretive key. It was hypothesised by inquiry that subjecting the published text to a stricter observance of nomenclature together with research would reveal a proper and secondary meaning to the events and it is this discovery that would adequately explain what truly transpired. A synthesis of the above defined parameters did indeed proffer the most likely meaning of the CC  MM WW portion of the occult/ murder equation: CC  MM WW RR  CC  PP  SS  TT/ 1971 to 1994.
Within the trace and registry of events it observed that the INTELLECT/ IMPETUS which underwrote the once mysterious serial crime wanted its meaning understood. The startling attendance of consonant correlation and the eerie presence of two murder victims with indistinguishable names could not have been coincidental or a per chance assemblage. Blatant as they were, the OCCULT/ INTELLECT/ IMPETUS could hardly have imagined this set of murders where the remains were left to be easily discovered gone have gone unnoticed. But the intended recipients of the message within the murders could not have been the authorities, media or general ignoscenti. Police reporting and accurate media coverage would have effected the communication desired.
The eight murders —CC  MM  WW  RR  CC  PP  SS  TT/ 1971 to 1994— was an orchestrated set-piece committed in direct fulfilment of a communicative module constructed in the form of a series of criminally transgressive acts that had to be reported in the media without its full and true meaning being generally known and disclosed. The completeness of its meaning is realized through a post-intuitive and post-semiotic awareness by a cognoscenti known to the INTELLECT/ IMPETUS which underwrote the murders. To the authorities and the general public they were, at best, a riddle of connected murders.
u What was the METHOD behind the MADNESS? The killer/ killers was obviously methodical, tactical and did much homework in targeted girls with matching first and last initials and then depositing their bodies in towns whose name also began with that same letter. Even after 35 years, police and sheriff deputies in Rochester, NY still try to solve three murders that terrified and riveted all who lived in the area in the early 1970s. With the unmissably blatant “alliterations”, This was obviously a communicative killer. But, by the end of this essay, it would be doubtful if the reader considers these crimes as the province or work of one killer.
The murders of eight females comprise two clusters of three and a quartet of killings plus one related single victim event. The three TRIPLE INITIAL MURDERS at ROCHESTER, New York, took place between 1971 and 1973. The four similar and connected Bay Area, California slayings spanned 1977 to 1994. The 23 November 1980 killing of SHEILA SHEPHERD in SARATOGA SPRINGS New York is entirely related, in fact conjoined to ROCHESTER trio and the Bay Area, California quartet of slayings.
Ranging in age 10 years to 38, the combined ages of the eight females equaled 163. Alpha-numerically the alliterated letters of their initials translate to: 03, 13, 23, 18, 03, 16, 19, 20. These figures add up as 115 (ELIZABETH SHORT was raised in a house located at 115 SALEM Street, MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS.)
It is irreducible observation that all the initials of the names of the slain females were double consonants. The first letters of each victim’s fore and surname was the same alphabet. Each female victim could be addressed by an alliterated consonant. And many of the murdered females were discovered deposited at locations with names that also began with a corresponding letter as their double consonant initials. (In the early seventies CARMEN COLON was found in CHURCHVILLE, WANDA WALKOWITZ was recovered at WEBSTER and MICHELLE MAENZA was found at MACEDON: All three towns are located just outside ROCHESTER, New York. The remains of another CARMEN COLON was discovered in PORT COSTA in CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, California in 1978.) It is fairly evident from the data tended that these were not random crimes. Further in this essay it will be demonstrated that they were actually high-intellect crimes of long-premeditation.
Why no vowels? (PLEASE see the passage above sub-titled THE MURDER OF SHEILA SHEPHERD. Its near impossible to create a word out of consonants alone. And it is utterly impossible to construct a legible sentence solely out of consonants. Vowel free alliteration? Are their other victims unaccounted for who will provide the vowels? Is this because any possible meaning or meanings are arithmetic, GRAPHIC or GEOMETRIC based? Inquiry presumed the solution resided within an arithmetic based cipher and not grammatical. Or from the arithmetic or possibly geometric a grammatical sense might be discovered. And, indeed, this was the case. (Passage on why these eight murders are connected and why other similar crimes are excluded.)
And the very cogent reason females with alliterated VOWEL initials were not included in the OCCULT/ RITUAL hit list was because it was entirely unnecessary. Evidence offered over the course of this submission will illustrate that the entire eight murders within   the near-two and a half decade long occult/ murder transgression easily accounted for the word V-O-W-E-L. The murders of eight females with double consonant initials was an occult operation with a very literate and criminally adventurous message from an occult intellect exclusively intended for the edification of a cognoscenti who possessed the events’ cipher and could access its meaning. (PLEASE see the passage titled “THE CONSONANT KILLERS AND THE VERY VOW OF BULL-EL”)
ROCHESTER, New York was where this unique set of murders pre-teen maidens and women killings began and it was there that data derived from the crimes offered a glimpse of meaning on the way to a resolution that is logical, internally consistent and acceptable. Below is a graphic summary of facts pertinent to the three ROCHESTER cases within the DOUBLE-LETTERoccult murders:
u 16 November 1971—26 November 1973: The letters “C”, “M” and “W” are the 3rd, 13th and 23rd letters of the alphabet. (1611—2611)
u CARMEN COLON age 10 was abducted from the BULL’S HEAD neighborhood in ROCHESTER, NY on 11/16/1971 at 4:15 PM. Her body was found less than a mile away on 11/18/1971 at the CHILI/ RIGA border area in CHURCHVILLE, New York.
u WANDA WALKOWICZ, 11, was abducted on 04/02/1973. Her little body was discovered at a rest stop at State Route 104 in WEBSTER, New York. On 04/03/1973.
u MICHELLE MAENZA, aged 11, was the third, and last child to be murdered. She went missing on 11/26/1973. Her body was found on 11/28/1973 in MACEDON, New York. {16 November 1971—26 November 1973 or 1611 1971 to 2611 1973.}
All three girls had been sexually assaulted and strangled. That they also had double-letter or alliterated initials (CC, WW, MM: They represent the 3rd, 23rd and 13th letters of the alphabet) tentatively proposed to investigators that all three girls were victims of the same killer.
The inquiry reappraisal method and technique in audit and analysis can be termed a re-measurement of the data-mass and the lateral integrating of the words —inter-connected ADJECTIVES, NOUNS and VERBS— deployed within investigator reports and media accounts of the criminal activity and the imprint thereof. These very words, when isolated from the textural mass —AUDITED, RESEARCHED and ANALYZED— then re-integrated into the milieu almost always, proffers a new, heuristic, sub-textural narrative that supersedes the original. And this, invariably, provides clarity, logic, coherence, correct meaning and explanation: Motives, rationale, purpose, aims and, sometimes, identities …RES IPSA LOCUTER: Through inquiry and research the written word evolves, ‘lucidly speaks’ and heuristically expresses its self.
Occult and ritualistic criminality often remit a literal trace within the registry of events attached to the transgression. And since the INTELLECT/ IMPETUS had gone out of his way to assemble a fairly unique victim roster of victims, it would be remiss of inquiry not to test for correlation and meaning within the nomenclature and grammatical spread. And data intrinsic and unique to the city of ROCHESTER, NY guided inquiry to a possible suspect.
Carmen Colon | Wanda Walkowicz | Michelle Maenza
ROCHESTER, NEW YORK is alternately known as THE FLOWER CITY. It has rejoiced in that nickname since the mid-nineteenth century. Previously, it was called “The FLOUR” city, but when the corn farms and grain mills relocated westward to take advantage of economies of scale, an industry in mass cultivation of flowers replaced them. And because the first victim —the pre-teen maiden CARMEN COLON was abducted from the BULL’s HEAD district of the city— a possible correlation of data was observed.
And, as it happened, inquiry was inquiring into the decades-long activities of an uncaught American serial killer when the ROCHESTER “DOUBLE-LETTER” case was happened upon and a conjoining of specific data discovered within its first abduction/ murder when the re-measurement encountered two motifs (BULL and FLOWER) often deployed at scenes of crimes or interwoven into the narrative of events by him and his retinue of professional serial killers. Those criminal insignias easily tally with (BULL’s HEAD DISTRICT + “FLOWER CITY”) easily extractable from the CARMEN COLON abduction/ murder case. Ten-year old CARMEN was abducted from the neighborhood where she lived: The BULL’s HEAD district in ROCHESTER, NY and ROCHESTER’s nickname since the mid-nineteenth century has been “THE FLOWER CITY”. This correlation tentatively points to the presence within the crime milieu of Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and the A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT.
The meaning of HODEL in Hebrew is “FLOWERING MYRTLE OAK TREE”. And he was a self professed adherent of the pre-Yahweh Canaanite deity BULL-EL. The narrative of Dr HODEL’s life is replete with kabbalistic references to flowers and Bulls/ and Minotaurs. {PLEASE see above the passage titled THE KABBALISTIC MEANING AND INTEPRETATION OF THE HEBREW NAME HODEL}
The A.B.C. Murders was a 1936 detective novel by Agatha Christie describing a similar series of killings to the ROCHESTER slayings.
There was also the curious fact discovered by police that all three victims had at some time post-abduction come into contact with a white furred feline. All were found to have white cat hair on their clothing and bodies. That all three victims were intentionally sprinkled with white cat hair indicates the killers were anticipating a logical association investigators, the media and public might arrive at through the blatant alliterative evidence. The white cat hair was a deliberate disassociation with the AGATHA CHRISTIE book and an oblique pointer in the direction of American mystery writer MARY ROBERTS RINEHART and her 1919 novel “THE WINDOW AT THE WHITE CAT”. (The titles and chapter headings of her many novels and short stories bare striking similarities and correlation with the criminal activities of Dr HODEL and THE A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT. The seem to have been a source of inspiration and explanation. PLEASE see the passages in this document titled: THE MYSTERY WRITER & LE “PIEDS-NOIRS”and ETANT DONNES, A/1 ‘MAYA’ & MRS RINEHART)
And since the resolution to the three murders and another five connected killings of females did not emerge from the usual investigator staples of DNA, fingerprints or blood-type, but fromunconventional techniques and methods, it became imperative that such cogent anomalies be inquired into and interrogated to the fullest extent they could bare.
It will become apparent before the conclusion of this essay that the white cat hair was intentionally entered into the registry of events by the killers of the three pre-teen girls for two reasons: To physically indicate to police and media that all three were victims of a single INTELLECT/ INPETUS and killers and to offer investigators a means of understanding the crime and the direction in which a possible solution lay. It will also be proven that the head of the band of professional serial killers who committed these crimes very brazenly and incredulouslyinscribed, by way of an ingenious code hidden in plain sight, his future address in the state of California.
The key to unravelling the ROCHESTER criminality resides in a distilled summation of the victim’s initials: CC, MM, WW or C, M and W. A further interrogation of the data and test for validity and meaning proffered an alpha-numeric substitution: C M W is C=03, M=13, W=23/ C M W: 03 13 23. A simple arithmetic based de-cipher has yielded the meaning of C M W. It means 03 +13 +23 =39:
The right column tabulated vertically = 333  9. The left hand column also tabulated vertically but read from the bottom to the top: = 3 >2 >1 >0. This represents a countdown. The killer is telling that his work is almost at an end: where he will soon be resident and where he would die. He died in San Francisco in 1999 aged 91 while
A conventional appreciation of the alpha-numeric tabulation expresses C=03+M=13+W=23 =39. But an unconventional and visual audit of the same alpha-numeric tabulation offers a sub-textural conclusion far greater in illumination and meaning.
If the reader pays attention to the right hand column, the reader will notice it top to bottom reads as 333 9. A visual measurement of the left hand column -bottom to top- reads as 3 210.
So, an add-mixture of the conventional and the unconventional offers three sets of numeric clusters 39: 333 9: 3 210. It is inquiry’s contention that these three separate clusters are replete with cogent and symbolic meanings and are the profit of a
cracked code intentionally deposited via the notorious early seventies ROCHESTER murders of three young females by America’s most prolific serial killer, Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL. The information elicited from C+M+W informs us of Dr HODEL’s precise future address in downtown San Francisco. He also delivered, through those three letters, a homily that turned out to be prescient and prophetic.
The right hand column represents Dr HODEL’s future address in downtown San Francisco, for It is a matter of public record that Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL resided on the 39th floor at 333 BUSH Street West, San Francisco, California 94104 between 1990 and when he died at the age of 91 in 1999.
The 9 at the bottom of the right hand column is a statement by the Dr his work in ego and alter-ego is almost complete. The entire left hand column within ‘the Gematrial tower of numerals’, also tabulated vertically but read from the bottom to the top, expresses the numeric sequence: 3 >2 >1 >0. This represents a winding down of effort in relation to the natural human clock: A countdown, if you will. The killer is telling that he is in his autumn years and near his end and it is at the 333 BUSH Street West address he will live out his final days and draw his last breath. GEORGE HILL HODEL did die exactly where he said he would, in San Francisco on 17 May 1999 at the age of 91. And according to his son STEVE, author of the revelatory “BLACK DAHLIA AVANGER” and its sequel, “MOST EVIL”, he died peacefully. He was born 10 OCTOBER 1907 in the southern California city of Los Angeles.  (The sequence of numerals 1999 91 (year of death and age ) could its self be interpreted as coming fill circle.)
It must be noted that the first of the three ROCHESTER, New York murders was committed in 1971 and the last in 1973. Dr HODEL did not take up residence at 333 West BUSH Street, San Francisco until some time in 1990. In fact the construction of 333 BUSH Street West, a 43 storey/ 495 feet mixed-use sky scrapper was not completed until sometime in 1986. Dr HODEL was not officially resident in the United States at the time of the ROCHESTER and several other murders which definitively can be linked to him and A1 “MAYA”/ ZODIAC. He was officially a resident of the Philippines and later Hong Kong. He returned permanently to the US in 1990 after 40 years of self-imposed exile following his morals trials in 1949.
Obviously, these figures meant nothing to investigators and crime researchers at the time: Because they can only be held up against information from his latter years and where and how he died. It can be said he prognosticated his own future and
surreptitiously deposited that cogency within the crime and attendant crime scenes data in ROCHESTER. But the information/ data could only be processed and understood in posterity —long after the event and with him out of investigator and police reach.
Never-the-less, how is it at all we encounter the very high-strangeness of the future San Francisco address of prolific serial killer GEORGE HILL HODEL encoded into the registry of events of a series of crimes committed on the east coast of America nearly twenty years before he moved into the neighborhood? Is this any indication of the leverage acquired by theA/1 “MAYA” PROJECT through its continually evolving counter-order activities against the Republic?
It would appear, after glibly telling of his future address, that the murderous doctor was not done disseminating surreptitious information. A further interrogation of C=03, M=13, W=23/  C M W: 03 13 23 bestows more shocking revelations as very much intended by the arch GEORGE HILL HODEL and the A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT he fronted.
It is startlingly recognized if C M W —the alpha to numeric summation of the victims forenames— equals 333, then CC + MM + WW, or C M W + C M W (forenames + surnames) would be 333+333: which the addition and total of would amount to the very significant andidentity bequeathing 666 (SIX HUNDRED and SIXTY SIX) or double that initially arrived at C M W sum. So, if we double the street level address of the doctor’s last residence on earth (333 BUSH Street West) we arrive the three digit number usually associated with the Devil, scourge of God and bane of humanity.
The good Dr HODEL, nihilist or otherwise, has, on several levels and in so many ways, irreducibly informed us of his occultism via a succinct piece of arithmetica. And, in so doing, he has entitled himself to be recognized and addressed as a mage DEVIL and serious SATANISTof the highest order and of the darkest variety. (Is A1 “MAYA” Satanic? Well through the degree of interwoveness of relation and regard between A1 “MAYA” PROJECT and Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL they have undeniably and equally announced themselves a satanic entity.)
And, as for the shaken and traumatized people of ROCHESTER, NY, they have been proven entirely correct: For, as they often repeated at the time of the crimes, “only the DEVIL himself could have done these deeds”.
If it is accepted by the reader, even the most sceptical, that a string of very literate information (C M W, BULL, FLOWER ..etc) was encoded within data retrieved from the trace and registry of events of the ROCHESTER criminality, the following passage introduces another notorious series of unsolved child murders into the milieu.
The Oakland County Child Killer was not an individual but a collective of professional killers headed by Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL. The hitherto unidentified INTELLECT/ IMPETUS responsible for the murders of four or more children in Oakland County, Michigan, United States in 1976 and 1977 is non other than A/1 “MAYA”. The killer was also nicknamed “The Babysitter”, as all four victims had been recently bathed and cared for before being asphyxiated. One, JILL ROBINSON, was shotgun blasted in the face.
Next to ROCHESTER, NY is
Unsolved Serial Killings: Oakland County/ Metro Detroit Child Murders “The Babysitter” Victims >
Mark Stebbins, 12 [2/15/1976] Southfield/Oak Park, MI (strangled, sexually assaulted)
Jill Robinson, 12 [12/22/1976] Royal Oak, MI (shot in the face with a shotgun)
Kristine Mihelich, 10 [1/2/1977] Berkley, MI (smothered)
Timothy King, 11 [3/16/1977] Birmingham, MI (suffocated, sexually assaulted)
u The 1971/ 1973 ROCHESTER “DOUBLE-LETTER” killings and the 1976/ 1977 OAKLAND County/ METRO DADE, MI “BABYSITTER” murders of four children are so directly related and interconnected they could be labled as intimately conjoined.
u Michigan residents CHRISTOPHER BUSCH and THEODORE “TED” LAMBORGINE have over the years being linked to the 1977/ 78 OAKLAND County child murders. Those two names along with that of DAVID NOBERG and JAMES VINCENT GUNNELS have generated the most intensity in connection with the 1977/ 78 events in OAKLAND County, Michigan. The reader must keep in mind the name “BUSCH” and “LAMBORGINE”. And, in doing so, the reader must evaluate and remember the association between the famous Italian automobile “LAMBORGHINI” and the Bull. Today, the word LAMBORGHINI is almost synonymous with the Bull.
u Possible GEORGE HILL HODEL motifs: OAK + BULL. The murders took place in OAKLANDCounty, Michigan.
The meaning in Hebrew of HODEL is “FLOWERING MYRTLE OAK TREE. The word OAK has served as kabbalistic signature/ motif at many of HODEL and A/1 “MAYA” scenes of crimes that self-identifies the criminality as his and their handiwork.
HODEL owned a artwork by artist MAN RAY title “MINOTAUR, DESTROYER of MAIDENS” that figuratively interpolates the head and horns of a bull with the upper torso of a woman. ELIZABETH SHORT’s upper torso was posed in a manner that mimicked MAN RAY’s minotaur (head of a BULL artwork. PLEASE see passage titled ART +WORDS & AN UNCOMMON MEANING). Dr HODEL also owned a statuette of YAMANTAKA, a BULL HEADED Asian deity, which, in a photograph, he appeared to have had a venerational and devotional attachment to. Also, there exists an esoteric/ kabbalistic connection between the MYRTLE tree and the BULL. In Greco-Egyptian spell casting, the MYRTLE tree is considered sacred in association with the zodiacal sign of TAURUS (the BULL). HODEL subscribed to a system of pre-Yahweh Hebraic belief that venerates EL, BULL-EL and ASHERA. With these many enumerated facts in mind, it is at all fair to associate the occultist Dr HODEL with the word “BULL”?
u 10 year old CARMEN COLON resided in and was abducted from the “BULLS HEAD” district of ROCHESTER, NY. Other OAKLAND county suspect CHRISTOPHER BUSCH was, through an anonymous tip-off, linked to the “BABYSITTER” serial murders. BUSCH is obviously cognate ofBUSH. Conjoined to the ROCHESTER event, BUSCH/ BUSH is a continuation of the decoded sentence that presents the numeric sequences 333 and 39. The numbers were extracted from the decoding and distillation of (C M W /03 13 23) double alliterated names of HODEL/ MAYA PROJECT’s three young victims in Neighboring ROCHESTER, New York.
Thereby, using the names of crime victims in ROCHESTER, NY and the surnames of suspects (LAMBORGINE/ BULL and BUSCH/ BUSH) implicated through anonymous tip-offs in theOAKLAND county “BABYSITTER” case, Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and A1 “MAYA” remitted a short and salient epistle for any investigator or member of the public who could decipher it. Via the long-running and ‘hidden-in-plain-sight’ occult/ communicative events, he encoded his nom de guerre and future address in Downtown San Francisco: The “666 BULL” on the 39th floor at333 BUSH Street WEST. And since OAKLAND county is WEST of ROCHESTER…
u No definitive suspect or links have been developed by authorities to the four murdered children but the names BUSCH and LAMBORGINE —amongst a field of-not-that-many— have been for some time and are presently linked to that particular case.
BUSCH committed suicide in 1978 and LAMBORGINE —who is serving multiple life terms for serious sexual offences against
children— was recently the target of a civil suit by the parent of victim MARK STEBBINS. So, it would appear, both men -though of questionable character- were simply and anonymously dropped into the registry of events simply to complete the communicative module within transgressive event.
It is singularly incontrovertible to say the killers of the three ROCHESTER girls did deposit clearly and literate information in furtherance of several criminal/ communicative modules hatched by Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and the A1 “MAYA” PROJECT. Many of those communicative modules over several decades were for the edification of the American Government The purpose of this next passage is convert into legible language and lucid grammar another very literate memorandum which inquiry has titled:
At the time of the killings, it was speculated that all three girls being Roman Catholic might have played a part in their murder. But this line of thought could not, or was not, developed beyond the provisional stage. Well, exploratory re-measurement by inquiry has proved those tentative formulations entirely correct with the discovery of several definitive semantic and nomenclatural references to POLISH ROMAN CATHOLICISM, a best selling work of fiction and a theatrical film within a sub-textural narrative hidden within the ROCHESTER trace of events. And it is this sub-textural ‘interpretive key’ portion of the murder memorandum that offers a glimpse into the real reason three pre-teen girls were murdered.
u Inquiry’s explorations within the pages of an urban map of ROCHESTER, NY, (because that is exactly what the killers did) yielded the curious if not the startling attendance of toponymic correlations and significances. At the north end of downtown ROCHESTER the reader will easily find within the old POLISH district the very illuminating presence of an interlocking confluence
of streets and landmarks: NORTON Street, FRANKLIN High School (PLEASE see the ELIZABETH SHORT/ BLACK DAHLIA case for the conjoined significance of NORTON + FRANKLIN. A consult the SHEILA SHEPHERD murder case for the full import and meaning of FRANKLIN.)
u NORTON Street is one of the four street that surrounds FRANKLIN high school. The others are SHADY LANE Dr (The MIDNIGHT DOCTOR?), HUDSON Avenue and KILMER Street. Intersecting HUDSON immediately adjacent to FRANKLIN High is a side street with the nameWANDA. (WANDA LEE WALKOWITZ?) Topographically adjacent to these tentative points of significance is the very suggestive —toponomic and the nomenclatural— slew of street names of POLISH derivation —St Casimir Street, Zygmenti Street, Pulaski Street, Sobieski Street,Warsaw Street— that surround the POLISH ROMAN CATHOLIC church St Stanislaus and its Bingo hall next door. Information derived from this assemblage can be tentatively surmised as a second sub-equation: THE OLD POLISH DISTRICT. {PLEASE consult Google Earth for confirmation of all data}
u Is it incontrovertible that two significant emblems of Catholicism are the virgin MARY (VENUSIAN?) and the Holy ROSARY? Well, the answer to that poser is that they are mage emblems of ROMAN CATHOLICISM. And from that affirmation, ROSARY + MARY, we easily extract the identifying pronoun “ROSEMARY”. And, conjoined to the description of the three pre-teen victims CC WW and MM, who were ROMAN CATHOLIC and obviously young enough to be addressed colloquially as “BABIES”, we have arrived, the reader will agree, at the possible foundation of a revelatory equation: ROSEMARY + ROMAN CATHOLIC BABIES has emerged from
u Affirming the enabling or inquisitory proposition entails conjoining both sub-equations:ROSEMARY and ROMAN CATHOLIC BABIES + THE OLD POLISH DISTRICT. The undeniably visual corollary would be almost graspable by anyone familiar with films and book, or to be more specific, theatrical film which originated in a novel. But further distillation is required to reveal what Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and the A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT were communicating via a series of child murder in the early 1970s.
The undeniable literacy emerging from the further distillation of the conjoined sub-equationsreads very lucidly: ROSEMARY’s BABIES and ROMAN POLANSKI.
u “ROSEMARY’s BABY” —IRA LEVIN’s novel and ROMAN POLANSKI’s film— was obliquely referenced in the ROCHESTER killings.  However, must be categorically stated that simply because a work was co-opted by HODEL and A/1 “MAYA” does not in any way implicate the author, director or creator of the work.
So, the final equation offers us the film by the aforementioned director ROMAN POLANSKI and the literary work the film was based on “ROSEMARY’S BABY” by novelist IRA LEVIN. Is the reader in any doubt that this portion of the HODEL/ A/1 “MAYA” communicative module readsROMAN POLANSKI and ROSEMARY’S BABIES? Inquiry is in no doubt this assemblage of words was exactly what Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and the A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT intended. Why so is anybody’s guess. But since Dr HODEL announced to all who cared to observe that his persona is of the DEVIL, we can assume he showed up in town to claim not one, but three of ROSEMARY’s BABIES. So the 1971- 1973 ROCHESTER, New York “ALLITERATED” or “DOUBLE- LETTER” murders could be aptly labled “The ROSEMARY BABIES MURDERS”.QED?
u In both best selling book and critically acclaimed and commercially successful film, a character bares the name Dr HILL, a known murder/ crime signature of Dr GEORGE HILLHODEL. Is it also observable that WANDA WALKOWICZ had the same color hair and style as the Mia Farrow character Mrs WOODHOUSE in the 1968 movie? WANDA WALKOWICZ, a murder victim of POLISH origins, was ROSEMARY’S BABY and, by implication, so were the other two victims. They were all “ROSEMARY’S BABIES”.
u “HILLSIDE Strangler” KENNETH BIANCHI was, and possibly still is, a suspect. He was resident in ROCHESTER at that time of the abductions and killings, and was said to own a car similar to the one seen just outside ROCHESTER backing-up on the hard shoulder of an interstate freeway towards a fleeing and half-naked CARMEN COLON. He was exonerated through DNA evidence. Though it is possible that amongst Dr HODEL’s kill-team were indeed BIANCHI and his cousin ANGELO BUONO and also JOSEPH NASO.
That all three victims were from the same area where JOSEPH NASO had lived for a spell, and was known to frequently visit in the early seventies. In 2012, Police ruled NASO out when his DNA didn’t match the DNA found on the victims.
JOSEPH NASO  of RENO, Nevada, and formerly of northern California and ROCHESTER New York, is set to stand trail for murder  in connection with four of the “double-letter” killings committed in northern California in the 1970s through to 1994.
Is it at all possible there is an unknown and unseen connection between GEORGE HILL HODEL and JOSEPH NASO? A connection that possibly dates back to the early seventies and ROCHESTER, New York double-letter murders of three pre-teen girls.? Since an overview of the true nature and purpose of the eight killings has been obtained, it would be intellectually dishonest to conclude that JOSEPH NASO and Dr HODEL were unaware of each other.
As inquiry previously speculated, there must have existed an unknown connection between the now deceased Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL and 77 year old JOSEPH NASO. At about the time of some of the Bay Area killings, both NASO and HODEL resided in the northern California area and NASO himself hails from ROCHESTER.
It is almost inconceivable to conclude that both committed such serious and long-premeditated crimes of identical nature without knowing each other. That both men must have been aware of each other has to be accepted as near-indisputable. JOSEPH NASO is linked to Bay Area series of double-lettered murders through DNA and other evidence, but no physical evidence ties him to the ROCHESTER crimes. Both are linked to the DOUBLE-LETTER murders by the fact that the event could not have been completed without portions of the criminality objectively attached to both. (The decoding of CC MM WW lead to the 39th floor at 333 BUSH STREET WEST and the future address of Dr GEORGE HILL HODEL in Downtown San Francisco.) Therefore, it would be intellectually dishonest to claim —with the benefit of hindsight— that each was not aware of the other. It is inquiry’s posit that HODEL and NASO could not but have been criminal intimates and were not simply aware of each other on an intellectual level.
obvious and near incontestable that HODEL, NASO and others unknown operated beneath the very same and very singular A1 “MAYA” project IMPETUS/ CONTROL toward a common aim. Therefore via the ROCHESTER, NY, specifically, and to a lesser degree the Bay Area and SARATOGA SPRINGS murders, the mechanism, implementation and the meaning of “DOUBLE INITIALS” or “ALLITERATIVE DOUBLE-LETTERS” occult events have been discovered, presented and demonstrated.
The Review of Words:
 the ancient Hebrew alphabet and its seven ‘double-letters’. Was the A1 “MAYA” PROJECT through Dr HODEL composing a statement or something approximating a prayer/ entreaty/ petition out of the murder of the eight females who’s fore and surnames accounted for seven double alliterated lettres?
from some authority. {Who was the prayer for? And from whom or what was the beneficence being requested? } And just how was this reasoning and summation arrived at?
—through occult machinations—
Book by ROCHESTER journalist
Was there an overall purpose behind the murder of eight females? A reason for a series of killings spanning twenty-three years that yielded a cache of seven “double-letter” initials? As a seven ‘double-letter’ whole, the meaning of the unconventionally long and much premeditated event very much appears orientated toward some esoteric/ occult outcome or celebration.
And though Dr HODEL very unequivocally through the ‘ROCHESTER CMW +CMW code’announced himself as a mage Satanist, it appears he did not entirely negate or abandon his Hebrew roots for, it seems, as he went about his murderous business, he was indeed, surprisingly, constructing vocabulary and stanzas of a litany that stated: LIFE, PEACE, WISDOM, RICHES, GRACE, FERTILITY and POWER
As fully explained in earlier passages within this document, much of Dr HODEL’s occult criminality is easily understood through comprehending the literal, metaphoric and cabalistic interpretations of his Hebrew surname (“FLOWERING MYRTLE OAK TREE”) and how and for what reasons he deployed his fore and middle names at numerous crime scenes and their vicinities.
A strain of Hebraic lore pertaining to names and nomenclature is referenced in writings within the Talmud and especially so within Kabbalah that states a person’s Jewish name is the channel through which energy that affects the individual’s whole human essence is transmitted from upper spiritual worlds. It is believed the ‘exactitude’ of chosen names are actually ‘minor prophesies’ directed to the parents from a realm above bestowing upon the child a name that child is ‘destined to live’.
Well, it very much appears, that same exactitude was applied by Dr G H HODEL & the A1 “MAYA” Project in researching and selecting its eight female victims with their seven double alliterated initials: CC, WW, MM, RR, CC, PP, SS and TT.
The Hebrew alphabet comprises 22 letters. Of those, seven are composed of two compound letters: BETH (B,V), GIMEL (G, Gh), DALETH (D, Dh), KAPH (K, Kh), PE (P, Ph), RESH (R, ??) and TAU (T, Th); and they are commonly referred to as the SEVEN DOUBLE LETTERS because they each have two sounds associated with them.
So, what exactly were the aims of the killers of females with alliterated initials?
GEORGE HILL HODEL began his killings in the service of A/1 “MAYA” PROJECT sometime in the thirties with the CLEVELAND Torso murders. It is doubtful if he ever worked alone. He was a killer and leader of killers in the keep of a subversive entity which under several guises has tackled the American republic since at least the civil war.
The reason there were no vowels included in the eight criminalities that yielded seven double consonants was because it was unnecessary. The very nature and purpose of the criminality accounted for the word VOWEL. The entire criminality was a communicative module replete with multiple messages —each with a precise and singular meaning— intended for A/1 “MAYA” adherents within and outside America.
Though not directly corollary, the seven common alphabet double-letter initials (CC MM WW RR CC PP SS and TT) assembled from the murders easily translates as the “SEVEN DOUBLE-LETTERS OF THE HEBREW ALPHABET” (BETH (B,V), GIMEL (G, Gh), DALETH (D, Dh), KAPH (K, Kh), PE (P, Ph), RESH (R, RESH) and TAU (T, Th) which, in turn, are recognized as the VOW OF EL.
The Review of Words:
“The marvellous is always beautiful, anything that is marvellous is beautiful;indeed, nothing but the marvellous is beautiful.”
Andre Bréton |Manifesto of Surrealism 1924
“To intensify experience – the surrealists often deliberately propose to shock and surprise, so that you may be deprived of all preconceived standards and open to new impressions.” —Julien Levy |Surrealism 1935
Why was the young female victim killed …why did she have to die? Who was she and why was she fated such truly awful and a singularly abominable post-mortis contravention? A symbolic and ‘Surrealistically’ articulated glyph for police and investigators, for the media and public and for posterity. And at the hands of whom? Could hers and another gruesome slaying nearly a quarter-century and two generations apart amount to two halves of a transcribable epigram? Why would any killer or killers intentionally deposit a readable, albeit cryptic, message at the scene of their crime. What did it read and who was the murder assembled memorandum for?
The 1947 murder of BETH SHORT in LOS ANGELES (or possibly in neighboring INLAND EMPIRE) and the 1970 killing of San Francisco resident ROBERT SALEM are related, in fact, conjoined. Appreciated together, they provide an astounding insight into a facet of mid-twentieth century American and world history.
Literarily written in flesh, blood and stone, part of the equational litany, even after all these decades, remains legible to the eye and senses for any reader to appreciate if they can decode the words, graphics and other data within the ‘registry of events’ relating to the crimes and transcribe the near-unbelievable.
BETH SHORT was the effigeous lamp carrier and ROBERT SALEM, though also murdered in effigy, was indeed a real maker of lamps: An artisan who created
Twenty-two year old ELIZABETH SHORT’s abominably and horrifically broken and desecrated remains was discovered dawn of 15 January 1947 in the south-
west Los Angeles district of LEIMERT PARK. Precisely at SOUTH NORTON Avenue at WEST 39thStreet. Hers was a singularly appalling torture/ murder and
contravention that has resonated down the years and, today, nearly three-quarters of a century after the event, still reverberates a surreal ‘dread, terror and shock’. Her death fulfilled one half of a symmetric double-murder twenty three years apart that proffered an equation the solution of which spoke a very articulate message, in fact a declaration of meaning, the supposed creed and philosophy of the horrific and gruesome event’s authors and their future intent. This very startling information is termed by inquiry “THE 1947 LEIMERT PARK EQUATION”.
A three month straight-forward interrogation of words within the murder’s registry and trace of events: a riposte and retort to nearly sixty years of insolubility, offers credible answers to numerous irresolutions surrounding the case. They comprise quite simple deductions, transparent logic and conclusions. And if you are a resident of the greater LOS ANGELES conurbation it has literarily been beneath the soles of your feet and tyres of your automobile.
Any possible resistance to the simplicity that has provided the solution to the BLACK DAHLIA mystery would most likely reside within the mind of the reader and —after innumerable books, circular and convoluted theories— whether such simplicity is acceptable and believable.
“…Dictates of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, beyond all control aesthetic or moral” —What is Surrealism? Julian Levy, 1936
The obviously organized and meditatated upon state in which  SHORT’s disarticulated remains was recovered; how it was articulately, if macabrely, posed dispels any thought of shallow impulsion on the part of her slayers. But how deep did that obvious contemplation and premeditation run? What or whom was the studious INTELLECT/ IMPETUS/ CONTROL which underwrote the event?
The abominable presentation at LEIMERT PARK was, among several other intentions, aimed at the subconscious of the society. The purpose being to short-circuit and disrupt normative thinking patterns not so much to discover what lay beneath the surface of society and individual identity, but, after several of grand and grotesque gratuitous set-pieces of [], to gradually bend the society to its will. [It is very likely the many unsolved acts of butchery and decapitation at KINGSBURY RUN IN Ohio and the RED PHANTOM of Texarkana, Arkansas were prelude to the Los Angeles BLACK DAHLIA event]
ELIZABETH SHORT’s January 1947 murder was many things all wrapped-up in one. But thefoundation and pedestal on which it stood was occult ritual by reprobatory elements within the subversive milieu that strode the American stage in that turbulent era. Hers and its mystery was not an isolated event: the BLACK DAHLIA outrage was but one of several premeditatedPROTEST and COMMUNICATION set-pieces of occult grammar and efficacies constructed and assembled within the studious INTELLECT/ IMPETUS of a well hidden subterranean constituent of socio-political subversion and counter-order.
The event and its enshrouding mystery was not per chance but an envisaged happening meticulously planned well ahead of its due date with very detailed and unambiguous objectives and aims in the mind. ELIZABETH SHORT was not killed as a result of a love gone wrong. And she was not a spy as some have speculated. Her unwarranted death was in furtherance of belligerent interests in a conflict that has claimed innumerable lives over untold decades and generations and possibly still simmers within America of today. Her killing was both sacrificial and effigeous. She represented in the mind of her killers the embodiment of an ideal; an ideal that was both actual and metaphoric and which they sought to undermine if not destroy: American liberty and independence. Unbelievable? No. Suffice it to state that occult ritual almost invariably leave a trace, whether intentionally or unavoidably and activities of the perpetrators and other facts are very decipherable from residue of physical and intellectual actions committed before and after the murder.  ►►
» Leimert Park, Los Angeles: The Abstract Alter at an Invisible Temple of Doom:


I wish the copy/paste would add the bolded and highlighted words. I just can’t be bothered to read his copy/pasted drivel. The same was done on my blog comments before I stopped letting that happen. Entire blogs on different subjects (masturbation, demon worship, depression, suicide, etc.) were copied and pasted all over the blog comments.


His blog now says this when you go to the link:

This blog is open to invited readers only


It doesn’t look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation.

That’s ok, though, I’ve documented the blog well in the event that he did this.

These are the posts of his I find most telling:

June 9, 2011 God or the Devil blog post:
“So what’s new with you? You find any work,” he asked, taking a swig of his ice water.
“There’s no work to be found, brother,” I replied. “It’s okay. I got enough in savings to last me through the summer. It’ll give me a chance to do some writing anyway.”
“I read your article about the Gilbert girl. I liked it.”
“Yeah, I’m obsessed. It’s really such a remarkable case. I mean you know me, I’ve been studying these types of cases for years and writing my mystery novel. And…”
“How’s that novel coming anyway? Huh, huh? Been writin’ it for a long time now, must be a heck of a book,” he said mockingly in his Stewie to Brian Family Guy voice.
 “Then we’ve got Melissa Barthelemy, age 24. She’s originally from Buffalo but moved to the Bronx in 2007 with a Cosmetology license. She started working at a few barbershops and salons and then at some point began stripping at clubs and eventually moved to doing escort work. She’s last seen on July 12, 2009 –that’s a late Saturday, early Sunday. Her boyfriend slash pimp, Terry, said she told him that she might be going to Long Island that night. Apparently she went there often and had some regular clients. On this night she had a date lined up for the price of $1000. One of her old Craigslist ads that I came across advertised various services with prices and it stated that an overnight stay would cost $1000. So that’s I guess how they arrived at that number. Her boyfriend offered her a ride that night but she declined and acted somewhat secretive about her plans. Later, two calls made to her voicemail were traced back to Massapequa motels – one from the Budget Inn and another from the Best Western.”

“That’s the one whose sister got called, right?”
“Yeah, her little sister Amanda, who was like fourteen at the time, got calls about once a week from Melissa’s cell phone. All of the calls came between late July and late August of 2009. Supposedly sounded like an older white guy. He always called in the evening and spoke in a low tone. Called seven times all together. Called Amanda a half breed – her father’s black. Asked her if she’s gonna be a whore like her sister. Then on the final call he said that he killed her. He never stayed on longer than three minutes but police were able to trace some of the calls to Times Square and Madison Square Garden. As if these calls weren’t enough he also sent her a number of abusive texts. Around the same time Melissa’s boyfriend, Terry, also got calls from someone that sounded white. The guy said to Terry ‘You like to do some crazy stuff with Melissa, I know where you be at. Most of the time he seemed to be drunk. He knew who I was. He knew I had tattoos on my back. Maybe he felt [Melissa] was doing something he didn’t  like.’ Terry claims to have received around thirty calls like this over a period of eight months.”
“Well, he definitely sounds racist. Half-breed? The whole I know where you be at also sounds like he’s mocking ghetto slang,” Tom said.
“It does, right? I mean it’s a quote of a quote so it’s hard to tell but yeah. It’s funny because one of the things that all the girls have in common is that they all seem to have dated black guys and would meet with black clients, which supposedly isn’t so common for white girls in the business. So that could actually make you think maybe it was a black guy. But everyone who’s spoke to him has said he sounds white.”
“Yeah, no this guy’s white. And a racist. And what day was that again, when Melissa was last seen?” Tom asked.
“That was July 12th of ’09. That’s technically a Sunday but I think it’s a Saturday night into the early hours of Sunday the 12th,” I replied.
“Yep. Right around another summer holiday. The next one was too. Maureen Brainard-Barnes went missing on July 9th of 2007, that was a Monday which would have made the Fourth of July on…”

“Wednesday,” Tom answered.
“Yeah. That Wednesday before.” I replied.
“That’s gotta mean something. All right after those holidays. Maybe with his work schedule, or… when he earns extra money maybe. Something.”
“Those are popular fishing weekends. Maybe charter boat worker for fishing trips? They use burlap bags for clamming, right?” I said.

“Yeah. That works,” he said. “Alright so what else we got on Maureen?”
“She was 25. She lived in Connecticut but came to the city by train with two acquaintances to meet clients on that Monday morning. She left her acquaintances and got a hotel room on 46th Street once she got to Manhattan. At some point later she calls a friend from the Port Authority and says that she’s been robbed of all the money she’d made and needed a ride home. And that was the last anyone heard from her. In 2008, police traced a ping off of her cell phone just a couple miles from Gilgo. Someone was trying to access her voicemail. Also, cops went through her computer and one of the last people to contact her was an NYPD cop. But supposedly he’s been cleared. With that and everything else you can kinda see how the whole NYPD cop theory could take shape. His knowledge of tracing phones. Some of the girls’ last whereabouts. The calls made from the city… even his rotating work schedule works with that.”

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Killer and Tattoos

It could be pure coincidence, but in looking over all these girls who are missing or were found murdered it’s becoming possible that there is a pattern involving tattoos. I know they are very popular these days, especially for women, but I can’t help seeing some significance to them. Let’s take them one by one.
Shannan Gilbert, the girl who was last seen in Oak Beach and is still missing, is described as having a tattoo of cherries on her left wrist and a scorpion tattoo on her back.
Megan Waterman had the name “Liette” on her upper left arm. On her lower left arm, she had a Capricorn horoscope sign. On her lower back, she had a tribal design with a heart in the center.
Maureen Brainard-Barnes had the name Nicolette, three black and gray lilies on her chest and a red rose with a green stem on her right ankle.
Melissa Barthelemy had the word “Blaze” tattooed on her shoulder. Both Melissa’s sister and Melissa’s boyfriend, Terry, received harassing calls from someone who is believed to be her killer, but in the case of Terry, who received over thirty phone calls during an eight month period, the caller mentions tattoos. Terry is quoted as saying, “He was threatening me. He said you liked to do some crazy stuff with Melissa. I know where you be at. Most of the time he seemed drunk. He knew who I was. He knew I had tattoos on my back.” One of the phones used to make these calls was a throw-away phone registered to Mickey Mouse.
I cannot yet say if Amber Lynn Costello had any tattoos but I’m trying to find out and I would be willing to bet that she did.
Jessica Taylor, whose body parts were found along Ocean Parkway, as well as in Manorville, had a tattoo of wings and the words Remy’s Angel on her hip. This was only partially visible on the torso found in Manorville, as the tattoo had been badly mutilated and partially removed.
On June 28, 1997, a hiker discovered a woman’s remains in Hempstead Lake Park. When police arrived they found the torso of a light skinned African American woman stuffed in a green Rubbermaid container. The body had been decapitated and the woman’s arms and legs were severed. A tattoo of a peach in the shape of a heart with a bite taken out of it was located on the left breast.
In July of 2007, a headless and limbless torso stuffed in a suitcase washed ashore in Mamaroneck, NY. The legs of the victim washed ashore on Long Island three days later. The torso had a tattoo of two cherries above the left breast.
It’s hard to say what significance, if any, the tattoos have. They may be part of the killer’s fantasy or fetish. They may be part of the turn on and how he chooses his victims. This killer is a dangerous sadist. But there’s also something very immature about him. As if part of him got stuck and never progressed past a certain period of adolescence. This is very common among victims of sexual abuse; in a sense, an aspect of their psyche never moves past childhood. These prankish phone calls, though thoroughly sadistic and viciously painful, are demonstrative of an adult who is emotionally stunted; a drunk and/or doped up, Mickey Mouse loving man-child with tremendous rage and hatred stemming from his early experiences, who is now taking a revenge of sorts for a lifetime of perceived societal and familial wrongs that left him feeling powerless. And it is ultimately this feeling of powerlessness that is avenged and momentarily banished by the vindictive violent sexual fantasies he commits. I say this not to give sympathy, or to excuse this monster, but merely to attempt to understand the source of his motivation. Perhaps he received abuse at the hands of someone with tattoos. It’s hard to say. Maybe he has his own tattoos. Whatever it is, it appears to be a growing part of this awful narrative.
And now my bitter hands
Cradle broken glass
Of what was everything
All the pictures had
All been washed in black
Tattooed everything
All the love gone bad
Turned my world to black
Tattooed all I see
All that I am
All I’ll be…
Pearl Jam –Black
Posted by at 10:55 PM
May 31, 2011 Oak Beach: In Her Shoes blog post:
I close my eyes and try to imagine the scene that Friday night one year ago. There are no street lights and I think how dark it must have been. Wait no, I checked and it would have been nearly a full moon that evening. I hear Penumbra Moon by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues playing in my head and I can almost see Shannan getting out of Michael Pak’s dark Suburban. She’s wearing hoop earrings and has the collar of her short brown leather jacket turned up as she pulls her purse handles over her shoulder and shuts the SUV’s door. She takes a final pull of her cigarette and then crushes it out with the toe of her calf-high leather boot, before tossing her hair back and walking over toward Brewer who’s standing in his sand and pebble driveway waiting for her. He’s got his hands in the pockets of his shorts as they make small talk and walk toward his front steps. But that’s all I get…
The way he describes Shannan getting out of Pak’s SUV is so descriptive that it is almost like he was across the street watching. Was it well known that Shannan was a smoker? I still don’t know if that is true or not. I wonder if Mari Gilbert relayed that information to Michael Dougherty when she was still under the impression that he was only there to help?

There is much more to come as time allows. This post may turn into a lengthy one since there is a lengthy history of sorts and oddities that can’t be ignored.

The cell pings in 2007 in Massapequa (where his 45 yr old brother has lived since ’93), and his use of “burner” phones with an 845 area code (likely bought from the place ps149 described in detail-screen shot to come) is that of a particular company of “burner” phone has to be the strangest coincidence to me.

I have compiled plenty of information that leaves Michael Dougherty close to the top of my list of “POI’s that need further investigation”.

Please check back for more on this.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Excellent. I know we agreed to disagree on “the Foreigner” but I don’t think it’s J.J. The reason I say that is because, I actually think JJ is friends with Hugh Auslander and “The Foreigner” went after Auslander HARD. She was meticulous and it got so bad, Auslander and she had a lengthy exchange (May, 2011 or so) He never did give a straight answer to a few questions plus she caught him in lies.
    MD (Rice) clearly had no use for The Foreigner either; and Foreigner could actually could back up her logic with facts including verified timelines, graphs and maps which MR Rice never did.
    It’s entirely possible her name was being used like others. Fact I wouldn’t be surprised. That reporting JJ/Fieldnotes did on Auslander was practically a Valentine.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Meant. MD Rice never did.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I may have said this already but I believe Barnaby Jones and ps149 are the same.

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    And what makes you go from being a teacher to delivering pizza? Plenty of other things to segue into without going straight to the bottom of the barrel. Unless you’re deemed unemployable for any decent profession.

  5. Cheryl says:

    M.D. (Rice) and Michael Dougherty’s style share some similarities. “Rice” tried to dominate the board and direct attention from North Dakota to TimbuK Tu. Anywhere but Oak Beach and Brewer’s. Eliminate the competition? Thing is; Most posters were there about the victims -not to write a book.
    Rice’s “voice” was sterile,condescending and needlessly academic. It Rang False. Like the guy said, most people on threads pretty much write the way they speak. No one speaks like that.
    Rice also sounded extremely insecure. But then I guess if I went from a licensed teacher to delivering pizza, I’d have to remind myself every five minutes I was educated too.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      That was a friend of mine that pointed that out. Smart cookie, that one! Lmao @ your last sentence! I did notice that, too, with MD Rice… “Hey, let’s talk about this OTHER case…” distraction, redirection… most times I would get a sentence read and scroll. Long, drawn out crap that has nothing to do with anything.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Btw, I write better than I speak. 😉 lol

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    Well me too but…….:)

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    Immature guy. He went on about how special and superior you have to be to qualify for membership in the Church of Satan. He could barely contain himself. MD had something to say about every point I made, but when I referenced NON Rice, the Satanist priest, he shut up.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Is that when he stopped writing as MD Rice? You caught on to him. He doesn’t like that as you can see. Coincidence that I said Jim Jones is really Michael Dougherty and mine/my husband’s phone numbers get posted? I think not. He continued to get everyone to “drink the Kool-Aid”, and still does. I don’t like Kool-Aid.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        It just really pisses me off that he continues to victimize the victims’ families by gaining their trust, and lies to them with ease under the guise that he’s “helping”. It’s no wonder misinformation went out to the media beforehand. Someone was leaking “stories”. 48 yr old drifter? Likely a 38 yr old leech.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I lost my patients and he knew I about to put him on blast.
    When he said he’d never seen high end jewelry stores in China Town, I was done. They’re Everywhere. You can’t NOT see them!
    And even though he could see I knew things he didn’t expect, he kept on taking the bait.
    So now I know he’s deep into BDSM and Satanism; is a big fan of “Fantasy” and probably “Science Fiction” (they all tend to link up).
    When he told me it must have been “awesome” to “know” an ex boyfriend who wrote Fantasy, I thought it was plain immature and out of “character”.. Putting him a backward late 30’s early 40’s.
    He also said he’d seen many women fall into the sex trade. Why’s that? He was puritanical on the subject. But not only escorts, any woman who – even one isolated time – traded sex to in order to survive.
    I was ready to slap him back to the future,

  9. Cheryl says:

    Kool-Aid makes me nauseous

  10. Cheryl says:

    “Sophia” is a friend of Jim Jones’ too. Another one who ran mouth too much.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I’m pretty sure I know who “Sophia” really is. It’s DISGUSTING he would use an innocent child’s name to further his sick “game” (he thinks this is a game; games are supposed to be fun).

  11. Cheryl says:

    He’s no genius either.
    WhenEVER Hugh Auslander’s name came up, “Sophia” jumped out of the woodwork.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      On your tip about Hugh, I did a little digging. I can’t think of any other words, but… Wow! Maybe you’re right about TheForeigner not being Michael Dougherty. Unless Michael Dougherty, knowing Hugh, doesn’t want Hugh to know it’s him putting info out that paints Hugh in a bad light.

  12. Cheryl says:

    There all from around there together and the same age. I think Dougherty and Auslander are friends. I think “Sophia” lives in or lived in Essex County New Jersey.

  13. Cheryl says:

    The Foreigner (English is not my first languish(sic)) was OUT for Auslander. He joined the thread just to defend himself. But she backed up her statements and caught his contradictions himself with actual facts and strictly clinical demonstrations.
    JJ was never this patient, detail oriented or methodical no matter what name he was writing under. She was smarter and more than he/they ever were.
    And he couldn’t fake that if he tried.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Foreigner caught Hugh contradicting himself in his exchanges with her. When , Auslander (like Fluke), refused to answer straight forward questions, he had no choice but to leave… ;
    They underestimated women and wanted to play head games
    I think they really loved Being women and half the time, actually believed they were. There’s a heavy homosexual component to all this and the Asian male is part of t.
    But Fieldnotes is just a wannabe.

  15. Cheryl says:

    Who is Monte Cahn?

  16. zerodinh says:

    Now see, this is what I mean with the names, Michael Dougherty is also the name of a director… some times i feel like I’m stuck in the end of the movie The Usual Suspects, and someone is sitting at their compiter just throwing out random names.
    @cheryl while looking back through old posts I saw you were there and kept the same sn for a long while, I hope you will check out my other blog where i go over some of these posts and comments, your insight would be great. I have questions that you may be able to help with on Jury Box, Jenny, and a few others.

  17. Cheryl says:

    “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”
    Who’s Kaiser Soze?
    “Flip you good”.
    LOVE me some Usual Suspects!

  18. Cheryl says:

    Jury Box? His behavior falls into the same category as these other clowns, except I think he’s older and more intelligent.
    Late 50’s early 60’s.

  19. Cheryl says:

    Sure. I’ll check out the blog.

  20. Worried About You says:

    I have to tell you something about your husband does he read this blog?

  21. Cheryl says:

    Smh That reminds me of “Sophia” with all “her” husband accessing password and reading posts crap. It was incredibly stupid, but he had people going for a while. S/he claimed to live in Essex County, Maplewood I think.

  22. zerodinh says:

    too bad you two didn’t start puting your heads together earlier.

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