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Okay Magic, we’ll continue this here.Magic,
Since you have decided to make assertions against us, it’s time to fill you in on several things.
1) We (CCC) all had a hand in the letter that BR wrote to you. He composed it and sent it to us to add or delete anything. Once that was done, he sent it to you.
2) We all voted you out of the CCC before the CCC meeting that we told you not to attend.
3) You still have not let the Morrie thing drop to this day even after we told you to let it go.
4) I have never seen a review of Alyssa, Emily, Melissa nor Christina from you on this board yet you give the impression to others that you have seen them. All I have seen have been reviews on Nature Matters, Shy, Jade and Star.
5) You constantly bombarded us with ******s and phone calls (some of them at irregular times) about stupid crap. Most of them were about Morrie and how he was picking on you and how you were trying to get us to side with you, which we did not.
6) You kept calling me about Cristina (Morrie’s girl) asking me about if she would do weird shit (like golden showers or brown showers) even after I told you that all we did was DFK, DATY, CBJ, and FS.
7) Once you found out that LW and Wolf went to the Lizard Lounge, you conveniently ran into Wolf there one night. You think that you were cordially accepted by him but, in actuality, you blew his shot at a hottie and he has not returned to that bar since because of you.This may get me banned but since I complied with the moderator’s suggestion and moved it to where he told me to, I do not think it will. It’s time for you to have no further association with any of us and we will have no dealings with you unless you push the matter.

This shows the existence of the “CCC” from utopiaguide.com. It’s also interesting that “Teps” is one of the names that has been used to comment here and on Zero’s Blog. Actually, there have been some other names used on both blogs that are also aliases on UG. Recently, the alias “BillyS” commented about IP addresses; he is also a member on UG.

This thread on UG supports my theory on what happened with Hackett in 2010. I believe “Magic” (referring to “magicfingersny”) was an alias (likely one of many) used by Hackett. It was 2008 when Hackett “found” his “friend” Michael Newman with a heroin needle in his arm (according to witnesses of the event). There were whispers throughout the Oak Beach neighborhood that Michael Newman had been buying prescription pills from Hackett, and heroin wasn’t Newman’s drug of choice.

In 2006, the members of “CCC” took a little trip to Atlantic City. Four prostitutes were murdered in different ways (suggesting different people) and their bodies left behind the Golden Key Motel. The men in the “CCC” were misogynistic sadists who had too much time on their hands and money in their pockets. Their “hobby” was sexually exploiting these women. Many of these women were drug addicted and possibly trafficked victims before they were murdered.

After Michael Newman’s death in 2008 (in which Hackett took ownership of Newman’s 2005 Yukon Denali), Hackett was spiraling out of control. It was so bad, that he got himself kicked out of the “CCC”, a group of mentally ill men who saw that Hackett was even more mentally ill than the rest of the men in that group. (I think you have to have some mental illness to have such an addiction to sexually abuse and violate women with such sadism and write as if they were not humans or even animals. These men have a higher regard for animals than they do these women.) Hackett doesn’t let go of perceived wrongdoings, though, because he is a sociopath.

Even though he may not have been a contributing member (writing reviews) on UG anymore, that didn’t stop him from reading… and obsessing… and plotting… He knew the members who were also in Atlantic City in 2006. He perceived a wrongdoing by these boys in their little boy’s club who kicked him out, and he was going to make them pay a price for it. Instead of his usual stalking of the women he murdered in the past, he started stalking the men (see above). He had gathered enough “stalker material” on who these men frequented and was able to carry out his plan.

His victims were chosen by who wrote the reviews on UG. He was ready to “frame” every man from UG that he perceived had done him wrong, whether it was killing the men off (Newman, Bissett, Taus), or the women. He knew these men wouldn’t “rat” him out, because they would then have to admit to being scumbags and open themselves up to investigation of crimes including sex trafficking, drug production/trafficking and many other crimes, and Hackett knew all about those crimes.

I’m not suggesting that every member of UG is a murderer or that every member of the CCC is a murderer. I have my suspicions about a handful of CCC members who may have been involved in the Atlantic City murders in 2006, and that Hackett was one in that handful. UG and the CCC are promoting prostitution, and part of a larger ring of sex traffickers using UG as a front to launder money. They are criminals. EVERY person who pays a membership fee to UG is a criminal.

There are some women who are in the business who say they enjoy it. I have to wonder if that is what they tell themselves after such a long time of being victimized. There are some women who think they can do this “part time”, but end up victims in deep-pocketed and highly connected businesses set up to traffic them. They are held mentally, emotionally, financially and sometimes physically captive.

I think I started being stalked by Hackett, but when I started touching on UtopiaGuide.com, the “recruiters”, the “harborers”, and the “transporters” started coming out of the woodwork lambasting me for digging deeper. My focus was originally on only Hackett. Since Hackett is currently on Long Island, he had to send someone in FL to stalk me (then there were 2). Then a woman called my husband and I (then there were 3). Then there was the drone (which could be 4, but may only be the same one as #2). The more incidences that happened, the more I became aware that there were more, and they stemmed from UG.

33 thoughts on “Utopiaguide “CCC”

  1. genius says:

    Carney Construction Crew after you?

    Do not take any chances.

    Shut down this website & the Facebook & twitter.

    Take it to the pavement where it is more private.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      01-01-2011, 09:16 AM #1282

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      Originally Posted by trader1
      I would like to meet some of my fellow mongers- Is is proper to ask when or how often you guys get around there.. !st round on me… maybe

      Umm – do you really think it would be wise to broadcast such info?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Thanks for independently confirming that it is “Carney Construction CREW” and not “COMPANY” like “jjj” is trying to manipulate on zero’s blog.

  2. Psalms123 says:

    Crew as in construction crew. Look at all the entries about how they tried to fool the women in the Suffolk County-based strip clubs that they (these men) worked together on high rise buildings in Manhattan. Once the news was on the TV with a report of a construction accident and one of the CCC members said, “Look, that was me!” She believed him. These guys LIE through their teeth. One of the women who wanted to get OUT of working at the strip club even mentioned that she had worked in an office in the past and could help the ‘guys’ manage the office, do paperwork etc. These guys are PSYCHOPATHS and THEIR evil house of (“poker nights at Joey Brewer’s in Oak Beach”) cards is falling down.

  3. Psalms123 says:

    To quote ViolaStrings, “These guys are real losers.”


  4. Sam says:

    I don’t know if Genius is trying to bully you into hiding OR attempting to give you wise advice, but I strongly believe that someone in that crew murdered Amber. It is obvious you are no dummy, and are vèry aware how dangerous men like these can be, but please be careful. I don’t think their threats are idle ones. They apparently weren’t when they threatened Amber’s life. Unless one believes in those kind of coincidences. I don’t.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      It’s just another comment to shut me up. Because I won’t shut up, it would be very obvious if something were to happen to me that it had everything to do with someone(s) who have left a digital trail. You would think they’d catch on by now and know that it’s all been reported to MY local (not Suffolk County Corrupt) police and the FBI. I’m not sure how many times they need to be told before they catch a clue. I’m not playing games and I will see to it there are consequences for those involved. I think they’re just trying to convince themselves that I haven’t reported EVERYTHING? Or maybe they’re just THAT stupid? Try thinking logically with illogical wackos… Lol I plan on showing the trail specific to Amber in a post very soon. Just finishing gathering up the evidence before I post. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Mystery, can you tell me who is wolf or wofie?

  6. Wolf5958 says:

    CCC does not exist you idiots!!!

    It was all a hoax to try to make one of the Utopiaguide.com members jealous!!! They all pretended they were part of the Carney Construction Crew and would comment about many a fake rendezvous. When you read their comments it sure does sound convincing because they made it that way. There never was a real crew. They never actually met at strip clubs. All just a joke!

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Do you know just how incredibly STUPID you make yourself look writing a lie about something that can be verified independently by ANYONE reading here? Google “utopiaguide” “ccc” and read for yourself…

      • linda says:


      • mysterymom7 says:

        I am only approving this message for ONE reason-to inform you that your current behavior is consistent of harassment, and I am insisting you STOP. If you choose not to, I will be sure to add your name to the growing list of those I have ALREADY reported to the proper authorities NOT in Suffolk County where they do NOTHING.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      It’s pages and pages and pages and pages describing what they did and where and who was/wasn’t involved. They wrote about how to hide their “hobbying” from wives and how to avoid getting caught by police. YEARS of writing! All out in the open! What fucking morons!

      • linda says:

        ive reported you to DSS..you’re children shouldnt have to watch your abuse..get strong and GET A JOB

      • mysterymom7 says:

        You do realize it is a CRIME to file a false report, and I will ABSOLUTELY see to it you are PROSECUTED. IF there was any abuse, I would have 1. Reported it myself and 2. Not be in the current relationship.

        You just brought my CHILDREN into this. The last person who did so is now under FBI investigation. You should have learned from his mistakes.

      • linda says:


      • linda says:

        keep talking

      • linda says:

        just a concered mom..no crime in that …its about enough

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Concerned about WHAT? I don’t know YOU and you don’t know ME. So where is your concern? That I have a blog and I have children? Please tell me what concern there is…

      • linda says:

        please?? your done…try not to get “burnt” again, or worse, by your own husband..you can explain all this to DSS. particularly how you’re being stalked by a serial killer.. their reading it anyway

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Let’s clear this up since you have a misconception of reality. In 2008, when I was arrested, it was *I* who burned him with a cigarette, not the other way around. DSS investigated it because there was DV in a home with children inside, asleep. Case closed. You’re talking about something that happened FIVE YEARS AGO! If I reported it THEN (it was I who called 911), then IF it were happening NOW, don’t you think I would report it? Obviously I’m not shy about standing up for right/wrong, no matter the backlash. So, please, go fuck yourself, and stop harassing me about something you know NOTHING about!

      • linda says:

        please dont waste explanations on me…just a concerned citizen..its my right and duty..ask your attoney

      • mysterymom7 says:

        You should probably consult your own!

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Too late to backtrack now anyway. I’ve already reported it. If you’re lying about having filed a report in the first place, I suggest you save yourself the aggrivation of being prosecuted for filing a false report. There are children who are ACTUALLY being abused and exposed to horrifyig things and mine are not included in that.

        Writing a blog that my children don’t read is not abuse, by ANY stretch of the imagination. Please don’t waste the time and resources of the DSS workers who need to focus on REAL cases of abuse!

      • linda says:

        no false report and i didnt do it anonymously…bring it on

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Then I will also speak with Nassau Co investigators and inform them of their citizen harassing an innocent bystander in this case. You sick people brought me into this in a way I never invited, and there are CONSEQUENCES to your actions. I will see to it that every law afforded to me be upheld. Were you hoping I’d be scared of YOU? Because I’m NOT. I’m not afraid of any of you sick fucks! I’m much smarter than you or anyone one of “us” gave me credit. Now that I’ve cut ties with all your cronies, I see the big picture and I’ve gotten a LOT more work done than you could even BEGIN to IMAGINE. LOTS of evidence has been handed over to the RIGHT people. DSS reading here? Ok. Let them. YOU should be more concerned about LE and FBI reading YOUR comments (especially the ones I didn’t let through)…

      • linda says:

        you can explain you’re relationship to fluke and all the rest..its gonna be your turn to really be heard 🙂

      • mysterymom7 says:

        You really ARE a dumb fuck, huh? There IS NO RELATIONSHIP between me and fluke. Get it through your thick, dumb skull already! Stop making shit up in your head! Seek HELP!

      • linda says:

        out of my hands now..BTW im not the only one..good luck. now you can explain to a government agency how your being stalked by LISK, you should be thrilled

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Ha! Ok. I’ve ALREADY spoken with SEVERAL Government agencies about being cyber/stalked. Were you hoping I hadn’t? Were you hoping I was lying? Would you like me to share the March 15 letter I got from the US Attorney’s office that my case was forwarded to the FBI for further investigation? Will that be enough PROOF for you?

      • linda says:


      • mysterymom7 says:

        You SHOULD BE when you bring MY CHILDREN into this!

      • linda says:

        im not!!!!!

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