With a Name Comes Change




This is my published article. This is the reason I call myself a published author. You see, even in 2009, I was advocating a change in how our Country is run and how I have hope that changes can be made. It didn’t start with the LISK case.

I post this because part of the campaign to discredit me was that I befriended Mari Gilbert for my personal gain in writing a book. It was never the case, and I have never written a book and would be highly against anyone profiting off another person’s pain. If I ever write a book, it would not be about this case. I’ve written two articles relating to this case, but it was more a mention with enough information that a Google search would inform the reader of the LISK case. Neither were published in the newspapers I had submitted to. One was specific to my cyberstalking.

Saying I’m more of a journalistic writer than a novel writer is equivalent to saying I’m more of a sprinter than a long distance runner. Just because you don’t run long distance doesn’t mean you don’t have to train as a sprinter, just as you have to research to write as a journalist. I researched before writing every article I submitted. I research in between posts here. Learning is a passion of mine.


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