Rumor has it…

These rumors were in reference to a man who committed suicide around the same time as SG’s body was found.

It is a running theme for these sock puppets to blame dead men who can’t defend themselves of LISK’s murders. These sock puppets are all over the place throwing others under the bus and claiming to be “framed” by those speaking the truth.

To the question of reports prior to April 11, 2011, by MG…

Ponder this:

January 24, 2011: Police reveal identities of three remaining victims and Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota declares the victims are the work of a serial killer. He also reveals all four worked as prostitutes using Craiglist ads. Police say the women were killed at different times, possibly a year apart in one case, and disposed of at different times. Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer says beach search would resume once weather conditions improve in spring.

March 29, 2011: Police search teams return to Gilgo Beach to resume search for Gilbert.

April 7, 2011: Suffolk County Police schedule a briefing at a command center set up at the former OBI bar on Ocean Parkway and announced the Suffolk search effort is completed.

April 11, 2011: Two sets of bones are discovered by police near the Jones Beach water tower, bringing total body count in Gilgo/Ocean Parkway serial killer investigation to 10. The remains, which are confirmed as human bones later in the day, are found just hours after Nassau, Suffolk and State Police embark on an intensive search of the parkway area west of the Suffolk County line.

April 9, 2011: News breaks about “drifter”.

April 12, 2011: Interview with MG about CPH phone calls, interview with CPH separately.

Here is the video of CPH having no trouble walking… until he realizes he’s being watched.