Cyberstalker Handbook for Victims’ Awareness

I don’t “play” the victim. I am a victim of cyberstalking. Cyberstalkers frequently call what they do a “game”, or spin it around and say the victim is “playing games”. Games are fun, cyberstalking isn’t. 

I’ve come across people who have been cyberstalked for years, and their stalker has not been held accountable for their criminal behavior. Why? I don’t accept being a victim without any action on my part to stop it and see to it that the criminal actions of my stalker(s) are criminally prosecuted. I understand the victims’ perspective-it is far from an easy endeavor. It takes time, effort, and loading yourself up with knowledge of your rights and what you can do to stop it. It also takes emotional strength and restraint. I can’t even count how many times I’ve wanted to verbally berate every single person(s) who have contributed to the stalking. I’m not perfect, and I have snipped back a time or two. 

I have experienced personally what lengths some will go to stalk a victim; it made me ponder the idea of these cyberstalkers having a handbook. I’ve seen the same tactics used over and over again-not just with me, but with other victims of cyberstalking. 

I’m of the belief that knowledge is power, and for the victims, understanding how these people operate can only help in understanding what can be done to protect yourself and how you can assist in the prosecution of these criminals. 

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