Interview with Fieldnotes-part 1

Jim Jones has been an intergral source of information in this case. I had been so focused on CPH having a hand in all the sock puppetry going on, I was even convinced CPH was the author of Jim Jones’ blog. Phew! I have since come out of my tunnel, and have forged on in search of further information. I cut contacts and decided to get back to the drawing board.

I’m not from the area and haven’t met these people in person, but Jim Jones has. So I decided I would give him a call. I gave him a call at the pizza place he works at; Cherrywood in Wantagh. He was a little busy when I called, and it was understandable since it was almost 6pm on a Wednesday night. He told me to shoot him an email and he’d give me a call as soon as he had a chance. To date, it was the most detailed source of info I’ve gathered on this case.

“Jim Jones” (aka fieldnotes) is a pen name used by Michael Dougherty. He chose that name after the infamous Jim Jones, who was most notable for getting a town full of his followers to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in Guyana. It was a mass suicide of men, women and children who believed Jim Jones was a prophet. I thought the name choice odd and it made me slightly hesitant, but I decided to speak with him anyway.

I wanted to make the most out of our conversation, especially since I wasn’t sure how much time we’d have to talk. I had read most of his blog, but admittedly, when I first read it, I still had my CPH blinders on. I wanted to go into our conversation without any preconceived notions of who Michael Dougherty was and also wanted to assume everyone he interviewed (GC, CPH, HA) was absolutely telling the truth through Michael Dougherty’s blog. So what would I choose as my first question?

WHO was at Brewer’s party on April 30, 2010?

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