“Do some real sleuthing…”


This is the time I need to go back to the beginning. When I came onto this case in August 2012, I never heard the names “flukeyou” or “JS”. I read thread after thread of info on the characters involved on WS before ever forming an opinion. An opinion of my own; free of others’ influence. An opinion that I based on the facts (news articles, books, dates, ages of those seemingly involved, etc) and my OWN inferences. I didn’t start talking to anyone privately about the case until after October 1, 2012. The first person I spoke to privately approached me. Susie Sampierre’s first question to me was assuming I was from Long Island or Ft. Myers (Hackett’s new residence) since I seemed to “know so much. I explained I just knew how to utilize a Google search… and read.

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Lose something?


Someone went through a LOT of trouble and spared no expense to stalk me. This drone was at the gate of my home. I had my suspicions that my phone conversations were somehow being repeated online, but this is a lot more creative than I had imagined.

So whoever(s) you are. Sorry this was confiscated today. Hope you didn’t leave any fingerprints on it!

You may have thought twice before using a drone in Florida had you been reading the news. Police have been restricted from using them, but apparently, rules don’t apply to you.

Michael Dougherty


Michael Dougherty
Aliases used:

Jim Jones– name he continues to use to victims’ families
fieldnotes– name used on WS
J.J.Fieldnotes– name used for blog
TheForeigner– name used on WS portraying a “foreign woman”
(Edit: based on new evidence, I have doubts that TheForeigner is an alias of Michael Dougherty’s.)

There are likely more, but those are the most commonly used.

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My husband


My husband owns his own business and is extremely successful at what he does. His intelligence, hard work and dedication affords him the ability to work from home while providing for myself and our children. It has also afforded me the ability to stay home and raise our children.

I was raised to believe I could be anything I wanted, and I know I’m destined to be more than just a housewife. I choose to be home to make sure my children are nurtured by me, and my husband’s business has made it possible for me to do so.

I find it very odd that ps149 is going back and forth claiming I’m me, and I’m Dorothy Price Hill, and I’m me again, and then I’m a sock puppet of Flukeyou, and then I’m me again… MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND!

What kind of MORON says, “Hmmmm… Clients in NY,” when referring to a company that does business with the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE which is located IN NY? What a dumb shit ps149 is!

My husband did want me to thank you for plugging his info on the site. He also said you’re an impotent little prick for having a WOMAN call to bitch at him instead of being a man and telling him your thoughts yourself.


I see where this is pointing… at you being a complete whackjob.

All those people have different jobs in the industry, and for the record, your buddy “Joey Brewer” was a FINANCIAL ADVISOR not a BROKER.

Todd Harrison Yaskal

Todd Harrison Yaskal first came to my attention through his comments on the Facebook page of Confessions of the Oak Beach Drifter. He was one of very few “real” Facebook friends of Vito Sarfati (as opposed to Facebook pages of random celebrities).


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I have obviously struck a nerve with someone(s) with my opinions/theories.

I’ve been banned from WS, and as of today, all comments of mine on LISK have been pulled and I can no longer comment.

Is it because I asked the question, “Is ‘Barnaby Jones’ a former alias of ‘Jim Jones’? Did he change his alias when the heat turned up on him?

“Jim Jones” is a disturbing alias used by Michael Dougherty, from Massapequa Park, NY. The same cell tower the pings from the 2007 calls made to MB’s little sister had come from.

After speaking with Michael Dougherty, I decided to look into his background a bit further. What I’ve discovered in his background is interesting and concerning, to say the least.

I said I was no longer blindly trusting those I speak to concerning this case. I will take the word of those in the “know” with a grain of salt until I investigate further.

It’s a rather interesting turn of events here. My phone number as well as my husband’s phone number were posted on LISK by ps149. The “WARNING” when you send an email is that if you put a phone number on the site, you will be banned. This was done to me by ps149, yet, I am banned from further comments and ps149 continues spreading misinformation.

The more these people try to silence me, the stronger my voice becomes to those who are in a position to do something about it. It becomes more obvious to those in that position that I’m in possession of information that causes such frenzy that it MUST mean something.

I will dedicate a post about the information I’ve come across regarding Michael Dougherty. I’m sure he won’t be thrilled, but I’m after the truth, and the truth needs to be in possession of all.

He will, once again, regret his controlling nature in having me silenced on LISK. I explained before, when I was banned from WS, that I won’t be silenced. Again, being forced off these sites only affords me more time to seek truth without the distraction of misinformation. He will quickly find how many dots I’ve connected.