There is a LOT of misinformation that has been handed over to the media. (Will add more sources to this later.)

The http://www.nypost.com has been a source for a lot of the misinformation. The NY Post dishes out a lot of information to be the first to report, but they don’t always check their sources before publishing the information.

Where did the information come from? 

There have been several “key phrases” in the information that has been given to the media about recent missing persons that are eerily similar to the phrases released in the press about Shannan Gilbert and other known victims. 

  • “I saw her footprints in the sand.” ~Justin Canning on Shannan Gilbert, unknown on Natasha Jugo
  • “Walked into the water and disappeared.” ~Shannan Gilbert and Natasha Jugo
  • Schizophrenic break/episode ~Shannan Gilbert and Natasha Jugo (ie. believing she was being followed)
  • Suicidal ~Natasha Jugo and many others
  • Blame the boyfriend, pimp, husband, etc.~too many to name
  • Cases not related ~any bodies found after the discovery of GB4 

CPH Lawsuit

Selim Algar reports on the CPH lawsuit MG filed against him on November 15, 2012: http://nypost.com/p/news/local/gilgo_gal_death_suit_QTMJtKbtnySG7fq0NkOAIN

My favorite quote, “He has moved to Florida, where Ray says he was served the suit.” I was kind enough to share his current address with MG. He couldn’t be served without it, and I couldn’t let MG go without filing because he had tried to hide.

A quote to pay close attention to, “He has admitted he met Shannan that night.”