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I’ve decided to take all posts down for personal reasons. Should a need to contact me arise, my email is and the only email I use for “mysterymom7”.



This voicemail was the 5th call made by this woman who called from a restricted number.

2 calls were made to my phone and 3 were made to my husband’s phone.

The call that preceeded this call was to my phone, in which the woman stated, “You’re gonna die, bitch.”

She was trying to cover her tracks by leaving this voicemail on my husband’s phone.

Note: “WE’RE just going to continue to spread it…” (my husband’s number)












To me, linda is just an alias. A nameless, faceless screen name. The rest of the aliases that have been used on LISK are also nameless, faceless screen names. I know the true identities of two. My own is one of the two. My identity is now known to all of those nameless, faceless aliases, while I am left in the dark.

Linda had claimed the only time she shared her real information was on the petition I created, that I don’t have access to.

If I call someone, knowingly or accidentally, why would I ever identify myself as mysterymom7? It doesn’t make sense. I wouldn’t. I would use my name, Cristin. Linda has never given me her phone number and the most of her identity that is known to me is “linda”. Let me search for linda’s phone number… let’s see… Nassau Co… linda… yeah, if you can find linda’s phone number with that info, you’re not only the greatest sleuther on the planet, you’re also a god!

Again, I don’t live anywhere remotely close to NY/LI, and none of these aliases have come over to hang out with me. I’ve never met anyone in person.

Linda wants me to apologize because she has been my #1 supporter. My #1 supporters have been (mostly) silent. They read… carefully, frequently, and silently. They know me, Cristin, not just as my alias mysterymom7, but the real me. My apology will not come any time soon to anyone or any alias because I don’t know who anyone is.

The investigation is ongoing. It isn’t something that happens overnight and it isn’t anything I will give details to with strangers. You (in general) will know when the investigation is over when court is in session. Until then, I will be quiet.

Linda was never told by me that she should die or that someone should kill and gut her children or that her husband rapes her children or that her children were whores in the making or that I wished her children would be raped, tortured, raped again and then killed. Those are all comments made about my children.

Linda says she’s only ever been on the defensive with me. Well, I’ve been on the defensive of me and my children. So do I feel sorry for linda? No. Sorry, but nothing has been said to linda that can even remotely compare to what has been said to me.

I don’t play the victim, I don’t want sympathy, I want whoever(s) said such horrible, disgusting things about my family to be held accountable and reap the consequences. That is why I am here. These people made it personal.

I was here for justice for the victims and their families, and these assholes brought me into this hell hole. I got news for them, though, they brought me into this hell hole, and I will bust that shit open and make absolute sure they all go down for EVERY crime committed.


I wanted to go back in history a couple weeks ago. Interesting observation made by Zero! Not sure if I even caught that at the time. Re-reading is helpful!

More archived linda:

The Truth

The truth is, this is a far more complex case than I had imagined. I don’t know what to believe at this point. I’m a very trusting person, and it can be a fault of mine. I’m at the point of not trusting anyone.

There is nothing about this case that has an easy explanation. That is why it isn’t as simple as I once believed. I need to separate myself from what I once believed in order to get the big picture.

It might come across as playing both sides of the fence, but that is not my personality. You can choose to believe me or not, it is of no consequence to me either way. I’m not concerned about the public perception of me. I know who I am and those who matter to me do, too. I’m very secure with who I am.

I don’t need to give an explanation of anything I do, I am choosing to give my readers my explanation. I will keep all my posts up for others to understand my journey in this case. Whether my theories/opinions were right or wrong, it is a continuing journey for truth.

My motto for this site is SEEK TRUTH, but that doesn’t mean I know the truth at this particular time. I am seeking it. “All good things come to those who wait.” I am a very patient woman. Good things are on the horizon.