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Something else happened on May 1, 2010, two worlds collided; Utopia Guide’s “CCC” (Carney Construction Crew) and LISK.

The fact that Shannan used a driver to get there was unknown to LISK. While he watched the car go in to the Oak Beach neighborhood, he wasn’t able to see who was driving. I imagine that Brewer went to Hackett’s that early morning (where the call to CVS came in), and Shannan was given a script-how he got her information (under the guise of medical history). For what? My guess is that it was GHB; prescribed for narcolepsy. Shannan (and Brewer) may have been led to believe that it was something else. When a doctor hands you a script, you don’t usually look it over.

Shannan and Brewer got back, had a few beers, and did their thing. Before the second go, she took the script. GHB is also a date rape drug. Every symptom that Shannan had (confusion, sounding drunk, aggitated, unaware of surroundings…) are synonymous to GHB. It only takes about 15 min for it to kick in, and at that point, Brewer would want her out, and Shannan would think Brewer was trying to kill her (it was Brewer that took Shannan to Hackett’s home). If Pak was being dismissive to Shannan, in her confusion she would think he knew what was happening and part of it and fear him, as well. She ran past the front gate, to a familiar place, to someone she thought she could trust and someone who could help her.

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Sex trafficking on Long Island

Inside the Hidden World of Sex Trafficking on Long Island
By Timothy Bolger
March 18, 2010

Rosa* was about to cross the United States-Mexico border when her coyote, or human smuggler, ordered the 22-year-old to have sex with him and told her that the promise of a job in computers or modeling in New York was a trick to force her into prostitution. Tracy*, 18, a product of the Boston foster care system, had been sold from one pimp to another until she was arrested for prostitution on Long Island; she told her story to investigators and was admitted to a shelter for human trafficking victims.

Rosa is staying in a group home where authorities hope that she will one day get to testify against her traffickers.

Tracy checked herself out of the shelter three days later and hasn’t been seen since.

The two are but a glimpse of the untold number of victims swept up in the global and domestic sex trafficking trade—mostly women under 25, one-third of them minors—who have been forced, coerced or duped into a life of selling sex. Up to 200,000 are reportedly U.S. citizens, in addition to more than 17,000 Hispanic, Asian and Eastern European immigrants, but experts say such statistical estimates are virtually impossible to verify. The approximately $9.5 billion human trafficking trade is among the top three criminal markets worldwide alongside illegal drug and arms dealing, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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My husband


My husband owns his own business and is extremely successful at what he does. His intelligence, hard work and dedication affords him the ability to work from home while providing for myself and our children. It has also afforded me the ability to stay home and raise our children.

I was raised to believe I could be anything I wanted, and I know I’m destined to be more than just a housewife. I choose to be home to make sure my children are nurtured by me, and my husband’s business has made it possible for me to do so.

I find it very odd that ps149 is going back and forth claiming I’m me, and I’m Dorothy Price Hill, and I’m me again, and then I’m a sock puppet of Flukeyou, and then I’m me again… MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND!

What kind of MORON says, “Hmmmm… Clients in NY,” when referring to a company that does business with the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE which is located IN NY? What a dumb shit ps149 is!

My husband did want me to thank you for plugging his info on the site. He also said you’re an impotent little prick for having a WOMAN call to bitch at him instead of being a man and telling him your thoughts yourself.


I see where this is pointing… at you being a complete whackjob.

All those people have different jobs in the industry, and for the record, your buddy “Joey Brewer” was a FINANCIAL ADVISOR not a BROKER.

Brewer’s guest list according to Michael Dougherty

Brewer’s guest list April 30, 2010
(According to Michael Dougherty, Massapequa Park, NY)

Joseph Brewer-host
Joseph Brewer was living in a beach home owned by his mother at 8 The Fairway, Oak Beach, NY on April 30, 2010. He invited Shannan Gilbert after she finished her work in the city. He spoke with Michael Pak to invite Shannan to his home in Oak Beach. Michael Pak drove Shannan to Brewer’s home in the wee hours of May 1, 2010. Shannan arrived approximately 2am at Brewer’s home on May 1, 2010.

Maxim article:

There was seldom any trouble in the area, and certainly not at this hour, so it was a surprise when 75-year-old Coletti opened the door to find Shannan Gilbert. Petite in stature, with streaked blonde hair, wide, wild eyes, and wearing a tank top, jeans, and a leather jacket, the 23-year-old was obviously disoriented and desperate for some kind of sanctuary. “She seemed like she was drugged out,” Coletti tells Maxim. “She could hardly stand.”


…shortly before midnight, she received a response to her Craigslist ad. The appointment was out on Long Island, which was farther than Shannan liked to work—most dates kept her close to the city—but the money was too good to refuse, so she and her driver, Michael Pak, headed out. The drive was uneventful, but Pak later remarked how dark, isolated, and creepy the area was. Around 2 a.m. they arrived at the gate of the Oak Island Beach Association, where the client, Joseph Brewer, was waiting. An out-of-work financial adviser, the 46-year-old Brewer had recently separated from his wife. Neighbors described him as slightly suspicious, skirting association rules. But he’d never caused any real trouble.

What happened next is unclear. According to Pak—who was waiting outside in the SUV—Brewer came out shortly before 5 a.m. seeking help. Inside Pak found Shannan cowering behind a couch, screaming that “they” were trying to kill her. She seemed disoriented, but when Shannan refused Pak’s entreaties to leave with him, the driver returned to the SUV to wait it out.

Within minutes Shannan burst through the door, past Pak and the SUV, and headed straight for the lights of Gus Coletti’s house five doors down.

As Coletti recalls, the police arrived later that morning for a cursory checkup, but it was months before they took up the search in earnest. “It wasn’t until the middle of August that a detective from missing persons knocked on my door and said, ‘We’re looking for Shannan Gilbert, and we would like to know from you what she was wearing,’ ” says Coletti. “So I told them all I knew, and then I asked, ‘Why four months later?’ ”

Coletti statement continued…

Brewer said earlier this week that Gilbert had spent an hour at his home in the early morning hours of May 1, the day she went missing.

—Does Brewer not realize that 2am-5am doesn’t add up to one hour?—

Meanwhile, a man who said he was Gilbert’s driver that day told The Jersey City Journal that her client phoned him and said Gilbert was refusing to leave. The driver, who didn’t want his name used, said he found Gilbert on the phone telling a 911 operator that a man was after her, the newspaper said. She then ran out of the house.

A neighbor said the same woman appeared at his door at around 4:45 a.m.

“I heard screaming at my front door,” said Gustav Coletti. “She was saying, ‘I need help, I need help, they’re after me,”’ Coletti told The Associated Press. He told the woman he was calling the police, but she immediately turned around and fled, he said.

A few moments later, a man in an SUV drove past the house and told Coletti he was looking for the woman. Coletti said the driver, whom he could only describe as Asian, told him they had been at a party and the woman had become upset.

“He took off after and I waited for the police,” he said. That was the last he saw of either.



It was around 3am when Shannan made a call to a CVS with a 24 hour pharmacy located 8 miles from Brewer’s home. My first impression was that this was because CPH had written a prescription and that she was calling to confirm she could fill the prescription. Could this have been a premeditated attempt to frame CPH? Was the pharmacist aware of drug deals taking place in the CVS parking lot? Was Shannan being used to buy pseudophedrine, to be used in the production of crystal meth?







Shannan spent 20 minutes on the phone with MP after the call to CVS. The trip to CVS has been admitted and denied by those seemingly in the know on I lean more toward Shannan leaving the Oak Beach neighborhood than the opposite.

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Interview with Fieldnotes-part 1

Jim Jones has been an intergral source of information in this case. I had been so focused on CPH having a hand in all the sock puppetry going on, I was even convinced CPH was the author of Jim Jones’ blog. Phew! I have since come out of my tunnel, and have forged on in search of further information. I cut contacts and decided to get back to the drawing board.

I’m not from the area and haven’t met these people in person, but Jim Jones has. So I decided I would give him a call. I gave him a call at the pizza place he works at; Cherrywood in Wantagh. He was a little busy when I called, and it was understandable since it was almost 6pm on a Wednesday night. He told me to shoot him an email and he’d give me a call as soon as he had a chance. To date, it was the most detailed source of info I’ve gathered on this case.

“Jim Jones” (aka fieldnotes) is a pen name used by Michael Dougherty. He chose that name after the infamous Jim Jones, who was most notable for getting a town full of his followers to drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in Guyana. It was a mass suicide of men, women and children who believed Jim Jones was a prophet. I thought the name choice odd and it made me slightly hesitant, but I decided to speak with him anyway.

I wanted to make the most out of our conversation, especially since I wasn’t sure how much time we’d have to talk. I had read most of his blog, but admittedly, when I first read it, I still had my CPH blinders on. I wanted to go into our conversation without any preconceived notions of who Michael Dougherty was and also wanted to assume everyone he interviewed (GC, CPH, HA) was absolutely telling the truth through Michael Dougherty’s blog. So what would I choose as my first question?

WHO was at Brewer’s party on April 30, 2010?

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