The rest

Something else happened on May 1, 2010, two worlds collided; Utopia Guide’s “CCC” (Carney Construction Crew) and LISK.

The fact that Shannan used a driver to get there was unknown to LISK. While he watched the car go in to the Oak Beach neighborhood, he wasn’t able to see who was driving. I imagine that Brewer went to Hackett’s that early morning (where the call to CVS came in), and Shannan was given a script-how he got her information (under the guise of medical history). For what? My guess is that it was GHB; prescribed for narcolepsy. Shannan (and Brewer) may have been led to believe that it was something else. When a doctor hands you a script, you don’t usually look it over.

Shannan and Brewer got back, had a few beers, and did their thing. Before the second go, she took the script. GHB is also a date rape drug. Every symptom that Shannan had (confusion, sounding drunk, aggitated, unaware of surroundings…) are synonymous to GHB. It only takes about 15 min for it to kick in, and at that point, Brewer would want her out, and Shannan would think Brewer was trying to kill her (it was Brewer that took Shannan to Hackett’s home). If Pak was being dismissive to Shannan, in her confusion she would think he knew what was happening and part of it and fear him, as well. She ran past the front gate, to a familiar place, to someone she thought she could trust and someone who could help her.

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Sex trafficking on Long Island

Inside the Hidden World of Sex Trafficking on Long Island
By Timothy Bolger
March 18, 2010

Rosa* was about to cross the United States-Mexico border when her coyote, or human smuggler, ordered the 22-year-old to have sex with him and told her that the promise of a job in computers or modeling in New York was a trick to force her into prostitution. Tracy*, 18, a product of the Boston foster care system, had been sold from one pimp to another until she was arrested for prostitution on Long Island; she told her story to investigators and was admitted to a shelter for human trafficking victims.

Rosa is staying in a group home where authorities hope that she will one day get to testify against her traffickers.

Tracy checked herself out of the shelter three days later and hasn’t been seen since.

The two are but a glimpse of the untold number of victims swept up in the global and domestic sex trafficking trade—mostly women under 25, one-third of them minors—who have been forced, coerced or duped into a life of selling sex. Up to 200,000 are reportedly U.S. citizens, in addition to more than 17,000 Hispanic, Asian and Eastern European immigrants, but experts say such statistical estimates are virtually impossible to verify. The approximately $9.5 billion human trafficking trade is among the top three criminal markets worldwide alongside illegal drug and arms dealing, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Profile of a killer…

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 Killer’s Profile I really don’t put too much stock in profiling. It’s usually hit or miss, but even still, having thought so much about the case, my imagination can’t help but form a picture. So I think I’m gonna let my imagination run wild for a moment and have a go at it. He’s approaching middle age; older than most serial killers and perhaps something of a late bloomer. He’s white. He’s not short, but he’s not very tall either. He has a fairly stocky frame and is even a little barrel-chested (he does push-ups and sit-ups or some has type of home gym equipment). He has in the past sported a mustache until it began going grey. His hair is wavy and is something of a source of pride for him. He probably dyes it or removes the grey using a product like Just For Men. He may have a bad knee and walk with a very slight limp. He wears glasses to read. They’re thick dark frames, but are of a name brand and what he considers to look somewhat hip or stylish. His eyes are dark, but penetrating and somewhat close together. He has a smallish mouth, but an easy smile with big teeth. He is divorced and has recently entered something of a mid-life crisis. He drives an expensive car like a Cadillac. The color is dark and may be an SUV with tinted windows and a remote start. The interior is immaculate. He works in finance and commutes to the city. He’s an executive and dresses the part. He has his own parking spot. He often drives home in just his shirt sleeves and his ties undone. He has a boat and enjoys fishing. He prides himself on his patience and skill at the sport. At night he drinks scotch and sometimes smokes cigars. Sometimes he dabbles in cocaine. All the pretense he shrouds himself with in his daily life is usually enough to keep his ego and the killer at bay. But, unfortunately, it’s not always enough. It’s those long weekends alone, when he’s out of his element, when he’s just another guy with some time off, that the scotch and occasional cocaine isn’t enough and he feels a pull in his gut for something more. He often drinks himself to sleep with that feeling and hopes that it’s gone in the morning. Often times it is not and so he spends the day searching for and toying with potential prey. He’s not a superstitious man but he is careful and he is patient enough to pass up victims that he views as too risky or uncooperative. Posted by JJ at 9:36 PM

That’s a very detailed description of the killer. It almost sounds like the writer knows the killer himself. I guess what CPH is trying to say is that he’s careful and patient enough to pass up on ME. Risky AND uncooperative=mysterymom7. He can’t even get me to stop writing about him. It warms my heart thinking how big a fight Shannan put up. It was enough to expose Charles Peter Hackett for his evil deeds.


Rumor has it…

These rumors were in reference to a man who committed suicide around the same time as SG’s body was found.

It is a running theme for these sock puppets to blame dead men who can’t defend themselves of LISK’s murders. These sock puppets are all over the place throwing others under the bus and claiming to be “framed” by those speaking the truth.

To the question of reports prior to April 11, 2011, by MG…

Ponder this:

January 24, 2011: Police reveal identities of three remaining victims and Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota declares the victims are the work of a serial killer. He also reveals all four worked as prostitutes using Craiglist ads. Police say the women were killed at different times, possibly a year apart in one case, and disposed of at different times. Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer says beach search would resume once weather conditions improve in spring.

March 29, 2011: Police search teams return to Gilgo Beach to resume search for Gilbert.

April 7, 2011: Suffolk County Police schedule a briefing at a command center set up at the former OBI bar on Ocean Parkway and announced the Suffolk search effort is completed.

April 11, 2011: Two sets of bones are discovered by police near the Jones Beach water tower, bringing total body count in Gilgo/Ocean Parkway serial killer investigation to 10. The remains, which are confirmed as human bones later in the day, are found just hours after Nassau, Suffolk and State Police embark on an intensive search of the parkway area west of the Suffolk County line.

April 9, 2011: News breaks about “drifter”.

April 12, 2011: Interview with MG about CPH phone calls, interview with CPH separately.

Here is the video of CPH having no trouble walking… until he realizes he’s being watched.