Oops! Hackett forgot something!

Vitals.com had CPH’s home address listed as his doctor’s office. This information was previously verified by Hackett. Since the commencement of the lawsuit against him, he is trying to claim that he never used his home as a doctor’s office. This is the position he is taking in order to get the lawsuit dismissed. His assertion is that if he didn’t have a home office, he wouldn’t have taken SG in to his home to treat her or anyone, therefore, he can not be held responsible for SG’s death.

This is a screen shot of the vitals.com website as it shows now:


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Controversial Theory

I didn’t realize at the time I came up with this theory that another person on Websleuths had a similar idea. The subject had come up about a year before I joined and it was not a subject I had come across until that person pointed out the post.

It revolved around the possibility that SG was brought to Oak Beach, by Joseph Brewer, to fill a prescription for him.

Shannan had arrived around 2 am in Oak Beach. Her driver said that shortly after they arrived at Brewer’s, Shannan and Brewer were gone for about 15 minutes and they never left the community. Did they go down the street to pick up a script from CPH?

Just before 3 am, Shannan made a call to a CVS located 8 miles from Brewer’s home. The CVS that she called has a 24 hour pharmacy.

She spent 20 minutes on the phone with her driver, Michael Pak, following the call to CVS. Her driver stated that he wasn’t familiar with the area, so he suggested Brewer drive there.

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