You Be the Judge

I don’t know Murt, never met him, and don’t ever plan on doing so. I hope he stays far away from me! When the search for the Boston suspect was over, I continued keeping up with the news on Twitter, and looked around at different #anonymous Tweets. I always viewed Anonymous as peaceful activists. The idea of individual rights, a right to be informed, peaceful protests… right up my alley. They have a lot more knowledge of technology than I, and I reached out with a question about the drone I had in my back yard. (See: April 3 post)

I never heard back from anyone about my Tweet, but I got that email from Murt referring to the Tweet I sent out. I had comments left here about the drone, and “The Drone Pilot” and “Turbo” were top suspects of who knew about the drone and the owner of it. Bread crumbs…

I had a few back and forth Tweets with a few people who have apparently been stalked by Murt over the years. I had no idea what I was getting into just by having back and forth Tweets with users I knew very little about. When I “meet” someone on the internet, I don’t go straight to Google to learn about him/her (although, it’s something I will do in the future, and had the sense to do with Murt because of my immediate suspicions). Either through my back and forth Tweets or for some other reasons, Murt decided to target me with an online campaign to discredit me regarding the drone.

I didn’t even look at his Twitter account until he contacted someone else I was Tweeting with who messaged me that Murt was trying to meet with me at the Orlando PD. So, I hopped on over to read his ramblings…

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Murt the Stalker




I recently got back on Twitter during the Boston Marathon Bombing case. I had used my account previously to BS around Tweeting to “Real Housewives” and my local radio station. It seemed news came faster on Twitter than it did from live news; even the CNN anchors were ferociously checking their phones (my guess: Twitter) during live broadcasting.

I connected to the whistle blower in the Steubenville, OH, rape case. Because of her whistle blowing, she had been stalked… and stalked… and harassed… and threatened… and stalked some more… and her friend, a blogger, had the same problem. Apparently, in the world of the internet, if someone wants to shut you up, they do exactly what I described above. Well, it doesn’t fly with me, and it didn’t fly with any of the whistle blowers in that case, either.

I’m not litigious. Suing someone is not in my every day to-do list. I go straight for the CRIMINAL prosecution of these CRIMES. I’ve referenced the Federal law on this blog in a previous post, but I’ve also familiarized myself with my local law, and have utilized it to my benefit. Some people who continue harassing in comments, spewing lies, and just being obnoxious seem to want to believe I have not reported a damn thing. That’s fine if they want to believe that, but it’s not true. Maybe they enjoy the element of surprise rather than the power of having foresight?

I would rather have some idea of what’s about to come than be completely surprised. That is why I am glad I had paid attention to the Tweets of the whistle blower when I got the following email from Murt:

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