From this point forward, I will not allow any comments from any variation of “mysterymom7” or “Cristin Kennedy Borders”.

I have added screen shots of why I have had to create this rule.

I do not want to create any more confusion to the reader.

I have pulled all comments made from these impersonators.

If you feel your online identity has been stolen, please leave a comment here and I will take care of it immediately.







5 thoughts on “Rules

  1. zero says:

    I remember years ago when I first started going online, back before aol and during the begining of aol, I thought it was so funny how people would try to post comments and stuff using your screen name. I get under peopls skin myself, so it happened to me quite a bit. And here we are years later, and people still do it. Why wont people learn, lies and confusion never help the situation, unless of course that is your goal to confuse the situation as to help cover up the truth.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Lol I may have chatted with you then. 😉 I used Juno to get online before I had AOL… when you still had to pay for it and the obnoxious dial-up sound. Lol Good times! I’ve been considered a “troll” before because I don’t always agree with the majority opinion. Oh well, such is life online.

    • Cheryl says:

      Exactly that!

  2. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    Why did you allow those posts using your “name” or variation of your “name” to go through to begin with?

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