ps149 giving inside info

(This is an ongoing project)

Screen shots of posts credited to Websleuths. Most can still be found on the site. Some posts and/or threads have been deleted by the forum’s admin because of TOS violations.













15 thoughts on “ps149 giving inside info

  1. Flukeyou says:

    Where did CPH see SG running sick and distressed?

  2. Guapo says:

    PS149 Caller ID info can not be blocked when 911 or toll free #s are called. ANI/ALI can see them. There is no such thing as an anonymous call to 911, no matter what you do to your cell phone.

    I don’t believe Hackett is the SK. I believe he had something to do w/ Shannan’s death, although it might have been accidental.

  3. Indigo says:

    Too bad you are banned from WS because PS149 just dropped “Da Bomb” that will vindicate CPH should the lawsuit past noon on Monday. Even JR will be stunned when he sees the legal documents that PS149 uploaded. I doubt the mods over there will allow the posts containing those documents to stay up on their website for long. Too bad. You’ll just have to wait to hear it through the grapevine.

  4. Cheryl says:

    “My medical experience is in other areas”. I caught that too.

  5. Cheryl says:

    And I agree. How can you block a 911 call? You can’t. That sounded crazy. This ps149 is short on credibility.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I was on to him the SECOND he “stepped foot” on WS. My petition/FOIL was the first place he commented (about the sale of Hackett’s home). If you’re still on WS, check out that thread… if it’s still there.

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