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The “we’s” have asked for PROOF and EVIDENCE… well, here it is… PROOF that the FBI is currently investigating my cyberstalking and that they have been since March 15— the same day I got a call from the US Attorney’s office to expect this letter— the same day mine and my husband’s phone numbers were posted on PROOF I do NOT “play games”.


Since this blog is getting pingbacks all over because of Murt’s history of stalking other people from other blogs, I feel the need to give a little more detail to clarify some misconceptions.

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Cyberstalker Handbook for Victims’ Awareness

I don’t “play” the victim. I am a victim of cyberstalking. Cyberstalkers frequently call what they do a “game”, or spin it around and say the victim is “playing games”. Games are fun, cyberstalking isn’t. 

I’ve come across people who have been cyberstalked for years, and their stalker has not been held accountable for their criminal behavior. Why? I don’t accept being a victim without any action on my part to stop it and see to it that the criminal actions of my stalker(s) are criminally prosecuted. I understand the victims’ perspective-it is far from an easy endeavor. It takes time, effort, and loading yourself up with knowledge of your rights and what you can do to stop it. It also takes emotional strength and restraint. I can’t even count how many times I’ve wanted to verbally berate every single person(s) who have contributed to the stalking. I’m not perfect, and I have snipped back a time or two. 

I have experienced personally what lengths some will go to stalk a victim; it made me ponder the idea of these cyberstalkers having a handbook. I’ve seen the same tactics used over and over again-not just with me, but with other victims of cyberstalking. 

I’m of the belief that knowledge is power, and for the victims, understanding how these people operate can only help in understanding what can be done to protect yourself and how you can assist in the prosecution of these criminals. 

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You Be the Judge

I don’t know Murt, never met him, and don’t ever plan on doing so. I hope he stays far away from me! When the search for the Boston suspect was over, I continued keeping up with the news on Twitter, and looked around at different #anonymous Tweets. I always viewed Anonymous as peaceful activists. The idea of individual rights, a right to be informed, peaceful protests… right up my alley. They have a lot more knowledge of technology than I, and I reached out with a question about the drone I had in my back yard. (See: April 3 post)

I never heard back from anyone about my Tweet, but I got that email from Murt referring to the Tweet I sent out. I had comments left here about the drone, and “The Drone Pilot” and “Turbo” were top suspects of who knew about the drone and the owner of it. Bread crumbs…

I had a few back and forth Tweets with a few people who have apparently been stalked by Murt over the years. I had no idea what I was getting into just by having back and forth Tweets with users I knew very little about. When I “meet” someone on the internet, I don’t go straight to Google to learn about him/her (although, it’s something I will do in the future, and had the sense to do with Murt because of my immediate suspicions). Either through my back and forth Tweets or for some other reasons, Murt decided to target me with an online campaign to discredit me regarding the drone.

I didn’t even look at his Twitter account until he contacted someone else I was Tweeting with who messaged me that Murt was trying to meet with me at the Orlando PD. So, I hopped on over to read his ramblings…

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Murt the Stalker




I recently got back on Twitter during the Boston Marathon Bombing case. I had used my account previously to BS around Tweeting to “Real Housewives” and my local radio station. It seemed news came faster on Twitter than it did from live news; even the CNN anchors were ferociously checking their phones (my guess: Twitter) during live broadcasting.

I connected to the whistle blower in the Steubenville, OH, rape case. Because of her whistle blowing, she had been stalked… and stalked… and harassed… and threatened… and stalked some more… and her friend, a blogger, had the same problem. Apparently, in the world of the internet, if someone wants to shut you up, they do exactly what I described above. Well, it doesn’t fly with me, and it didn’t fly with any of the whistle blowers in that case, either.

I’m not litigious. Suing someone is not in my every day to-do list. I go straight for the CRIMINAL prosecution of these CRIMES. I’ve referenced the Federal law on this blog in a previous post, but I’ve also familiarized myself with my local law, and have utilized it to my benefit. Some people who continue harassing in comments, spewing lies, and just being obnoxious seem to want to believe I have not reported a damn thing. That’s fine if they want to believe that, but it’s not true. Maybe they enjoy the element of surprise rather than the power of having foresight?

I would rather have some idea of what’s about to come than be completely surprised. That is why I am glad I had paid attention to the Tweets of the whistle blower when I got the following email from Murt:

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J.S. Mill


It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, are a different opinion, it is because they only know their own side of the question. The other party to the comparison knows both sides.

It may be objected, that many who are capable of the higher pleasures, occasionally, under the influence of temptation, postpone them to the lower. But this is quite compatible with a full appreciation of the intrinsic superiority of the higher. Men often, from infirmity of character, make their election for the nearer good, though they know it to be the less valuable; and this no less when the choice is between two bodily pleasures, than when it is between bodily and mental. They pursue sensual indulgences to the injury of health, though perfectly aware that health is the greater good.


I am not a Utilitarian. The author’s title is Utilitarianism. I found this quote fitting to describe why the men involved in sex crimes or who purchase women or who believe women to have no worth (or people in general).

The author of this quote grew up a devout Utilitarian follower of Jeffrey Bentham. Bentham believed the individual had no rights, but it was the Happiness (and lack of pain) of the whole society that was Morally correct and what the whole society needed to thrive in law and justice.

While he still wanted to believe in Utility, as an adult, he had conflicting ideas that the individual rights mattered and that “happiness” meant one thing to some and another to others, and that each individual’s rights should be respected, and that they could be respected using the Utilitarian model (I am not in agreement). He was a philosopher, and asking those questions lead movements regarding “individual rights” in the legal and moral sense of justice.

Utopiaguide “CCC”

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Okay Magic, we’ll continue this here.Magic,
Since you have decided to make assertions against us, it’s time to fill you in on several things.
1) We (CCC) all had a hand in the letter that BR wrote to you. He composed it and sent it to us to add or delete anything. Once that was done, he sent it to you.
2) We all voted you out of the CCC before the CCC meeting that we told you not to attend.
3) You still have not let the Morrie thing drop to this day even after we told you to let it go.
4) I have never seen a review of Alyssa, Emily, Melissa nor Christina from you on this board yet you give the impression to others that you have seen them. All I have seen have been reviews on Nature Matters, Shy, Jade and Star.
5) You constantly bombarded us with ******s and phone calls (some of them at irregular times) about stupid crap. Most of them were about Morrie and how he was picking on you and how you were trying to get us to side with you, which we did not.
6) You kept calling me about Cristina (Morrie’s girl) asking me about if she would do weird shit (like golden showers or brown showers) even after I told you that all we did was DFK, DATY, CBJ, and FS.
7) Once you found out that LW and Wolf went to the Lizard Lounge, you conveniently ran into Wolf there one night. You think that you were cordially accepted by him but, in actuality, you blew his shot at a hottie and he has not returned to that bar since because of you.This may get me banned but since I complied with the moderator’s suggestion and moved it to where he told me to, I do not think it will. It’s time for you to have no further association with any of us and we will have no dealings with you unless you push the matter.

This shows the existence of the “CCC” from It’s also interesting that “Teps” is one of the names that has been used to comment here and on Zero’s Blog. Actually, there have been some other names used on both blogs that are also aliases on UG. Recently, the alias “BillyS” commented about IP addresses; he is also a member on UG.

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Rebekah Iliff: Sex Trafficking: High Tech’s Humanitarian Revolt Against the Johns