Name abbreviations

SG– Shannan Gilbert
first known victim to have called 911 and had witnesses of her escape

MG– Mari Gilbert
Shannan Gilbert’s mother, lawsuit against Charles Peter Hackett for medical negligence

JB– Joseph Brewer
The john who had first contact with Shannan Gilbert

MP– Michael Pak
Shannan Gilbert’s driver

GC– Gus Coletti
First witness of Shannan running panicked in Oak Beach, called 911

BB– Barbara Brennan
Last witness of Shannan running panicked in Oak Beach, called 911

CPH– Charles Peter Hackett
Doctor who is being sued by Mari Gilbert for medical neglect of Shannan Gilbert, accused of calling Mari Gilbert the night Shannan had disappeared, Shannan’s belongings found in his back yard


GB4– Gilgo Beach 4
First 4 victims found whose remains were found in Gilgo Beach:

MBB– Melissa Brainard-Barnes
MB– Melissa Barthelemy
MW– Megan Waterman
ALC– Amber Lynn Costello

Manorville– 2 dismembered women’s torsos found here, limbs/skulls found in Gilgo Beach
JT– Jessica Taylor
JD#6– Jane Doe #6

JD Fire Island 1996– victim’s legs found in 1996 on coast of Fire Island, West of Davis Park

JD Mom and Child– found miles apart, child found near JD#6

Asian Male– John Doe, Asian male who was found dressed in women’s clothes, trauma to head


2 thoughts on “Name abbreviations

  1. . says:

    Since past year, my everyday life was just like a nightmare. I always felt dizzy and headache, after I took panadol, I didn’t feel better at all. As well, I don’t want to eat the food that I love to eat before. I have no mood to eat.

    Every night, I couldn’t sleep well. I have been suffering from insomnia for a long time and I usually woke up in very early morning. I have tried to take more and more sleeping pills, but that’s completely useless for me. I feel absolutely unbearable and tired because I need to go to school on the other day.

    In school time, it’s hardly for me to concentrate. When I need to do some thinking work, e.g. math, I couldn’t think as fast as my classmates, I’m worried that I’ll fail in my academic study. My mood will always goes up and down, I feel that I’ve lose control on my emotions. I am going crazy, and I can’t stop it.

    Sometimes, I really wanna escape from all my friends, and I’d hide myself into a wardrobe. Hiding inside there, I don’t have to talk to anyone as I have no energy to talk. Most of the days, I feel sad for no reasons and non-stop crying, but still for no reasons. Therefore sometimes, I’ll try to hurt myself with cutter. This action can really help my to clam down, but I’d become more depress for my guiltiness.

    In this half year, I feel that the situation has become more serious and urgent, as I started to have the suicide attempts. This thought always appear in my mind, and I really afraid that I can’t control myself. I want to disappear from this world.

    Thus, can you give me some suggestions in order to solve my problems? How can I stop the suicide attempts? Please help me, I really want to know what happen? Thanks.

  2. zero says:

    I would like to comment on this las comment, since I have alot of understanding on “cutters” but I am guessing this is a fake post (like the expicit sexual ones on here) to change subjects and add confusion. But I will say this cutting usually has nothing to do with suicidal thoughts, it is often a cry for attention if it is done where it can be seen (ie. wrist etc.) but most of the time is done in places that will not be seen and lead to questions. Alot of times this is done to put a physical pain to something felt inside. And while this can mean some sort of depresion again for the most part cutters don’t want to die, they just want to be reminded in a physical way the pain they feel inside. That dose not mean it is not dangerous. It becomes a drug like need to do this and can be quite dangerous. In order to stop, most cutters just need some other kind of outlet. Writing is probally the best way, whether it be poems, songs, or blogging. Find another outlet for the way you feel. It is also important to point out that most cutters are artistic and do grow out of it by expressing themselves in more artistic ways. As for suicidal thoughts, this is much deeper and needs help from everyone around them to show them that life is worth all the pain. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow, you have to stick around and experiance it for yourself.

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