Who is mysterymom7?


This is me, mysterymom7. My name is Cristin. I might as well say it for all to read from me since my identity was revealed unwillingly by someone crazy enough to say that my children should be killed and gutted.

I’ve only used mysterymom7 as my alias since joining WS Aug. 2012. It wasn’t attached to my real identity until Dec. 12, 2012, in the chat room specific to the LISK case. I joined the chat room under my alias, mysterymom7, and 5 min. later, someone joined using my full name. It’s since been posted all over that site and here in the comments, coupled with nasty remarks.

Although I’ve removed the comments by “mysterymom7” that weren’t written by me, you can see a couple screen shots of those comments on the Rules page on the link to your left. My real identity and alias have been used maliciously to further the goal of someone with a vested interest in keeping me silent.

The only person with a vested interest in silencing me would be the LISK, or as he prefers to be called, the “Gilgo Killer” (see: post A tell all?). I have stated my theories and opinions on WS, LISK.com, and here on who the LISK may be.

I have consistently repeated my opinion in every format and always using “mysterymom7”. I don’t have the time or inclination to use sock puppets to write the same, consistent opinions I have written. It’s far too complicated, and I’m not a good liar to do that successfully.

I’m an honest (sometimes to a fault) person. I have never lived or even visited NY, Long Island, NJ, or CT. I have never even experimented with drugs (other than smoking pot before having children). I have never been a prostitute, call girl, escort, provider, into BDSM, or any other form of that occupation. I have never been an alcoholic. I have been a victim of Domestic Violence, and reported it at the time because it was wrong and not something I accept for myself.

I’m not perfect, and don’t claim to be. I just don’t stand for calling me a liar or questioning my integrity that I deeply pride myself in. I had one goal in mind when I came to this case: seek truth and justice for the victims and their families. That is all.

I’m not looking for a book deal, notoriety, fame, a pat on the back, acknowledgement; only truth and justice.

If you have any need to speak with me privately, this is the ONLY email I use for mysterymom7:


If you recieve an email from anyone other than the above email, it is not me.


My mugshot has been posted here and in numerous other forums online to “prove” to the reader that I have a criminal record. This “proof” is far from the TRUTH. I have no criminal record. I was charged, but not convicted. This is how I relate to the victims in understanding the type of control and manipulation of these women. The TRUTH is that I called 911 during a physical altercation with my (now) husband. This happened in 2008 during a time our relationship was on the rocks. We are both very passionate people and our arguments in 2008 were explosive and wrong. This particular time that I was arrested was horrifying to me. I had (and still have) never even had a speeding ticket, and I was being arrested for defending myself. My mugshot is not pretty. I was crying hysterically the entire ride to the jail. I was exclusively nursing one of my children at the time, and I was afraid that she wouldn’t take a bottle of formula, which she never had in her life. I was arrested for trying to protect myself, and was punished for it. My experience is why I have compassion for these women who are being abused at the hands of pimps and traffickers, and why I will stand for what is RIGHT.

At the end of 2008, my (now) husband and I separated. We did so for our children because our relationship was hostile and not how either one of us wants to raise our children. We went to marriage counseling (although we weren’t yet married), and both did individual counseling. Once we had spent some time in counseling, we got back together and started repairing our relationship. We changed the way we had arguments. I refused to marry him until our relationship was the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. We married in August 2011.






This is the latest attempt to discredit me. I guess I will need to repeat myself. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE LIVED OR EVEN VISITED NYC OR SURROUNDING AREA. My Facebook page is PRIVATE, and as far as I’m aware, I have no “audio file” that is being referenced. I only have ONE Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CristinKennedy. If you come across any other Cristin Kennedy or Cristin Kennedy Borders Facebook page, it is NOT ME. I have also set up a Facebook page specific to this site: www.facebook.com/mysterymom7.

I do not know “Cheryl#1” and don’t know why s/he would make a claim to have heard ANYTHING on my Facebook page.

I grew up in MA before moving to FL. I didn’t have much of a “Boston accent” when I moved to FL (at least not as strong as some people I know), and I’ve worked on (mostly) pronouncing my R’s so I don’t sound absolutely riduculous (like those exaggerated actors faking a Boston accent). Occasionally the accent slips and I say “stay-uhs”, “they-uh”, “he-uh”…

Why does this info matter? It doesn’t. It was just another attempt to discredit me saying I lied about where I live(d).



Now I’m being “set up” for being Cristin Kennedy Borders? Seriously? Does that make any sense? I have my profile pic not of my face or my children and my PUBLIC banner is the “Seek Truth” picture that I have here. I deleted all my banner pictures I ever had so none of these sickos can see pictures of my children.

Yes, I have Dorothy Price Hill on my friends list. I don’t have Jennifer on my friend’s list, though. Another LIE.

If my posts weren’t deleted from LISK site, you would read that I never said “OLD Hammerheads”, but just “Hammerheads”. It’s called GOOGLE. That’s how I found out what other names the place had after. There’s an ENTIRE THREAD discussing the place that a simple Google search will bring up. One of the last comments in that thread said the place is now a Bob’s Stores, and a Google Maps search shows the location in relation to Brewer’s liquor store is a block or 2 away.

The real question should be how many fake Facebook profiles do these whackjobs have that are on PRIVATE PAGES, lurking… stalking… feeding false info (like me being an author… or being Dorothy Price Hill… or James Bissett being the LISK…)… or tipping the responsible party(ies) off to every move the victims’ families are making?

My guess is Susie Sampierre is one of those fake profiles. She called me a “viper”. I’ve heard that several times from different aliases on LISK.com… from linda, in particular.

Susie Sampierre also had a lot of info spewed about Jim Jones (Michael Dougherty) and Mari’s “relationship”. I wouldn’t have even known WHO he was if not for Susie Sampierre. Susie also claimed a photographer from the area witnessed Jim Jones “jerking off” in his car while the hearse transporting Shannan’s remains drove by. The photographer said he never witnessed such a thing, but had heard that rumor with different names as the “witness” to this sick act.

I have spoken with enough people in this case to start weeding through the bullshit. I can still do this from FLORIDA.


If you have information important to the resolve of this case, please contact the Suffolk County Police Department, and if they won’t do anything, contact the FBI in NYC.

  • Linda (catchinglisk.wordpress.com)

188 thoughts on “Who is mysterymom7?

  1. Cheryl says:

    His name was in my inbox. It doesn’t seem to registering here.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I give up. Take my word for it. If I gave you my other email address I’d just forward it. It’s him. 37 yrs old. web logic media
    Now HIS sht’s on blast.

  3. linda says:

    I never had a clue till now as to where you were coming from..until viewing this exchange, if i did i could have helped sooner..or at least given some support..you’re in good hands now i feel

  4. linda says:

    find it offensive

  5. linda says:

    The question id love to know the answer to…was that post from Dorothy p. Hill, naming me as her murderous ex husband for real??..you said she’s only ever posted in a few select places. based on her web profiles, it just doesn’t sound like the same highly educated, professional woman ive read about..thats if you even discussed it

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I never even read what it is you’re referring to. If Dorothy had an opinion on who you are, it is hers and not mine. I have my own opinions and they don’t alway match Dorothy’s.

  6. linda says:

    i thought you set me up or put that in her head somehow?/ what else could i assume..it was hurtful to read

  7. linda says:

    let me clarify..when ps149 said you two (dorothy) were friends, i naturally assumed it was you who put that in her head?? how was i supposed to react..probably should have ignored, but it shocked me

  8. linda says:

    fair enough..i must agree with Cheryl then that it was not her who authored that post (why i wished u read it)…sounds like a vry unstable woman..not the “real” dorothy p Hill…ill leave it at that..mabye ps149 wanted to create even more tension between us..otherwise it make zero sense, i never even heard of her till last week..thnks

  9. linda says:

    the over anaylization made me crazy

  10. linda says:

    the post by “dorothy” can still be googled…she mentions a lawsuit against JB as well…very very strange stuff..oh well..

  11. linda says:

    its on that Ginsberg ladys blog..it IS very weird

    • mysterymom7 says:

      As far as I’m aware, I’m the only blogger (other than Michael Dougherty and Zero) on this case. If there are others, I’m not aware of their existance. For the record, I’ve never been Facebook friends with that other woman mentioned (I recently added Dorothy as a FB friend, but I’m not on FB much, and have restricted her access).

  12. linda says:

    you have been quite vocal about being called a liar..i would not go to the lengths you have (woulda ran like hell), but ive been hoping for weeks you could at least empathize,,peace

  13. linda says:

    i have had vry similar life experiences as you,and wouldnt wish pain on any single mom (or anyone really) ..i would never hurt you or family..believe what u will..

  14. Maddalena says:

    Hi Mystery Mom, Sorry to hear about your ordeal. I post as Maddalena on the LIsk Site. That site got really weird. I feel like I figured out who the killer is and feel like I am beating a dead horse repeating my self. Time will tell.

  15. madds!! care to share initials?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Welcome, too close! Glad to have your input here!

      My guess was she was talking about SY, but that was just my guess.

      Your knowledge of JS is valuable and I’d like to hear more. I have a bit of insight, too, and am very curious as it became even more personal.

  16. BabylonBarry says:

    Where has flukeyou been? He has always provided info “from behind the gate” lisk site is down now? Whatever happened with the girl that went missing a few weeks ago on ocean parkway?

  17. ok mystery mom. how do we know that you aren’t still in cahoots with the fluke? we don’t…but you have valuable input about him. and btw, that evelyn post was pretty funny.

    i hope the families are looking closely at him now. the pain he caused mari….sickening.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I was never in “cahoots” with fluke. We spoke on the phone and I believed his BS. I may still believe his BS if he didn’t have such a big fucking mouth and tell ps149 shit about me and my family that ps149 spun to fit his agenda. JS was banking on me having told several people what I told him, but since it was ONLY JS I told, I saw through his lies. Now his phone is tapped? Nah, I’m not biting that bait.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      The Evelyn post was the funniest thing I’ve read! I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard! There are some half truths (like, my husband really did meet Joanna Krupa, but she was in a restaurant in NYC and he took a pic with her… What man wouldn’t? She’s gorgeous!), and my husband probably does have a few pics of him with skanky looking women, but I was likely with him and if not, they’re on Facebook… I don’t think my husband would be stupid enough to display an affair on Facebook. He’s also never met JS, but they have spoken on the phone… While I was there… and on my phone.

  18. Barbara H. says:

    nice picure

  19. Barbara H. says:

    EVelyn’s an unreal mom and wife…ive always tried to be like her, to bad my kids are whacked and my hubbies a zero. I still love you petee

  20. evelyn married her high school teacher. quite the scandal back in the day. can you say….pedophilia

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Is that all you got? Maybe he was hung like a horse? You gotta come up with more than that to convince me that JS is involved. I have my suspicions, but I need more before I tell everything I know.

  21. The Drone Pilot says:

    You can almost pass for a Russian.

    Can I dress you up as Soviet KGB spy and play with you?

  22. The Drone Pilot says:

    In our country we would put makeup on you and advertise on website.

  23. ???
    i don’t get it

  24. “Is that all you got? Maybe he was hung like a horse?”

    i wonder if you would say the same statement if it was your daughter and her highschool teacher. i wonder if you would be hurting all these people if it were your brother, or father, or grandfather, or sister, or mother being hurt.

    i wonder how you would feel if all this false hope of finding the killer of YOUR child was lies by some sick sadist twisted assholes

    .probably, its all a game to you.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      So are you saying that JS is a killer because he married someone younger than he or are you calling the son a killer because his father married a younger woman? THAT was my point. If that is the ONLY reason you think one of the JS’s is a killer, it just sounds stupid.

  25. oh come on… really? that is why you think i suspect joey?.you really can’t comprehend a fucking thing can you? in that case i give up. i have no patience for idiots. ciao.

  26. Sunshower says:

    an open federal cyberstalking investigation? what is that even?

  27. PS149 says:

    Hi. Just discovered your ordeal. 100% it is not cool you are having your phone tapped with drone technology & the lives of yohr children threatened by someone posting as CPH. Just for the record, it is not me. I have my own shit I am going through myself (but nothing as scary as your ordeal).

    I know we had our differences. Sure wish we could have seen eye to eye. Not sure that will ever be possible as long as you think I am CPH (WHICH I AM NOT).

    I wish all the best to you. Try to live a happy life. Maybe just try walking away from all this stress.

    Is this blog really worth the trouble or the time it consumes?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Is it worth the trouble? You mean, is exposing the ugly truth worth the trouble? Is fighting for justice-now, for myself and family-worth the trouble? Is making sure this sicko is off the street worth the trouble? Yes, to me it is worth the trouble. Obviously I was on to something to become a victim of stalking… all the way in FLORIDA. I’ve opened a Pandora’s box, and stopping now, before people are held accountable for their actions, would be meaningless. I am EXTREMELY protective of my family and friends and I won’t stay quiet about ANYTHING. I will keep putting all the information up so my death can’t be “suicide” or “murder at the hands of my husband” or I “ran away” or I “walked into the water” or I “overdosed”. No, EVERYONE will know that should something happen to me or ANYONE in my family or ANY of my friends… it was YOU.

      • Maddalena says:

        @Mystery Mom-I think it was when you started the petition to release SHannon’s 911 tape. Makes me wonder what is on that tape and wished they would have released it

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I did the petition simultaneously with the FOIL request. The MAJOR stalking started when I said I was taking my request to the Supreme Court.

      • Maddalena says:

        Which makes me want to hear the 911 even more. The answer lies therein. Someone does not want that tape released to public which is bullshi

  28. Maddalena says:

    I respect you for being brave and composing that petition. not sure I have the courage but I did get a lot of signers.

  29. Cheryl says:

    Not if the tape contains crucial information that will impede the case if the wrong people hear it. In other words, if it gives anyone a “heads up” The more persons of interest are mislead or in the dark the better for the investigation. Unfortunately, this includes us.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Let’s be realistic here, if there was a “heads up” why is NOBODY in custody? Quite the opposite, persons of interest were “cleared” in half a second. It’s bullshit and I’m calling it out.

  30. Cheryl says:

    But that petition could have made the wrong people nervous.

  31. Cheryl says:

    By the “wrong people” I meant the people involved. If there are several involved, as I believe, I think they’d want to make sure they were kept in the dark until they can make a solid case against everyone.

  32. HiMM7 says:

    I think MM7 is the killer. Just kidding.

    I really think Hackett has a lot of explaining to do though… that is for sure. Although I don’t think he is the actual killer. I have a very good idea of who our man may be,

  33. Mystery,Does anyone know when dr. Hackett lost his leg? Could be a trigger?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      He’s had many stories he’s given as to the HOW and the WHEN. Not sure which story to believe, but it’s possible.

      • Did you ever do any digging into the brother of the new york postal sk? Did he and his brother dump on LI?
        Always thought he was intriguing.

      • Seafood Addict says:

        Oh really?

        Odd that you make that false claim since I know for a fact that he has NEVER spoken to a single person about his leg.

        Who fed you that line of shit?

        Are you in bed with Joey Scalise again spreading his lies?

        Why do you trust him so much???

      • mysterymom7 says:

        How do you know for a FACT he’s never spoken to a single person about his leg? Unless you are CPH, you can SPECULATE about HOW/WHEN he lost his leg. I think his mother may have been drug addicted during her pregnancy and he was born without a leg. But I’m just speculating. And I haven’t talked to JS for some time, and have never been “in bed” with him.

      • i know how he lost his leg.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Seafood Addict knows for a FACT that CPH never told ANYONE. So, how do YOU know?

  34. linda says:

    they dumped three prostitutes on LI, if you’re talkin bout shulman..they are looking into whether they dumped any of the “newrer’ finds

  35. linda says:

    only robert shulman was convicted..authorities have been looking into this from day one

  36. linda says:

    melville and levittown, LI were where the prostitutes where found..theyre lookin at rifkin too..

  37. Seaside says:

    LINDA you seem OBSESSED.

    What is your connection to this case?

    Are you family of a victim?

    Are you family of a killer?

    What gives?

    get a life.

  38. We says:

    Hi. The prophet has spoken. We are considering leaving and never coming back here ever again.

    Have a nice life.

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