Victim timeline

1982- Tina Foglia, Sunrise Highway, dismembered

1996, April 20- Jane Doe, Fire Island, two legs found West of Davis Park on Fire Island, dismembered

1997, June 28- “Peaches”, West Hempstead State Park, left appx 3 days prior, legs below knees, arms, head missing

2000, Nov. 19- Jane Doe #6, Manorville, head, hands, right foot missing

2003, July 26- Jessica Taylor, Manorville, missing from Manhattan between July 18-24, dismembered

2006- 4 prostitutes from (Mays Landing) Atlantic City, NJ, possibly linked

2007, March 3, 27-28- “Cherries”, Mamaroneck Beach, stabbed torso/Cold Spring Harbor, right foot and leg/Oyster Bay, left foot and leg

2007, July 9- Maureen Brainard-Barnes, Ocean Parkway, went missing from Manhattan

2009, July 12- Melissa Barthelemy, Ocean Parkway, went missing from Bronx

2010, May 1- Shannan Gilbert, Oak Beach, belongings left in CPH’s back yard

2010, June 10- Megan Waterman, Ocean Parkway, missing from Hauppauge

2010, Sept. 2- Amber Lynn Costello, Ocean Parkway, missing from North Babylon


4 thoughts on “Victim timeline

  1. Flukeyou says:

    The truth is the doc is broke!!!! Desparate people do desparate things…like leave their family and flee to Florida.

  2. Flukeyou says:

    Hey doc….was L. Newman pissed you didnt give her the listing on the house? So ungrateful considering you and your family mooched off Newmans for years!

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