Haleigh Cummings

The disappearance of Haleigh Cummings was overshadowed by the case against Casey Anthony. I followed both cases, but I did a lot more research and digging in Casey Anthony’s case than with Haleigh’s. At the time of both, I hadn’t gotten into reading blogs or comments or joined any message boards to talk about either case, but I now realize a lot has been said that I’ve missed.

I remember hearing about Haleigh’s case and was puzzled. I could believe that a kidnapping could occur with the stepmom (Misty Croslin) sleeping next to the child, if she were drinking, doing drugs, or even if she was a hard sleeper. I could also believe that a kidnapping was staged. I watched her “hypnosis” video and she was fighting being hypnotized. She wasn’t trying to recall anything. Since I haven’t read all that much on it since watching that hypnosis video, I can’t really give any solid theories. Misty Croslin is currently incarcerated on drug trafficking charges. She was caught on video, so there isn’t even a question of her guilt of those charges.

In the search of Murt, there was information that he lived in Putnum County (where Haleigh lived) at the time of her disappearance. There was a blog I came across accusing the “anonymous owner of Radionewzblog” of Haleigh’s disappearance. The author attempted to accuse the blogger of Radionewz.net, but all he did was reveal a back and forth conversation between Boyle and “others”. This back and forth conversation is rather damning if the accusations between Boyle and “others” are true.

The following is a portion of the blog that was of particular interest (bolded by me):

The increasing suspicions of the public abruptly changed from ‘possibility’ to likely ‘reality’ after Edward Boyle, a biofuels engineer from Hollywood, Florida began openly discussing the facts behind an online feud that erupted in the comment section of the website.

The relatively brief feud in early April of 2013 was not your ordinary discussion – not by a long shot.

Boyle said he originally went to the website after learning a photograph of his sister, Maria Burgun, had been published with insults and vile sexual commentary.

What astonished researchers was not only did Boyle know the person that attacked his sister on the website – he clearly knew the person very well and the relationship was tumultuous if not hateful.

And then – as the old saying goes – the devil is in the details.

Boyle’s sister, Maria Burgun, is a millionaire from Plantation that operates a very successful business with her husband, John Burgun.

The sleazy outhouse Radionewz.net is the last place you would typically expect to find an eloquent and refined woman such as Maria Burgun being slimed. But she is not your average South Florida socialite.

Maria Burgun said she sat down with the FBI and turned over information she believes could lead to the missing child.





She is a witness in the federal investigation of matters involving the disappearance of the missing child HaLeigh Cummings.

In 2012, Maria Burgun began interacting with law enforcement after an anonymous caller attempted to extort a very large amount of money from her – suggesting she might be taken on a trip to the Hoover Dam if she did not cooperate. She received the bizarre call while out for supper with her family and immediately called the Plantation Police Department.

The police record is there for all to see.

For reasons mostly known to Maria Burgun and the feds – the facts surrounding the extortion attempt ultimately resulted in her sitting down with the FBI to discuss the disappearance of HaLeigh Cummings.

Edward Boyle was also contacted by the police regarding the extortion attempt. He told police he too had received a threatening telephone call. He said the caller told him it would take “a thousand stitches” to put his face back together if he didn’t come up with the money.

A short time later, the yard-man at Boyle’s plant was non-fatally shot from behind in the dark. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) investigated the attempted homicide but no arrests were made. The FBI also visited Boyle at his plant.

It’s all there in the police records for the public to see.

Boyle believed he knew who was behind the shooting and recalled telling the FBI agent the guilty parties were involved with that “little girl.” He was referring to HaLeigh Cummings. He said the special agent responded, “We’re aware of it.”

The connection between Boyle’s biofuels plant and his sister’s developing relationship with the FBI regarding HaLeigh Cummings takes on a very significant meaning as one begins to read the hostile exchange that took place on Radionewz.net in April.

The reader will immediately notice Boyle personally knows, and has likely done business with the anonymous person he is exchanging jabs with. The animosity appears to involve the biofuels business.

The conversation begins with what appears to be a taunt by Boyle at the individual that published his sister’s photo.

“Hey Maria – remember, they’re jealous. Always have been. This has made you strong. They don’t know what their up against. LMFAO. You were right. You told me so. Soon the whole gang, even daddy, will know what they have gotten themselves into. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. What a good laugh we will have. Although I feel bad for their kids. Almost there. Around the corner to victory.” Boyle wrote using his real name.

Boyle’s mention of sorrow for the children indicates he personally knows the person he is taunting. His statement “always have been” indicates they have known each other for some time.

Sixteen minutes later a response is posted by a person using the name “Anonymous.” The speed at which the responding poster noticed they were being taunted by Boyle cannot be ignored. At sixteen minutes, the person would have had to be monitoring the website and perhaps receiving e-mail notifications when comments are made on the Radionewz Blog.

The responder is not happy.

“Fucking loser….how’s your plant Ed? Oh shit…you don’t know cause you’re not allowed on the property, are ya bud? How’s it feel to get kicked the fuck out of your own business, huh, you fat piece of shit? Go smoke some more dope and pop some pills with your stripper kid, fat ass. How’s your Wife’s job at Target, you unemployed pill popper? You are a L-O-S-E-R. Get lost, fat fuck,” Anonymous said.

Two minutes later a poster logged on as ‘Chicago Mob’ and wrote: “Edward Boyle got evicted from his own business.”

At this point, you now have a supposed third party, within a mere two minutes of the first response, joining in on the subject of Boyle’s biofuels plant.

It is clear the poster(s) talking to Boyle profess to know details about his life, and are aware of the fact he is involved in a contract dispute regarding his business.

Three minutes later a poster using the name Sal Ramos logs on and writes: “Who were the four guys looking for you outside your plant, one with a gun??? Thanks to me….”

This poster, Sal Ramos, constitutes party number four – joining in four minutes after party three and talking about Boyle.

The comment by Sal Ramos involving men stalking someone with a gun is eerily reminiscent of the attempted homicide in 2012 investigated by the BCSO. The writer appears to be openly admitting, and even bragging, they sent hit-men to Boyle’s plant (this is something that should be looked into by law enforcement considering the attempted homicide at the same address).

One minute later Sal Ramos says, “The guys from Bost[on] still think your shady….just sayin…”

It is obvious a conversation between Boyle and only one other person is taking place; the other party is simply logging in under various names.

Two minutes later a poster logs in as SAL and says, “$30,000 from Mike — $67,000 from Craig — $80,000 from the Boston loan sharks??? That’s $177,000 since November Fat A$$. Get a job loser. Your pill habits up to 15-20 a day now buddy. No wonder.”

The poster Sal Ramos professes to know details of Boyle’s finances to the tune of $177,000.

Boyle explained during interviews “Craig” is a man named Craig Goldstein. He said he has done some business with Goldstein.

Sixteen minutes later Boyle responds. “Meeting them tomorrow. Thanks NE and CG. We’ll see things happen for a reason Mikey. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

Nine minutes later Boyle continues to talk to the person he has begun calling “Mikey.” He says, “Waiting for your lawsuit there Mikey ol’ boy. Soon enough buddy. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.”

The familiarity between the posters is clear. For instance, Boyle says, “…you’re done soon and so is daddy.”

At one point Boyle refers to “Thompson and the wife.” Boyle stated during interviews Thompson is a man named Brian Thompson.

Four minutes later Boyle provides a detail regarding what he believes are the activities of Mikey. He says, “How’s the pumping going. Not too good. Ha.”

“Ol sis has your number. No escape now,” Boyle taunts.

The contentious debate fizzles and then continues bright and early the next morning. “The Boston loan sharks as you call them, CG will be happy doing business while you’re up duct taping together what’s left,” Boyle says.

The reference to “daddy” is the most significant interest to me. “Daddy” is a code name for a male trafficker. The accusations of Boyle’s borrowing money from loan sharks, his daughter being a stripper, him having a pill addiction, an attempted murder on his life (mistaken identity with the man who actualky was shot), and his sister having knowledge of Haleigh’s disappearance and then being slammed by those “others” commenting on the blog leads me to believe the disappearance of Haleigh may have had something to do with her being trafficked.

So where does Murt come into all this?

Well, he’s made some rather disturbing comments over the years that involved children including the Trenton Duckett case, Caylee Anthony case, and Haleigh Cummings case. All in Florida. Now, according to Murt, he is a retired trucker collecting social security. He has plenty of time on his hands to write “anonymously” on high profile cases regarding children disappearing in Florida. Or so he started out anonymously blogging…

The following is his latest blog post concerning Haleigh (bolded by me):


Filed under: Uncategorized — Leave a comment May 3, 2013

It has been interesting to watch the never ending bashing of one Timothy Holmseth and those who even remotely support his point of view regarding whatever happened to Haleigh Cummings.

The vast majority of this criticism comes from a single source, Radionewz,net.

I am even at the top of the Radio shit list for criticism that is above and beyond the norm. Why? In part because of some perceived circle of support I have for Mr Holmseth due to my friendly association with those who support him.

But, let us stay on point here. I suggest this “tin hat” theory, if you will in putting forth what a trial atty would call a hypothetical.

The question this hypothetical is meant to answer is this “What would be the best way to divert attention away from your role in the kidnapping of Haleigh Cummings?”

The answer might be to operate a popular blog and use the content of that blog to divert attention away from you towards someone else. In this case that diversion would be toward anyone who might be getting close to the truth.

If one were to assume that a child had been “selected” and arrangements made to obtain that child, the next step in this hypothetical scenario is to figure out how to monitor the obvious law enforcement investigation to best deal with any evidence that may be found.

If one were to create a blog to use as a tool to monitor the case and deal with issues one would have to be certain the blog was of a size that would be large enough to garner the amount of attention that would allow it to have some influence of the case when necessary.

Once the base is established, one “obtains” the child through whatever plan was in place.

From that point on it is then an easy task to write about the case and talk about it. One advantage of having a popular blog is to have a group of “investigators” to weed out the clues that might lead back to you so that you can come up with ways to divert attention away from you.

In the case of Haleigh Cummings, the advantage that existed was that the adults around the child were involved in drug use. Just about everyone around Haleigh Cummings had a savory past.

It would be like shooting a fish in a barrel. The blogger need only to put the “sleuthers” on the immediate family.

In the event someone comes along to see through this net of deception, the blogger would then be able to target that individual, finding out his or her weakness and use the always present gullible follower to assist in persecuting that person.

There are always willing trolls out there wanting to get the attention of a popular owner of a blog or forum. The troll wants “in on the action” and is more than willing to cast morals and ethics aside in order to please their mentor and rise through the ranks of the entourage that surrounds the blog administration.

It also helps to have unsuspecting allies in the form of other media personalities and those within the legal and law enforcement professions. While most of these individuals may be intelligent and thus unable to be fooled by such deceptions, history has proven just the opposite. You are never too smart to be fooled or made a fool of.

So now the kidnapper has the perfect weapon against getting discovered. A powerful propaganda tool and an army of devoted fans ready and willing to do “whatever it takes” to do their bidding.

A “tin hat” Scenario? ” Perhaps, but perhaps….not.

Stay tuned


Well, what does this describe? It describes, almost to a T, the The Cyberstalker Handbook, which Murt utilizes. What one thing do all these different bloggers writing about Murt’s cyberstalking/harassment/threats have in common? Murt. Either they are all victimizing him or it is he who is victimizing them. Because of his short-lived campaign against me (which, anyone reading his Tweets in succession can formulate an intelligent opinion on for themselves), it’s my opinion that he is the cyberstalker, and likely, something more nefarious.

In the event that someone comes along to see through this net of deception, the blogger would then be able to target that individual, finding out his or her weaknesses and use the always present gullible follower to assist in persecuting this person. -Murt

I see through this net of deception, and there is nothing that can be said that hasn’t already been said and addressed to persecute me. I don’t just “seek truth”, I see through the lies, deception, and manipulation of truth. I see what Murt is up to and it goes far beyond cyberstalking. He poked his nose in a growing pile of shit and it’s all over him now. No shower can wash it off now.


9 thoughts on “Haleigh Cummings

  1. Lisa H. says:

    Greetings. I LUV where you are going with this blog. Continue to get away from the “I hate Charles Peter Hackett so he must be the LISK” theme and focus on the pieces of the case that you can help the police solve. Crack Haleigh mystery and u can find the LISK human trafficking connection to Florida.

    I am like totally amazed how you tracked down that Murt character. He has a very lengthily online history. I keep thinking I read his name somewhere. Then realized, MORRIE!

    I just read on Murt’s blog how he moved to Florida. “MORRIE DIED” sure sounds more like code words for “MORRIE MOVED TO FLORIDA TO RETIRE”. I’ve read that term of being “dead” as meaning moving to Florida on many blogs.

    Also, I have always suspected that Morrie had a sock puppet on Utopiaguide.com that he named “RIPPER69” (as in Jack the Ripper). Here is proof that ripper69/Morrie moved to Central Florida in and around 2007- http://utopiaguide.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26715.


    The more it is said, the more it comes to light what is the truth.

    You go girl. You keep up the good fight. Those disgusting perverts on UG have got to be put in their places.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I don’t hate Hackett. I don’t know Hackett, so I have no reason to hate him. I think he’s LISK, simple as that, and it has nothing to do with my “hating him”.

      Murt isn’t Morrie. Nice try, though.

  2. eddieboyle1 says:

    Hello Came back to comment on the above blog , don’t know you, you don’t know me. I’m going to make a comment on only your comments, not what was taken from another site I have no control over.

    My name is Eddie Boyle never blogged in my life.

    I came to the blogs in defense of my sister who had a photo put on Radionewz and was blasted as that site says.

    You have every right to voice your opinions but when a site like Radionewz deliberately puts this information up to defame they have another thing coming.

    My battle is with the Picazios and the other operators of Radionewz.

    I choose to blog on Murts site because I can no longer leave comments on Radionewz and they obviously have a thing for each other, so I know Radionewz read his blog.

    My family has an Attorney on the issue. Me I wont be dragged through the mud and I will tell you that Kim Picazio herself whom I know called and implicated her Husband ” MIKEY” , Mike Picazio in the whole issue of harassment.

    Not asking you to choose sides this note is to tell you go forth carefully with your blog when you speak about a situation(s) you know nothing about.

    You are probably a very passionate person as I had glanced at your blog but since you live in Florida be careful of speaking to those who may get you dragged into the mud as Radionewz. We reside in Broward County and probably would like to know what you know about Radionewz and the Picazios.

    I believe you have every right to your opinion but remember my family and I know a little bit more about who’s behind Radionewz than you. We can read clearly through the trash that is being posted.

    My family plans on pursuing true cyberstalking and defamation cases as we have the legal system involved now concerning such.

    I f you have a need to say something do so just make sure your 100% educated on the facts of the matter, to date you have been off.
    Thats ok you have your right make sure what you talk about is factual and right,

    Thanks for the opportunity to respond in your blog.


    PS Why did you take down the other blog I responded yopu emailed me and its no longer there???

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Before I comment on the rest, I took the other post down not realizing that was where your comments were. I didn’t want it re-blogged, but have a link to it above instead.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I’m open to hearing your side of the story. I’m not familiar with all the back and forth blogs and bantering and really don’t have the time or inclination to get involved in other peoples’ arguments.

      I don’t know, nor have ever met, any of the named people or the respective bloggers involved. The accusations of you and visa versa could have been made by anyone, and since you also have a blog (why say you have never blogged?), you should understand how it works. The people commenting are not controlled by the blogger. I publish the comments, but I don’t make the comments (except from this name).

      I am curious about this case, though, and the people named and their possible involvement. You’re from MA, right? I’m from there, myself. Like I said, I’m open to hearing your side, and I have a few questions I hope you’d be open to answering.

      I’ve only familiarized myself with Murt in the past couple days. My advice to you is steer clear. His affiliation with you seems to me to be ONLY to find out what info you and your sister know.

      • eddieboyle1 says:

        When i get a chance we will converse with you no problem. I started the blog only after the attacks of my sister came forth. How do you know I’m from Massachusetts, no biggie just wondering? Regardless thanks for the opportunity. My only involvement on these blogs has been in defense of my sister and my family. My sister and I are very busy at our careers which we enjoy. I will be in touch. Right know I’m observing for legal reasons which I have mentioned in all the posts.
        By the way I wouldn’t be blogging if my family was not attacked. I use it to as means of letting certain people we know whats up namely the Picazio’s and who’s behind Radionewz which I believe are one in the same.
        There’s been a lot of ugly from that side.

        Thanks Again I will reach out soon.
        Have a good night.


      • mysterymom7 says:

        I do my due diligence. Like I said, I’m from there, too. I don’t live in Broward Co, either. My email is inquisitivemama@gmail.com if you need to speak privately. I understand there is sensitive info involved.

  3. eddieboyle1 says:

    Reblogged this on EDDIE BOYLE.

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