Black and White


The “we’s” have asked for PROOF and EVIDENCE… well, here it is… PROOF that the FBI is currently investigating my cyberstalking and that they have been since March 15— the same day I got a call from the US Attorney’s office to expect this letter— the same day mine and my husband’s phone numbers were posted on PROOF I do NOT “play games”.


Since this blog is getting pingbacks all over because of Murt’s history of stalking other people from other blogs, I feel the need to give a little more detail to clarify some misconceptions.

1. I filed, in person, at the US Attorney’s office in Orlando, FL, a cyberstalking complaint. It is a Federal crime to cyberstalk someone. The content of what I was writing on and was regarding an unidentified serial killer case, and I had named Dr. Charles Peter Hackett (CPH) as my person of interest. A week after starting my blog, I had 300+ comments from one IP address using multiple aliases (including mine, mysterymom7). The first comment on my blog, from that IP address, was from C. Peter Hackett. This one IP address, after investigating it, was associated with only one computer.

2. The complaint filed with the US Attorney was in regards to CPH.

3. I knew the IP was located in NY.

4. An incident of a LAMPPOST (300 yards into my gated property) being smashed by a car with Florida plates happened in Dec.

5. The same vehicle used to smash into the lamppost was spotted outside our gate, and was using a cell phone to take pictures.

6. My husband and I both received phone death threats on March 16 (the day after our numbers were posted on by a woman.

7. The drone was found on April 3. There was a large storm coming through and if Murt’s knowledge about this drone in particular is correct, it was likely off balance and couldn’t be retrieved by the owner and landed outside our back gate.

8. The picture is from inside the gate and not close up because it was an unknown object, and if it were a bomb, we weren’t going to chance it. When SCSO came, they called the bomb squad because they thought it could possibly be a bomb. It was a member of the bomb squad who informed us that it was a drone. They took it into evidence. There was no “bringing it in” required.


Clearer picture than the cell phone pic


Out of focus

9. I received comments from “The Drone Pilot” and “Turbo” who seem to have knowledge of the drone owner (see post from April 3).

10. I don’t know Michelle McKee or Prinnie or the blogger(s) at Radiownewzblog, and nobody contacted me about Murt, but Murt himself.

11. I had no idea who Murt was or Murt’s stalker history until typing his email into a Google search, and what I read wasn’t from any of the 3 mentioned names. (I read court documents from Casey Anthony’s case.) I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinions and don’t use the influence of others to do so. None of the 3 above mentioned names have, to this day, contacted me regarding Murt. I read the first mention of me on Radionewzblog and it was misinformation that was corrected after getting my side. I reached out to them regarding the drone. It wasn’t the other way around.

12. Murt has a reputation of stalking, and I have a reputation of making sure criminals are held accountable for their criminal behavior. That was my concern with LISK— see to it that the killer is held accountable for his crimes. Murt lives close enough to me that he could carry out the actions that have been done against my family. I will take every legal avenue to protect my family, and that requires seeing through with legal actions against those who commit crimes against me and my family.

13. Does Murt have the FBI investigating him? After his email to me and campaign against me, most likely. The FBI doesn’t give info out during their investigations. I don’t even know what they’re doing, and I’m the victim.

14. Murt seems to not understand the DOJ. The US Attorney works under the DOJ as do the FBI who works for the US Attorney. They’re both branches of the DOJ. He can call the FBI in Tampa and they won’t tell him or you (the reader) or me (the victim) jack shit. Such is how the FBI works.

15. Murt can FOIL the records all he wants. I redacted the name and signature because it is the respectful, responsible thing to do when posting this content publically. It would likely be redacted on any FOIL request.




Same letter with envelope


4 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. It seems to me that cyberstalkers are cowardly bullies. Back in the day , these were the types of people that made obscene phone calls before the days of caller ID. I think they are incredibly angry people who like to threaten and harrass without the fear of being caught.

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