“WE need PROOF…”


I always wonder who this “we” refers to. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- sock puppets flourish in this case. So is this a case of “we”- the sock puppets, or “we”- a group or, “we”- supporters of CPH? Who is this “we” who texted they believed my aunt’s faked accident was murder and “we” who found someone to take care of funeral arrangements? Who is this “we” who called my husband’s phone and left a voicemail asserting “we” would continue to spread [his phone number]? Who is this “we” who keeps asking for proof, evidence, and facts?

How many “we’s” will ask the same questions and say the same things over again?

I will NEVER give ANY of these “we’s” ALL the proof, evidence and facts. The proof, evidence, and facts that I have uncovered about the LISK case, the sex trafficking, the money laundering, and my own cyber/stalking case have all been handed over to the appropriate Government agencies who have the resources and capabilities to pursue all of these CRIMES. It doesn’t happen overnight, and to quote Dormer, “This isn’t an episode of CSI.”

It’s no wonder why some of these crimes go underreported. It takes time many people don’t have or aren’t willing to give up to vigorously pursue the justice the victims of all these crimes deserve. I won’t lie, pursuing these crimes has become a hell in itself and, unfortunately, for myself, not much is understood or taken seriously in regard to cyberstalking/harassment.

It’s been said many times here that the threats are from “trolls” or “16 yr olds” or “people just messing with you”. Well, no, these are CRIMES. Crimes I will vigorously pursue. My State Law labels cyberstalking a FELONY ASSAULT, and there is PRISON TIME if convicted. I’m also covered, by law, on the FEDERAL level.

I absolutely cannot give all the details of my case or the evidence I’ve gathered in the LISK case. I could be asked a million times by all the “we’s” and be called a liar about it a billion times and I will still not give all the proof, evidence, and facts. What a great idea, tip off the person(s) involved so they have time to cover their tracks… (sarcasm, if you didn’t pick up on it)

There have already been steps taken to try to mask the identity of who is behind my cyber/stalking because I’ve given information to local/Federal authorities over the phone. To those “we’s”; the damage is done, and the laws have been broken many times over and your own words will be your biggest downfall because I see through the BS-now, more clearly than I did before you decided to target me. Your assumption that I was just some dipshit housewife playing armchair detective and that I wouldn’t pursue any legal remedies was so off as I’m sure you are now aware. I will say this again for all to read: you messed with the wrong woman. I’m far more intelligent than you first gave me credit for, and that is why you had to listen to my phone calls. I wasn’t buying your BS on WS, and called it out. So you had to use my own words to make me appear “crazy” and cast doubt on my integrity and cast doubt on my identity that you revealed and cast doubt on my husband and cast doubt on my location and cast doubt on anyone I spoke with and cast doubt about my PURE motivations… the list goes on and on.

You may realize now, your continuous harassment and mud slinging has actually made you less credible. Your numerous attempts to cover up your covering up before there is even a need for covering anything makes you seem like the “paranoid schizophrenic“, not me. Explain how “The Drone Pilot” and “Turbo” came to my site if the “quadcopter” was just a “lost toy” and had absolutely nothing to do with this case? That’s just one of many examples of you covering your tracks before anything needed covering. Could it have been innocent? I may have thought yes-until “The Drone Pilot” and “Turbo” commented. See how you shot yourself in the foot?

You did the same thing when you, Charles Peter Hackett, called Mari’s phone. You were trying to cover your tracks before there was any covering needed. It was only after you checked Shannan’s cell phone that you realized she had called 911 and spoken with the operator for 23 minutes. 23 minutes. Did she say your name in that call? Well, if she did, you would have to cover your tracks-by calling her mother. It was you who called Mari, not Fluke, as you would like everyone to believe.

You want proof, evidence, and facts? It’s all in the paperwork in the lawsuit.

9 thoughts on ““WE need PROOF…”

  1. Mystery, can you tell me the” word on the street” of who LE has seriously looked into on this case? i’m afraid this is going to be another zodiac case with supects that look good on paper but no proof.

  2. Billy S says:

    Is it true that there was DNA evidence found on one of the victims that belongs to a man who is unidentified?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      How would I know? I’m not privy to that info, and if that is out there in the news, I’m unaware of its existence.

    • Sunshower says:

      I think you’d have better luck asking this of the AC victims….they were found only a week after they were killed (approximately). I think the LI victims were to badly decomposed and left to long to the elements for DNA to be found….jmo. Not that they wouldnt be able to get information from them, just DNA might be harder to obtain from these victims.

  3. Big Boob Betty says:

    I can tell everyone that you have droopy tits and your twat is looser than a horse’s ass.

  4. alright. all of your information is aquired from the media or from flukeyou. in other words, horseshit.

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