Tribute to Boston

Massachusetts is my home state. I’ve always loved going to Boston. It wasn’t too far from the city I grew up in. I’ve gone to the many museums (Boston Science Museum was my favorite, the JFK Museum was a school field trip, and I’ve even had the pleasure of sharing my love of the Boston Children’s Museum with my own children), concerts, Celtics games, Red Sox games, shopping (and my favorite foods) in Quincy Market, 4th of July fireworks, skipped school and found myself driving around Boston (not an easy task), found a quiet spot to chat with a friend on the Back Bay, stopped to acknowledge the homeless and offer what I could…

At 15, my dad and I had started training to do the Boston Marathon. When winter came, running through the Boston suburb streets was impossible with 3 ft high piles of snow, so instead of doing the Boston Marathon, we did the Walk for Hunger on the same streets as the Boston Marathon. It didn’t stop me from watching, though. It was Patriot’s Day in Boston, and as a child, that meant no school. I would be up early enough to watch the marathon and cheer alongside my dad like we were watching the Superbowl and we always cheered for the underdog.

I rarely watch the news anymore. I have children who I want to shelter from the reality of the world’s ugly as long as possible. Monday was a day like any, and one of my children turned on the tv after school. The gruesome pictures and videos flashed on the screen. It was shocking and horrifying to see, and we sat and cried watching such tragedy. My kids asked me if I knew anyone there at that moment, and I was praying I didn’t. The following day, my husband heard the name of the father who lost his 8 year old son. It was someone he had known since he was 5.

I think a lot of Bostonians have this attitude that we don’t take shit from anyone, and don’t turn a blind eye when something goes wrong. Looking at the reaction of the people, it is clear that we Bostonians don’t run away, we run to those in need; whether they are strangers, a different race than us, when we don’t even know how we can help-we’re there.

The LISK case has taken a back seat to the tragedy in Boston. I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for videos and pictures that could aid in the investigation of those responsible for hurting MY people.

The person(s) responsible will be caught, and Bostonians will see to that!

UPDATE April, 18, 2013, 5:30 pm:

The pictures the FBI released as their suspects (Pictures courtesy of this site.):




Suspect #1, 26 yr old MIT student from Russian- Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Suspect #2, 19 yr old pre-med student (according to his father)- Dzhokhar A Tsarnaev.



Image of 2nd suspect close to 8 yr old Martin Richard. Photo courtesy of The Smoking Gun.

Suspect #2 leaving the scene of the bombing. Photo by David Green, a runner from FL.

UPDATE: April 19, 2012, 8:45 pm
Boston Police Dept. (@Boston_Police) tweeted at 8:45 PM on Fri, Apr 19, 2013:
Suspect in custody. Officers sweeping the area. Stand by for further info.



The Boston Globe has an amazing article piecing together the timeline of the brothers suspected of carrying out the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

In short, they describe the older brother as the extremist loner and the younger following his brother’s extremist idiology. Looking back at the surveillance video and pictures of the younger brother, I wonder if he was even aware of what he was a part of that day, until after. The older brother appeared to be on a mission, but the younger brother had the backpack slung over his shoulder in a non-chalant way. He took no steps to disguise his identity. He carried himself with a cocky arrogance. I’m not implying that I think he was completely unaware of his brothers’ mission, but I wonder if he realized that mission was being carried out that day. If he was aware, then his behavior and the way he carried himself in the days leading up to the Boston Marathon (on his Twitter account) and from the video surveillance and pictures of him there is far more disturbing.



One thought on “Tribute to Boston

  1. Christian says:

    My sympathy and prayers go out to all the victims and their loved ones.

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