Referring to Jim Jones, he states, “I thought he might possibly be an Englishman and not an American as he appeared to be passing himself off as.” This statement means the author of the email has been in the physical presence of “Jim Jones” to state that he “appeared“.

“I, without hesitation, forgive your disparagement and put-downs concerning the correct and only explanation…” In the post that contained the ramblings of “”, my commentary was that it was just a lengthy cut/paste of someone else’s work, and I wasn’t going to waste my time reading the nonsense that had absolutely nothing to do with this case. It was a distraction.

“My thesis is not for the feint-hearted or for those who lack the time to read and re-read:or are not inquisitive enough to pursue their own counter-research and verification before appending rebuttals.” I don’t care to be told what to do with my time. My email is “”. I never gave any “rebuttals” on the copy/pasted email from, had I, I would have done my own research.

“The novelization of true-crime reporting has done no favors and has short-changed the true connoisseur.” I find it interesting that this person, claiming to have written this novel, would speak of it not doing any favors and short-changing the true connoisseur. Speaking of “favors“, this email claims to be from the UK, where they would write this word as “favours“. If the author of this email wanted to make his writings believable, he should have done his own research and verification before hitting send.

“I do wonder why you would post anything on your webpage without reading it? Anyway, never-mind. (But next time be more circumspect because uninspected content could possibly implicate you in a felony. Ha ha ha.)” Wonder no more… I skimmed it, and it was copy/pasted nonsense. Please, pray tell, what “uninspected content could possibly implicate [me] in a felony”?

“If you furnish me with an email address…” If I furnish him wih an email address? How did he send this in the first place?

“This is a dispassionate and impartial inquiry into a particular set of serial killings…” This is interesting, Jones all use this exact phrasing. So is the blog written by Michael Dougherty or is it written by someone else?

“(COPYRIGHT (C) )” Copyright of whom? If it was a copyright of “Erwin Makinde”, then that would have been included in the parenthesis.


11 thoughts on “Drivel

  1. BabylonBarry says:

    Peg leg Pete has all the answers and names of all involved. I hope he cracks soon and releases all named involved even though I do not belive he is the killer

  2. zerodinh says:

    Hmmm… I always get 1 to 4 views from great britian each day…

  3. zerodinh says:

    coul be an american in england… all I’m saying is EVERYDAY I get at least 1 or 2 views from England, like someone there is interested in all this… so now to see this, well it’s just interesting to me.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I understand you’re playing devil’s advocate, so I’m not bothered, but I have proof beyond this wording it did NOT come from the UK. Believe it or not. I won’t post my proof because I don’t need to prove anything to anyone here.

  4. zerodinh says:

    sometimes I play devil’s advocate, others I’m just not understanding, lol. I got it now.

  5. Billy S says:

    Is it true that over 500 sock puppets have visited your blog using Optonline public hot spots to access the internet so that the feds can’t trace them?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Nope, that’s not true at all, actually. Are you trying to convince me of that? If so, you’re going to have a pretty difficult time in doing so. I read that you tried to convince Zero on his blog of this being the case and he is FAR more knowledgeable about IP addresses than I. I’ve only recently had to become familiar of how it works. I had ALL of the IP information I needed BEFORE anything was written publicly, and the damage had been done BEFORE I even launched my blog… by only TWO IP addresses. You see, Hackett was of the belief that he could convince me that 1. it was not him using that IP and 2. that he was hacking into someone else’s IP address. I did a lot of studying about how IP addresses work because of this whole thing. You may have thought of doing so before commenting in the first place, Hackett. (who is now using a Proxy server)

      • Michelle Flowers says:

        when i visit my boyfriend in islandia and we connect to the web with the public optimum wifi we all have the same ip address so i think he is telling you the correct truthfulness. uhhh… like everyone has the same ip address when connected to the public one. i found this out when my sister caught me in Long Island when I wrote on her blog and she saw i had the same ip address as my boyfriend. i was on my laptop and he was on his iPad. so it is true.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        The ONLY person you’re trying to convince is YOURSELF because I know how it works.

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