Someone must have been late for dinner…







Looks like a tall, wide-shouldered man on this desolate island. What would anyone be doing on that island between January 1, 2013-April, 2013? This image says copyright 2013. Anyone have insight into possibilities for what a person may be doing in the winter/early spring months on an island like that in NY?


13 thoughts on “Someone must have been late for dinner…

  1. nerd says:

    Wrong side of Bay anyway. Hackett launches his boat on the Inlet side, not the backside.

  2. nerd says:

    You are talking about Hackett’s son right?

  3. AMD says:

    About myself:

    About myself:

    I’m Blond 5’7 with hazel eyes and a thin/ athletic body. I’m into all kinds of sports especially skiing / snowboarding in the winter, FISHING & inline skating in the summer. I’m very fun loving and spontaneous. I consider myself open minded and nice. I enjoy sports, travel, clubs, outdoors, .. anything thats fun. I don’t mind the occasional movie but I’d rather be on the go.

  4. Chocolate Chip says:

    On his boat today.

  5. Chocolate Chip says:

    Squaw Island

  6. Chocolate Chip says:

    And look at Snake Hill Channel and the old dock on the East Shore.

  7. Chocolate Chip says:

    Also Garbage Cove.

  8. Chocolate Chip says:

    Captree B&T has good tabs on him.

  9. Chocolate Chip says:

    But Frank & Dicks absolutely knows him better. Frequent patron at the bar and grill at Frank & Dicks. Good perch there to oversee “the spots” along Ocean Parkway and the Islands like Grass Island and Little Grass Island.

  10. Cheryl says:

    Or is this “Ha ha – made you look”? All I’m saying is there is entirely too much dubious information here from “inside” sources. Your intentions have always been HONEST and UNSELFISH. But things turned. After it became personal, you could not walk away and I get that. But I have read Fluke’s comments on threads having NOTHING whatsoever to do with LISK. They stand out. They’re short, accusatory, unsubstantiated rants. Not to mention it’s the same name and boat logo ect.. Topics include, salaries, budget spending, street lights, pot holes, local politicians on and on. This is what he DOES. LISK was a godsend to him.
    Before you joined LISK, he accused many families of somehow being involved just to smear their names and businesses.
    Tooclose and the shed: maybe he made an honest mistake and maybe he didn’t but I’m sure he didn’t contact you personally to tell you things. When you FB’d the wrong people, all this began. At least I’m assuming this.
    Hackett goes here, and sits there and looks at that? What’s anybody supposed to do with this? You are too normal to understand what these trolls are like and you’re finding out the hard way. I did too. But I learned. Women are magnets for these creeps. They have NO OFF SWITCH. I had only one but that was enough.
    Please take these A -holes with a grain of salt – or better yet ignore them. This is, once again, becoming more about trolls, misinformation than it is the case. And that does not do you, your skills or your blog any justice.
    that’s all I got

  11. Cheryl says:

    Clarification. I only knew one who turned out to be a troll. Did my homework. They’re all psychos; even with families,employment and what not…But they’re about 14 yrs old in the brain and if you cross them they never let it go. They’re cowardly though.

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