Cuomo Lays Out Reform Proposals Aimed At Better Policing Government Corruption

I love this!

CBS New York

ALBANY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled a package of proposed reforms Tuesday aimed at rooting out government corruption.

Cuomo said the current state anti-corruption laws are “obsolete” and has proposed the “Public Trust Act,” which among other things, would give district attorneys around the state more power to hold elected officials accountable.

“When it comes to public integrity, you can’t have enough police officers on the beat, right? You can’t have enough sets of eyes,” Cuomo said.

url=”″ size=”340px”
download=”false” name=”Cuomo Lays Out New Reform Proposals Aimed At Better Policing Corruption ” artist=”1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports”]

The Public Trust Act would impose tougher jail sentences on people who misuse public money and bar convicted officials from holding office again, 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported.

“Crimes of public corruption should be treated more seriously than other white collar crimes because when they break the law, they also…

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