What I woke up to…


This is from my aunt’s phone in MA. Again, who the fuck is “we”? What stranger offers to pay for funeral services.

The police HAVE been notified and are investigating.

The text to my sister’s phone,

The lady n kid who hadbthis phone were in acrsh theey did not make it sorry they dont have family.


99 thoughts on “What I woke up to…

  1. you seem to have an unjustly high opinion of yourself. lol.

    bull shit. ive never received a single phone call, voicemail, or email, that was related to this case or threatening in anyway. and ive been posting tons.

    you are making this shit up.

  2. Maddalena says:

    This is chilling as I have experienced weird phone games after stating my opinion on the LISK site that I initially suspected human sacrifice as a motive for the murders. Shannon did disappear on Beltane.However, they were just hang ups and no threats, but still. I believe the killer can do things with phones that you, me, and the rest of the world would not even think of. I hope that you notified the police and make sure that you and your family stay vigilant.

  3. Cheryl says:

    If these are the same punks they’re NOT going to call a man but my question is, how would they get hold of information apart from the Admin of LISK site? If there is some other way I’m open to it suggestions.
    My thought is, if you’ve contacted someone from that site via your own address, that was enough information to go on. I contacted JJ the first couple of weeks on the site. We exchanged a few emails strictly about the case. Not too much in the way of personal. In other words; no big deal.
    About 6 months ago, I guess, “Sophia” attempting to hurl me insults, said I tried to hit on Jim Jones. OK. I let it fly because what it did was tell me that he was friends with Jim Jones. .
    Tooclose did NOT make such a naive mistake.
    Anyway Sophia JJ are friends. I personally think that JJ and Auslander are friends because “Sophia” and Auslander are one in the same person.
    If Fluke, told you TODAY, that it was Monday, April 8th 2013.
    Check the facts first before you believe him!

  4. Christian says:

    @ tooclosetohome
    I’m curious to know, what you have been posting tons of?
    All I’ve ever seen was you chasing Fluke around,defending cph.
    As well as buddying up with ps149 and psychotic linda.
    Maybe that’s why you haven’t gotten any calls or threats; you’re in with the ‘right’ crowd.
    You’ve repeatedly said that you don’t know cph and you don’t live in oak beach and you have nothing to do with this case.In your earlier posts you denied Ever living in oak beach.
    So how are you so sure cph is an innocent man? You’ve never answered that question. How do you Know anything if you’re not connected in any fashion?
    Fluke hasn’t been around posting ‘rumors’ about your precious cph.
    Is MM7 your new target? Are you going to jump on every one of her comments too?
    Why are you so overly concerned about what MM7 believes and what she has to say?
    btw… do you post using other SNs? I noticed some similarities along the way.

    Good For You !!! Most women should hold a higher opinion of themselves. Then maybe the world wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is.

  5. bullshit. i said i was there when i was young, said i DONT live there, never said i never did. also said i still have ties.

    i have posted in ws under a different name. thats all.

    why am i so concerned? can you read? are you daft?

    this is the internet. the world wide web. the entire world can read the horrible things being said about , not just the dr. but, oh about 20 families in the community. sick things. and giving false hope false information to the families of the victims.

    i know it may not be easy for the less intelligent to read and comprehend, but give it another try, huh?
    oh, and i will ‘jump’ on any lie or misinfo that is posted. and i guess, youve not read the lisk site, because if you did you would know where i posted ‘tons’.
    my problem with mm7 is that she knows the truth and is still joey’s playmate. deliberate.

  6. Cheryl says:

    Did you just say, ‘Fluke hasn’t been around posting ‘rumors’ about your precious cph’?

    Are you for real?

  7. i know that the dr. is being framed by joey scalise jr., i becameaware when he started posting out right lies about things in the community. do some research.

  8. Cheryl says:

    I don’t believe that mm7 would deliberately hurt herself.

  9. Christian says:

    I meant he hasn’t been posting lately.

  10. you meant he hasn’tbeen posting with his own screen name lately. he’s busy with the new baby and all.

  11. well, then i guess you really re still playing the game.im not.

  12. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    I am really confused. Is it CPH or JS? I’ve scoured your blog & noticed some comments by MM7 eluding to JS being the SK & then a flip flop back to CPH. Did I miss something?

  13. zerodinh says:

    I have a question… have we come to a point where most involved here think JS or CHP is the actual LISK or do some still think that niether is a killer but just tring to pin the wrap on one another for differnt personal reasons?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      You may want to hold asking this question until after my next post.

    • Cheryl says:

      Bodies and their items are being left around our area in the same manner as Shannan and others – so no. CPH is in Florida.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        That’s what he would like you and everyone else to think… make no mistake, Hackett is still pulling his sick shit on LI.

      • Cheryl says:

        POI Canarsie, Latingtown,Plum Island? Perhaps even Jugo?
        I think who ever is placing the bodies and personal items around is either a person working for the Parks Department, is a fisherman, or someone else who navigates a boat and truck and uses burlap in his working life. I’m sorry. I’m not seeing Hackett.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        You’re right. Hackett can’t be everywhere at once. This is NOT *ONLY* Hackett (as I once thought). There are many other sadistic men out there and it absolutely has to do with Brewer’s.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Btw, I think Lattingtown is one of Hackett’s, and I think that was more a victim of “opportunity” for him. She was a means to an end.

      • linda says:

        you know im with you on this..fishing season is in full swing and the summer months upon us. do you think LE has finally put surveillance cameras in place?? natasha jugo is HAUNTING me..not a spec of background info on her..i just don’t understand how LE is not watching the entire area 24 seven..

      • mysterymom7 says:

        How ’bout you go on the Natasha Jugo post and READ the background info on her that is not just pure speculation and bullshit.

      • linda says:

        will do..thanks..

      • linda says:

        the info on her father i did not know, looks like a lovely guy!..there seems to be a blackout of info regarding her friends, work ect..point is i just cannot believe, once again this has NO connection to the “gilgo” case..not again

      • mysterymom7 says:

        She was arrested in NC.

      • linda says:

        i followed the link you gave for the NY Post..what was her arrest for if i may?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        At the moment, not sure.

      • linda says:

        again when you say “boiler plate” you say a mouthful..how can LE put out statements to the public so quickly that these cases are def not related?? not wanting to cause panic for the busy summer months?? its getting silly now..and scary

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I had a private investigator check out his Ports of Iona Drive condo in Ft. Myers after I had a car come 300 yrds up my driveway and smash my lamppost and he’s not in FL…

    • Cheryl says:

      Sadly I think this case was just used as an opportunity for neighbors to attack one another. Meanwhile the killer (or killers) is still active and letting the “groupies” (JJ, Fluke, Sophia, Barnaby Jones, ps 149) attempt to distract and entertain like the useful idiots they are.
      I doubt they even know one of these, supposed, wealthy, mature Alfa males believed to be involved in these parties; but if so, it’s at a decided distance. They’re not associating with them.
      Alfa kills Beta.
      This crap was going on between these neighbors LONG before the LISK came along. It’s just disgraceful.

  14. Sunshower says:

    Hey all!
    Needed space from this case and took a break, then wanted to check on the madness and just noticed the site is down, and now there is another missing girl. Are we discussing it? This is really bizarre about Natasha. Her family hasnt spoken out at all huh? Weird. Was she living at home with them? Mother said that she thought that someone was following her…but didnt seem to take that claim seriously?? Was the girl mentally disturbed?

  15. Sunshower says:

    hehe…sorry….trying to catch up. Tried to access what I believe was her myspace page…and it wont let me. Wonder if her computer is being searched?

  16. Sunshower says:

    so hey…they closed the lisk site because of a open federal cyberstalking investigation? What does that mean? Fill me in….been away a while…things were just too nuts over there.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      They kept it up for like half a second when there was mention of a Federal investigation of cyberstalking going on. Not sure if they were forced or decided it best?

  17. BabylonBarry says:

    Sunshower = sock puppet

  18. BabylonBarry says:

    Tooclosetohome is full of crap. He or she lives in oak beach or has within the last 2 years. Easy to figure out by their websluth posts

  19. Sunshower says:

    I am most certainly not anyones sock puppet. Never have been and never will be. Im not even from LI…lol you looking in the mirror by any chance? Sick of the negativity…which is why I left the LISK site. Just want justice for these women and want to know that this sick fuck is off the streets.

  20. Sunshower says:

    I posted under the same name on LISK too…funny, I dont recall any BabylonBarry though?

  21. Sunshower says:

    I think you might be right.

  22. Sunshower says:

    Yeah, I do tell the truth. I also try not to get caught up in closemindedness about this case. I really dont think anyone in that neighborhood had anything to do with this. JB is suspicious though to me…what are the chances an escort runs from your house in fear of her life and then 10 others are found? I have a hard time dismissing him. No doubt there is corruption on OB….however this is a serial killer we are dealing with.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Like I said, at one point I thought CPH alone was the serial killer. I believe he is the “main” LISK, but I don’t believe he is responsible for every body found strangled and dumped. So I’m no longer closed-minded.

    • linda says:

      just sayin hi sunshower..im with you and vry much miss the days when we were brainstorming about LISK and victims..that seems to be lost now..vry concerned about natasha jugo, lattingtown..the focus is lost, just wanted to say im with you…dont wry about sock puppet comments..been there done that, and its best ignored

      • zerodinh says:

        lost now???? Linda this is what I mean… anything going on now was going on since the beginning of LISK.com. And you all know that, and most of you feed off it and pretend you are not part of it. But I will say, there seems to be some getting together here and usefull info, and that’s just lately so your focus is lost comment… contradicting… Did you not see nerd say good sleuthing to MM7… that blew my mind. But I agree, still so much games being played, you said I told people to get honest. What I ment was that those on here, and this includes just about everyone, all are not being truthful in what they are up to with teir comments, most of you (as I have said before) share phone calls, emails, etc, and have been for a while. so if you all really wanted to do some good for this case, the victims, the victims families, put the truth out there. I see through just about everyones contadictions, but only YOU (meaning the ones who are not being 100% honest with all this) can stop the games and actually start helping.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Blew my mind, too, then nerd started saying he’s a teen and then posted links to pics of women in cages and something about Just K (who, as far as I’m aware doesn’t comment here), then was “sleuthing members” on WS, yet continues to be a member, then flips at the mention of John Williams, then back tracks and pretends not to be capable of reading, then wants me to blame Hackett’s son… Out of control…

      • linda says:

        zero, without distraction, all some of us have done from day one is focus on the case.. getting tired of repeating myself..NOT everyone has a hidden agenda..and yes, i added to the distraction by being easily provoked..but ALWAYS went back to brainstorming and theorizing..some of us have been asking the same questions for months..”what of the newest victims?”

      • linda says:

        there have always been periods where “we all got along”…then for what ever reason a “distraction” would through things into a tailspin..cheryl i believe can explain better, as she once did for me..

      • linda says:

        Jbs house,auslander, js..are just a few topics that invited disruption of good collaboration..without fail..i never realized this till it was pointed out to me

      • linda says:

        let me also add MikeD, his name brought major distraction..anything and anyone but JBs house, where shannon ran from..its like its a purposeful act to look away from GROUND ZERO AND JB..sry for all the posts

      • Sunshower says:

        Oh yes….Auslander is always watching too…cant say a peep about him without him jumping down your throat. lol

      • linda says:

        you missed my point, could be my fault..once again: the things and people i associated with discussed things like burlap, probable jobs, fishermen ect..i have told you i will be brutally honest with you..i was just more comfortable on LISK site because sleuthing others was considered a distraction, a distraction from what some of us were trying to accomplish..all of you know more about sleuthing than me, and that seems to be all your site is dedicated to..something im not used to and out of my comfort zone..the focus has been lost, mabye just for me?? i felt most comfortable and useful when discussing the case and victims

      • Sunshower says:

        Maybe MM7 could start a thread titled…..”Other possibilities”???? just a thought …where we could hash stuff out? discuss our thoughts too?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I love the idea and seriously considered it. On my end, though, I’m getting comments riddled with misinformation and just complete BS, stuff I absolutely KNOW to be untrue. My fear is that I do hat and it will be a continuation of lisk.com and just add to the already confusing misinformation out there.

        I do enjoy being challenged with other possibilities… respectfully. The comments just aren’t coming in like that from the majority. (You and Cheryl and Babylon Barry-whom I have no clue the identity, just fyi-are the only exceptions to that.)

      • Sunshower says:

        LOL…I will not be sharing phonecalls with ANYONE on this website. I have no alterior motives for being here…I do not know anyone from Long Island even. If you really wanna know Im from MA…not NY. Go Red Sox! Haha. I come here because I genuinely want justice for these girls…I dont care what they did for work, they didnt deserve what happened to them. I want one less sick fu@& on the streets. I respect other peoples ideas and opinions…however I have a low tolerance for narrowness of mind. I think that in a case like this it will end up probably being someone that none of us have anticipated or have ever heard of before. JMO

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I, too, am from there, so GO RED SOX! I did have a narrowness, at first, and I readily admit that. Most of my theories/opinions came before ever writing a thig, and I didn’t even READ at lisk.com until Dec. 25, 2012.

      • Sunshower says:

        Hi Linda!!!
        I miss those days too…when there was solid brainstorming!! Doesnt mean we cant still do it…just sayin. Despite everything I just keep talking about the facts of the case that we know. I think with the Latiingtown victim and the most recent (although unknown whether connected) disappearance of Natasha I think its still important just to process and process the information.

        On that note…I cant access Natasha’s myspace. I am curious what you were referring to when you mentioned there was a post by her stalker.
        Why is nothing being said about this woman!!! Where did she say she was going…who was she dating….what was her emotional state. Why have LE given us nothing??? Are we missing something?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        The MySpace page is down?! There was a comment left here with the link to her MySpace page left by, who I believe, her stalker. I think she ABSOLUTELY is related to this case! Looking at the stalking behavior from this person I have experienced (spoof apps, phone taps, drones, phone calls, etc.), I’ve gained a whole different perspective on what these girls may have experienced.

        Btw, Boston’s bombing has had me distracted the past day and 1/2. How are you holding up? My huband went to school with the father who lost his 8 yr old son. Been a day of mourning.

      • Sunshower says:

        Ugh…it was weird. I finished washing my dishes, walked into the living room and just happened to glance at the tv….then I panicked. My boyfriends sister lives RIGHT THERE in the city. I sprinted to the kitchen to grab my phone to call her. Thank God they didnt give her the day off of work, because she wouldve been there and she is fine. Its scary that it is so close to home and the fact that they have no idea who did it is even scarier. We go every year to the fireworks on the Charles River….Im not sure I want to go this year knowing that someone like this is out there. Im sure they will all be on high alert….but this happened with like 1000 LE on the street. Too bad, let your gaurd down and this is what happens. So many people are seriously injured…its just senseless and cowardly…much like our LISK.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Yeah, I’d be afraid to go there, too. So many people there at once. I’ve only gone there once for the 4th; too crowded for my liking. I went down to the back bay to get out of the crowd. Glad your BF’s sister is ok! I wonder if people in the apt’s overlooking the street took pics/video. I hope they figure out who(s) did it SOON!

      • linda says:

        i didnt post anything sunshower..no brainstorming here..its cph or bust

      • linda says:

        just like the “bad ol days”…sry

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Actually, Babylon Barry said he didn’t share my opinion about CPH, and I didn’t say a damn thing. I did my research, came to my opinion, and if you come to a different conclusion, so be it.

  23. Sunshower says:

    Seriously, what is your take on Jugo. Was she suicidal or could she be a victim? Cant understand driving 30 miles out there. I find it bizarre. They dont do a good job reporting stuff in NY…still nothing on Lattingtown victim.

  24. Sunshower says:

    Can I ask you….the text you got….the topic of this thread….you got that this morning?

  25. Sunshower says:

    you got it from her phone though?

  26. Chocolate Chip says:

    Hackett on the move today.

  27. linda says:

    hey sunshower..this jusr aint the LISK site..natasha jugo. lattingtown victim..always on my mind…someones still killing while the distractions continue..just dont know any more than what im able to google..summer months are upon us..hopefully LE has cameras on the entire area

    • mysterymom7 says:

      And I don’t WANT it to be the LISK site.

    • Sunshower says:

      @linda. I agree. You would think they would have put cameras everywhere over there….I was actually surprised they didnt have them to begin with in all honesty. Still nothing on Lattingtown or Natasha. Wonder why they are so hush hush about these other cases?

      • linda says:

        all these beach areas are gonna be packed for the summer months with college kids and visitors..guess “they” don’t want to create a panic..$$$$ scary stuff..

      • linda says:

        heard from TOOClose Sunshower??r..like he disappeared on this blog?????? said he been moderated?? know anything??

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Why would you ask Sunshower if tooclose was being moderated on THIS blog run by ME? Yes, I’ve moderated him, you, and any other aliases that are disrespectful or sharing misinformation.

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