“Remy’s Angel”

Statement analysis of “Remy” Ramsaran on his missing (found deceased) wife of 13 years, Jennifer Ramsaran.

Remy’s statement and picture.

Disturbing info that Remy had an affair (although he claims it was a one time “fling”) with a friend of the couple. Knowing that info leads me to believe Remy’s wife’s disappearance was pre-meditated, organized, and orchastrated. By his statements of her depression (to lead others to believe she committed suicide), his alibi (through an unregistered charity organization to assist missing persons’ families) of being with the woman involved in the affair, and the statements he has made about the accusations of his involvement (by Jennifer’s own sister and mother), I believe there may be something greater than just his wife being murdered.


Jessica Taylor’s skull found on Ocean Parkway. Her torso was found in Manorville in 2003. She had a tattoo close to her hip of “Remy’s Angel” that was scratched off, but not to the point of it being unidentifiable.


I’m building my search of him at the moment and will add more as I come across it.

A background check shows he has ties in AZ as well as Yonkers, NY. This may be the “Remy” whose name was on Jessica Taylor’s tattoo? It may be MISinformation that he was an “African American pimp”?


21 thoughts on ““Remy’s Angel”

  1. Tracy says:

    Do you have a picture of the tattoo you could share?

  2. WomanFromCharityOrg says:

    “with a woman involved in a charity that assists the families of missing persons.” Better check your facts before posting false comments. Please show the link /proof (or otherwise) where it was stated that Remy was involved in an affair with a woman from a missing persons organization. The only missing persons organization that Remy was “involved” with was my company that represented his wife Jennifer to locate her when missing. I can assure you…there was no affair. I had to laugh at this comment as it is so far from truthful that I have not even read further..when a blog starts out with false information…it leads one to know the rest may not be worth wasting time or effort. sigh

    • mysterymom7 says:

      My apologies, I misread the news report and have not edited the post to reflect.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I have since edited the post to change the statement re: the affair. The link I provided was the source of information. The way it was written was unclear as to who the woman was that had the affair with Remy. It read as if the woman who worked for the charity organization was who he was with at the Y.

  3. WomanFromCharityOrg says:

    Thank you for the correction.

  4. warpnine says:

    “WomanFromCharityOrg” has WAY too much free time on her hands worrying about what people are saying regarding her involvement in the Jennifer Ramsaran case. She should be spending more time helping families that actually HAVE missing people, and hopefully don’t waste even more time stubbornly defending likely murderers, in this case, Jennifer’s husband. Get over yourself.

    • Tracy says:

      Isn’t she the one who chastises others for hiding behind screen names? Wears a dead raccoon on her head and skin tight stirrup pants to a media event on live camera? Invariably says “invariably,” “malicious havoc” and “bloggers,” to describe others yet holds herself to a lower standard? The one who harasses murdered women’s family members? Yes, I believe that’s her!

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Woah! Apparently there’s more to this story than I knew!

      • Tracy says:

        Yes, there is. Will fill you in.

      • warpnine says:

        that’s the one! Sorry “WomanFromCharityOrg” – you can’t censor people’s opinions here. I’m sure this blogger wouldn’t delete and verbally abuse the sister and family of a deceased and caring mother of 3 children. How dare you help someone who has only gone out of his way to make her look like a horrible person, and defend his innocense while only hearing his word and treating it as gospel. You and your organization (want me to name it? Or are you going to track me down and sue me too?) should be ashamed of your self, and quit while you’re behind. No one wants to hear from you or your psychic “event coordinator” anymore. What will you do, CC, when you’re buddy GR is all over TV in an orange jumpsuit and shackles. You picked the wrong horse to back.

      • Tracy says:

        I don’t know. Maybe prison orange is both Cynthia and Remy’s best colors? We’ll see. I do wonder of this connection – “Remy’s Angel” murder victim. Where was Remy in 2003 besides from time to time perhaps watching his wife single handedly raise their daughter? Wonder if he visited his parents in Yonkers around the time of this murder? Interesting. Remy’s a common nick name, I bet. I wonder how common it is amongst killers though?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        He may have had a “business trip”, stayed at his mom’s in Yonkers, met up with Jessica Taylor for a “one time fling”…

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Maybe his wife started to question his frequent trips to NY?

      • Worried About You says:

        Xactly why I am worried about you. Joey said your husband’s facebook is maxed-out with photos of whores and his friend list is one whore after another many from new york. something Joey said too about your husband flying up to new york city from Florida with Joanna Krupa and also meeting her in Miami behind your back?

        Any of this make any sense?

        Does your husband really have all those arrests?

        What about the drugs he was on in February when he got the DUI?

        Could he be involved with drug dealers? everyonne knows there is a drug connection to the ocean parkway victims.

        take your own advice honey-

        “Always question what’s IN FRONT OF YOU. Don’t believe the “easy” explanation.”

        protect yourself from that womanizer.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        So you talk to Joe, huh?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        If you talk to Joe, could you please get a message to him… he should have known better than to underestimate me… or my husband. I remember VIVIDLY our conversations. Then tell him never to contact me again.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Nope, I won’t censor the sister or family members of a beautiful mom of 3 gorgeous babies. I have 3 children of my own and if something happened to ME and my husband made HORRIBLE remarks about me (ESPECIALLY the comments he made about “the kids miss their OLD mom”)… I would hope he would be at LEAST a person of interest in my disappearance/murder. I’m praying the police are just building their case against him. Having an alibi with your MISTRESS… not too solid.

        Threats of lawsuits if you say/write the charity organization? You mean LostNMissing? It’s not even registered 501-c. Is she going to threaten me with a lawsuit for saying LostNMissing? Or her name… Cynthia Caron? Wow! That’s how LostNMissing rolls, huh? Maybe that’s how she makes payroll? Lol

  5. Remired says:

    Stupid Fuck Face whore. This blog is sooooo much of a joke

  6. Cheryl says:

    For real. Why?

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