Natasha Jugo


Natasha Jugo, 31

Last seen:
Appx. 4:30 pm, Saturday, March 16, 2013
213th St, Queens Village, NY (home)

Grey hoodie
Black robe
Black coat
Pink pajama bottoms
Black boots

Gilgo Beach
Toyota Prius abandoned
Personal belongings found

She is described as 5-foot-7 and 120 pounds with brown eyes and blonde hair.

Interestingly, police are stating this is not connected to the “10 remains” (because they are still lying claiming Shannan Gilbert’s death accidental coincidental a drowning an overdose exposure to the elements she just laid down and died after rmoving half her clothes making it less than 100 feet from the road because that’s what the would do unrelated) even though there is an ongoing search of the area with Suffolk County PD, Nassau County PD, NYPD, and NY State Troopers and no sign of this woman. Deja vous, much?

Maybe if they had done a thorough search of Ocean Parkway for the other 89 points of interest that the FBI Blackhawk HD imagery found, they wouldn’t have to work their way around other remains to search for this woman’s remains? Oh wait, Sandy didn’t wash bodies onto the street, so they are “confident” their looking with their eyes closed searches were “thorough”.

If they would only investigate the dungeon(s) these assholes sick sons of bitches rotten human beings murderous psychopaths monsters are hiding in plain sight right under the police’s limp dicks noses, they may actually find one of these MANY missing women ALIVE. Wouldn’t THAT be a novelty! Nevermind. That would mean they would have to get off their asses, put down their Dunkin’ coffee, and go outside in the cold. Anyone whose ever read a news article on this case knows that those high-paying, lazy assholes don’t like the cold. They need to wait until it warms up to make sure the greenery hides what they don’t want to find.

Updated to include:

This author of this article, John G. Kays, sums up the strange stories regarding Natasha Jugo’s disappearance.

Natasha is a gorgeous woman! Was she being targeted by these men to become part of their prostitution ring, and she was “uncooperative”? Is that why she was being followed? I suspect she was under the impression she was meeting a woman. She wouldn’t be going on a date dressed like that. I still wonder about the robe. If a neighbor saw what she was wearing, how did that neighbor know she had a grey hoodie under a black coat and robe? Does the neighbor have x-ray vision? I’ve gone out dressed similarly, but it would only be if I didn’t plan on getting out of my car. Are there full service gas stations in the area of her home?

There was recently a Wikipedia page made on Natasha’s disappearance. It said she immigrated from Yugoslavia (Why? Because Jugo sounds like Yugo? lol) in 2007. Not true at all.

Natasha’s father has been in plenty of trouble with the law in Yugoslavia Tampa, FL.

Natasha, herself, has been arrested in North Carolina. Alex Diaz (Shannan Gilbert’s ex driver pimp boyfriend) also has ties in North Carolina.

From her MySpace page (courtesy of her stalker who left a comment here with the link):




21 thoughts on “Natasha Jugo

  1. John W LaBarbera says:

    Is it possible that she wants to be missed. My theory being that she may have brought with her a plastic bag of clothing and stepped into the water and walked down the beach and surfaced at another point and escaped into the night. My rationale being that the footprints,I understand were from one person and were widely separate. Could she have been “prancing” gleefully to the shoreline happily envisioning that she was accomplishing her plan to disappear? I mean would not a body have been given up by the sea by now?
    She may have needed an accomplice to arrange such a daring scenario, but only a thorough police interrogation of family, friends, fellow employees and acquaintances could possibly filter this information out.
    The results of this mystery as I see it are:
    Natasha has runaway on her own accord or
    She has been swept away to sea, maybe by her own wishes or
    She was there at Gilgo Beach, for whatever reason and left with one or more people, willingly or against her will, and hopefully she is safe and healthy at this moment.
    The final possibilities are too dark to mention. Pray for and look for Natasha.

  2. Maddalena says:

    I think that whole area should be under surveillance until the killer is caught. Yes, Good old fashioned police work should be employed and LE should go knocking on doors like they did in colorado when little Jessica Ridgeway disappeared last Fall.

  3. Cheryl says:

    Sounds like she willingly went there to meet someone. From her clothing, it doesn’t sound like she planned to be out too for long.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      From her clothing, it doesn’t sound like she ever planned to get out of the car. Sounds more like going to get gas and… ?

      • Sunshower says:

        The way she was dressed is very strange. Reminds me of when I run out of cigarettes….run out for two seconds in my pjs….only running into one store then heading back home. Why hasnt her family been more vocal about where she was going or who she was?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Same here with the smokes. I believe her father is in prison. I wonder if it was REALLY her mom interviewed or if was an over the phone thing?

  4. linda says:

    buy drugs?

  5. Cheryl says:


  6. Sunshower says:

    Doesnt even make sense…the report, “it is likely she committed suicide because she thought people were following her”….wouldnt your first thought be….ummm…. maybe she was actually being followed? Who drives 30 miles to commit suicide?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Lol RIGHT! Plus, do you know how HARD it is to drown? I don’t think I’ve EVER heard of anyone successfully committing suicide by WALKING INTO THE WATER. It’s asinine to even SUGGEST that!

      • Sunshower says:

        Yeah…no kidding. But if she was a victim of foul play, lets say she ran to the store to get cigarettes and someone got into her car and abducted her…how did they leave Gilgo beach, the fact that her car was abandoned there is weird to me.

        Seems more likely that she was meeting someone there.

        If she did walk into the water to drown herself….what are the chances of her being pulled out to sea rather than washing up on shore?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        There’s obviously more than one person involved. Unless her abductor crossed the street and went into a familiar neighborhood???

        If she walked into the water and drowned, her body would have ABSOLUTELY washed on shore at some point.

  7. Sunshower says:

    Maybe they should check Manorville for her.

  8. Sunshower says:

    Did a little research and came across this.
    Missing Marisha Cheong…

    Here is a google map of the area…Where Marisha was found, where she was supposed to be picked up, as well as where Natasha lives…we all know where her car was found so I didnt include it. Might be nothing but thought it was interesting.,Breezy+Point,+Queens,+NY&gl=us&sa=X&ei=fl5lUdPhHZS_0QHD2YHYBQ&ved=0CKEBELYD

  9. Sunshower says:

    Ugh, not good with the maps….sorry that link wont bring it up….think I need to save it or something.

    If you are interested,
    set destination A as Breezy Point,
    B as 213th street queens,
    and C as forest hills, queens

  10. zerodinh says:

    again with Florida???? I guess it’s an east coast thing, everyone in N.Y. has a summer house in Florida, but Natasha adds to the bizare mysteries and coincedencs that just keep coming. And with her father/florida connection it seems like all of this has to be connected, we are now being asked to accept to many coincedences… why does it seem like if a few of you would just get together and stop the games, that you might be able to do some REAL good here. well games are not, i will say this, that seperate you look suspicious and shady, but together you start making some sense…
    Now what is with AMD posting Natasha’s MYSPACE?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I’m rather insulted that you would insinuate that this is a “game” to me or that I’m “playing games”. I hold great value on my integrity, and not sure if you’ve seen the pictures, but I am being STALKED-in person AND online. Shit is being made up about me and my husband with twisted truths because I’ve been STALKED. My phone calls that I once believed were PRIVATE have been posted with twisted truths and used to VICTIMIZE myself and my family. This is NOT a GAME! This was never even about ME until me and my family got DRAGGED into it. This was about MURDERED VICTIMS… that my ONLY intention was to seek justice for them and their families. In the grand scheme of things, if not for the incessant staking, I may have stepped away. I’ve unpublished so many comments from this ONE stalker, the file is HUGE. He’s given info he probably shouldn’t have made me aware of-like how to successfully steal identities (like a 5’5″ black male with two different dates of birth) and how to get away with murder (top of the list: set someone up). So, PLEASE, stop insinuating I’m playing a game here. The only game being played is by the one doling out the Myspace link of his latest victim and a link to his victim’s sex ad last updated AFTER her death and AFTER the death of Amber Lynn Costello (since he didn’t have her phone to play head games with her family/friends). How does he have these links? He’s a STALKER!

      • zerodinh says:

        first off games are being played here, wherther you are a part of them or if they are being played on you i don’t know. Just about everyone i have talked to thinks you have ither purposely or blindly being led by Fluk have distorted this case, and I have stuck up for you, simply because it seems at least to me that you are being honest about being stalked and I have always said if you are stay on it and make sure who ever is doing it is help responsible. But not playing games… please i don’t know if any of you can say that. You may have your reasons, but games are being played with the TRUTH. Mellissa is one who has come to me and warned me that you have let trolls takeover and confuse the case, and you were the one who told me it was really Melissa! Others have mentioned you are writting a book and are being decietfull in your blogs purposely. which i know you have heard people accuse you of. Listen up everyone… you can pretend you are not doing what you are accusing the other of doing, but truth is MOST if not ALL of you are not being totally truthfull if only because you don’t trust eachother… go ahead and tell me I’m wrong… but you all know I’m not. Please don’t anyone misjudge me. I am a knowere of truths and definately know when people aren’t being so. So get mad at me, anu of you, all of you… I don’t mind, cause i am 100% truthfull here, I have nothing to hide. But i will be honest with all of you. so if you can’t take it, I suggest you all get honest, i keep saying that and you all keep insisting you are… but WE all know this is not true.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        With regards to fluke, I was absolutely in contact with him, but only AFTER I had formed my OWN opinions. His information either confirmed or denied my opinions, and he had names and dates and his info may have gone out to the masses scatterbrained, but in phone conversations, I was able to take the info and process it solo.

        Fluke mentioned a shed burning down in the neighborhood. Too close said there were NEVER two sheds in the neighborhood. Which one is telling the truth? According to Google Earth history, there were, in FACT, two sheds at one point. What motive would fluke have to say the shed even EXISTED if he had some involvement? Why would too close lie about something that can be PROVEN FACT?

        If you take into account how I had a friggen drone and I live in Florida and I’ve NEVER had PHYSICAL contact with ANYONE REMOTELY involved, then it would be safe to assume that fluke, a neighbor, has ALSO been stalked-for much longer than I. If MY phone conversations have been tapped into, then it would be safe to assume fluke’s have been, too.

        You have to ask yourself what motive I would have to PURPOSELY mislead an investigation. A book? Not in the least, I’m too ADD. Covering? For whom? Fluke? Someone I’ve never met? Fame? I did everything I COULD to stay anonymous with my beliefs/opinions. Money? I’m a stay at home mom because my husband makes enough money for me to stay home with our children. So what would my motive be?

      • zerodinh says:

        Yes, but there are many who would say these statements are not true… and I have told you and the others, unless you can prove what you are saying (and I’m not saying you have to) but unless you do, my mind is open and NOBODY is going to make mine up for me. And you just recently posted that open minds were a good thing.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Absolutely! I think I’ve posted plenty of evidence of my stalker’s crap as well as a copy of the lawsuit stuff. I did see a comment (that was the same on my blog I didn’t publish) that it can’t be trusted. It says on the FIRST PAGE that it’s a COPY. So… I can’t prove beyond that. Had I mentioned the drone without a pic, I could understand doubt. Had I mentioned the text from my aunt’s phone (hidden to protect her identity), and not shared a screen shot, I could understand doubt.

        The reason I don’t want to read/comment on your blog is not because of some temper tantrum. It’s because I HATE LIARS and I HATE being LIED ABOUT. It is so hard for me not to want to explode when I read the lies written about myself/family/husband. Please imagine your identity revealed and your phone conversations were used in twisted ways in an attempt to turn suspicion on YOU (or your husband/wife).

        All the accusations that I’m trying to “frame” Hackett for murder… and the stalking of ME. Hmmm…

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