Single Killer

During the time that Dormer was the police Commissioner, he stated during a public legislation hearing that he believed there was a single killer responsible for the bodies found on Ocean Parkway. Until that point, police had stated they believed there were 2+ killers. When Spota got to the podium, he verbally berated Dormer’s single killer statement in a very uncomfortbly public way. There was very obvious tension between the two men. This was the end for Dormer’s career as police Commissioner.

There was a pubicized correction in the media that the police believed more than one person responsible for the victims on Ocean Parkway. This sent the public out looking for more than one killer.

Now the police are saying that the 10 bodies on Ocean Parkway are the work of only one killer. Why would they publicize that over 2.5 years after they stood their ground on a multiple killer theory? Once they pin the murder on a dead man find their one killer, they will be done with the investigation and free to sit on their asses collecting a pension for not really doing jack shit.


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