My husband


My husband owns his own business and is extremely successful at what he does. His intelligence, hard work and dedication affords him the ability to work from home while providing for myself and our children. It has also afforded me the ability to stay home and raise our children.

I was raised to believe I could be anything I wanted, and I know I’m destined to be more than just a housewife. I choose to be home to make sure my children are nurtured by me, and my husband’s business has made it possible for me to do so.

I find it very odd that ps149 is going back and forth claiming I’m me, and I’m Dorothy Price Hill, and I’m me again, and then I’m a sock puppet of Flukeyou, and then I’m me again… MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND!

What kind of MORON says, “Hmmmm… Clients in NY,” when referring to a company that does business with the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE which is located IN NY? What a dumb shit ps149 is!

My husband did want me to thank you for plugging his info on the site. He also said you’re an impotent little prick for having a WOMAN call to bitch at him instead of being a man and telling him your thoughts yourself.


I see where this is pointing… at you being a complete whackjob.

All those people have different jobs in the industry, and for the record, your buddy “Joey Brewer” was a FINANCIAL ADVISOR not a BROKER.


2 thoughts on “My husband

  1. zerodinh says:

    MM7, the subject of your husband has come up in one my blogs: catfish & serial killers part 1. someone had posted mugshots in the comments. don’t know if they are of your husband or not, but thought you should check them out.

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