Connecting the dots

Since I was a kid, I loved doing connect-the-dots. It seems so simple now, but as an adult, connecting the dots takes a lot more time and effort than it once did.

To get to the bottom (or top) of the issue at hand, dots need to be connected. I have connected some interesting dots. The dots lead to a disturbing world I was once blissfully unaware of.

Here is a list of dots that are becoming connected:

Moniker Online Services, LLC
Created: March 4, 1999

Monte Cahn-CEO

20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201
Pompano Beach, FL

1007 N. Federal Highway Suite 311
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Transamerica Corp v. Moniker Online Services, LLC
December 4, 2009-Florida

IB4 Media, LLC
Created: February 15, 2000
registered to Moniker

35587 Highway 9 Suite 108
Freehold, NJ

3 Carlton Pl
Morganville, NJ
IB4 Media, LLC
Created: August 14, 2007
Registered to Moniker

3587 Highway 9 Suite 108
Freehold, NJ

Seevast Corp.
680 5th Ave Fl 10
New York, New York

phone: 212-710-4260

Seevast Management Team

Jaan Janes: President, Business & Product Development of Seevast General Manager of SyndiGO.

Jeff Kamikow President:Sales & Operations of Seevast

Dave Casion: Chief Technology Officer

Michael Collins: Vice President of Software Development

Lance Podell-CEO
Seevast umbrella company


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