Do you recognize this person?



142 thoughts on “Do you recognize this person?

  1. linda says:

    cristen, you have my email, use it whenever you like. im glad we spoke, really. at this point, posting here may lead back to more drama. you know how to reach me, and we’re on LISK everyday

    • zero says:

      That’s so funny… you not wanting drama… You go to the other sites to talk about the drama here, you called this blog dark and no help to the victims, and then you reach out your hand, I can help you MM7. Man, I am truly in awe of you. Heres another one of your flip/flop posts from
      linda on February 9th, 2013 at 1:42 pm
      thats what i would do to protct my family..a lawyer and the FBI…not taunt a serial killer..i mean..what kindfof shit goes on here…PLEASE NO MORE MOM PLEASE

      As you flip flop once again from accusing MM7 being stupid and misled to showing concern for MM7 you actualy wrote “taunt a serial killer” ither a slip up there or a masterful play at confusing MM7. It is no onder MM7 has accused most of you of being CPH. I almost believe one of you are. But to me that’s not important, I am not a cop nor am I in any situation to catch the LISK. But Looking over these posts to see who is playing games and confusing these blogs for real… well as I have stated before, I’m good at finding the truth.
      But it sounds like you might run away now that someone smart with an outside view has gotten involved. I hope not though, cause as I have stated in my many drawn out replies, you intrigue me, and I’m just getting in to this.

  2. linda says:

    enjoy your research of me. keep in mind i never attacked MM7 until she started calling me a killer and the rest of the bloggers a part of the sure MM7 mentioned this?/ another waste of resources..if MM7 has been threatened before, why is she pleading for help from LISK members?? she got her support?? oh well free country..can i not be abrasive and defensive, yet show compassion?? start with that question

  3. linda says:

    MM7 any support for those of us that reached out…hmmm

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Sorry, but I agree with zero’s statements. Zero hasn’t written anything that I haven’t thought myself. I may have written you privately, but my suspicions are now on EVERYONE who seems to have inside knowledge of the people and the area. You seem to be fully capable of defending yourself. Unless I read threats or personally derogatory statements other than one’s suspicions or pointing out personal observations of others, I will let the comments continue.

  4. linda says:

    people have different sides..whats “wild” is how kindness is something people question with suspicion..sad statement

  5. linda says:

    its not that complicated..sry to disappoint

    • zero says:

      It’s very complicated to anyone who does not truly know who is on the other side of these posts. Although this is a reply to linda’s posts, this is for all the anonomous posters on here, from Fluke to CPH. I am not a sleuther I just came apon this craziness looking for more info on a case that had puzzled me as it obvously has some of you. And among these strange posts it just became more bizarre. MM7 may feel she’s owes appologies, but from an outsiders view, alot of you have been playing games with this whole situation and besides you all hide behind a sn. Anyone can be anyone and most of you used this to keep the madness going. Now if MM7 now thinks CPH (person not SN) is inoccent and feels she defamed him she might think she’s owes him an appology. But I believe he was long under suspicion by some of the victims families long before MM7 got involved. But again, since none of you claim to realy be CPH she ows no one here appolgies in my view. One of you actuly took on the SN CPH, so she had reason to doubt just about everyone, including me. But I obviously don’t have the kind of info everyone on here does (I wish PS149 and Fluke would be honest about where there info comes from) I’m an outsider from all this and in my view, most of you owe MM7 appologies, some of you guys are scadalous. And just to put it out there I would never get threatning in my posts, I’m a pacifist and no longer have need for name calling and fight picking (especialy online). I was just trying to point out what these posts look like to someone not involved in all this. And I think I did that. So I’ll get back to saving the world, and let you guys get back to your games, though it seems now MM7 isn’t so keen to be played by you guys any longer. If this was just some dumb game and no one here has any true ties to the case, then it was pointless anyway and only distracting from anyone tring to help this case. And if there is real danger involved for MM7 then I guess it is also good for it to stop, though I wish the truth of ANYONE involved in these posts that is also connected to the case would come out without endangering anyone. Oh well I will leave it at that, for I do tend to go on…

      • zero says:

        I wish comments had spell check. That was so hard to read back…lol.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Lol don’t worry about it.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Thanks for that comment! I read it yesterday, but couldn’t find the words to show my appreciation.

        I have said some pretty horrible things about CPH and those I believed were his sock puppets. For that, I’ve apologized because I can admit and take responsibility for my words/actions. I never met CPH or anyone he knows/associated with, so I took my assumptions and ran with it. The words I chose surprised me because it is not at ALL like me to say such horrible things.

        This has been emotionally and mentally draining for me. Until my identity was put out, I had the “protection” of anonymity. That is gone for me while the rest of those commenting still have their anonymity.

        I would encourage those to put themselves in my shoes. Imagine putting your theories/opinions out anonymously and every identifying detail for someone to find you. It’s not a good feeling.

      • linda says:

        Zero, you must understand at some point, many of us were accused of horrendous acts, many..and no, she did not hold back on the name calling, used very just disgusting words that put people on the defensive. If i hounded YOU for months proclaiming You are a killer, what exactly do you think that would feel like?? how do you begin to defend?? all the while being called venomous names..its over now..i hope we can all move forward and grow, INCLUDING me

  6. linda says:

    and yes, using the name Cristen is more personal?? what is the big mystery?? its how i felt..last time..this is the worst hate mail i have seen..i dont stalk her..she invited me to her blog and i started too deep..nor have i ever been a member of another learing just like you..its more difficult than i ever imagined..peace

  7. linda says:

    apparently you havent read all the porn and drug poems?? you bet im running..its been a year of torture..good luck with your sure the victims are grateful..LATER

  8. linda says:

    your looking for a fight but that takes two..enjoy but any attn drawn to me is a complete waste and detour from the facts of this case

  9. linda says: pleaded for help and support..why play with people emotions..good luck..

  10. linda says:

    you also stated publicly that your apology was sincere?? these are your just the only sucker that fell for it

  11. linda says:

    you pleaded for the safety of your kids…how could you do that?? align yourself with whomever you track record sucks and you have hurt countless people by your own choose to forge ahead can’t have it both ways..good bye

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I have chosen to align myself with… myself. I AM alone in this because NOBODY is trustworthy to me at this point.

      My views about this case have changed. I am staying silent on that front for the safety of myself and children.

      I won’t go public with my changed viewpoint until I am good and ready.

  12. linda says:

    so be here SOLELY because you invited..then AGAIN to safe

  13. linda says:

    and it goes without saying, people will forgive and trust you when they’re good and ready..good luck to you

  14. zero says:

    wow… changed view point? MM7… that is big being that you were so convinced, but I understand, I have read most of the posts if not all the posts left on this blog and the ones that I could find in that had to do with this situation. ( I wish I could see the ones on WS) and the flip flop of the posts, and the badgering of the posts, and the just strangeness of all the posts, that with all the info people were posting. But I would love to know what changed your mind and what you now believe. But I also understand why you want to be more careful. I will stay tuned to your future blogs.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I can no longer see the posts on WS. It may be a good thing since I may have continued “chasing my tail”.

      I was able to speak more freely with my anonymity. Now that I don’t have that anymore, it’s still an open case, and the threats against myself and kids, it’s best if I keep the latest developments as quiet as possible.

      It will come out eventually. I can say that I no longer believe it’s one person. I can say I don’t know if CPH is as deeply involved as I did, if at all.

      I’m not trusting that anything I believed is truth. I’m going back to the beginning.

  15. maineiacgirl says:

    I still think it’s hillarious you think you’re going to solve this case !
    LMAO !
    Too freakin funny.
    Look at the poeple you talk to and trust, the CRAP you allow on this blog and the shit you pull with anyone that allows you to pull it.
    YOU need serious licensed help – of the psychiatric kind

  16. zero says:

    I’m gonna say this one last time, I have read all the posts (othere then on WS, can’t get on there) Amd all the games and names calling were on bothsides but mostly stacked on the side of people claiming to be who they are not. MM7’s suspicions were not so far from the truth. Weather you cal it “catfish” or “Sockpupets” it is obvious to me that people on these sights are pretending to be other people. I mean we had an appeareance by the Drifter, right. The fact that a few of you continued to go to MM7’s page is a little wierd, cause if you just thought she was a crackpot you’d just writr her off as niaeve and stupid and leave it at that. But Alot of you continued it. Linda I could point out alot of stuff in your posts that make me suspect your sinceriety. But I feel I will only complicate things more. But you post much different on theses pages then on (which by the way none of my post on there are ever posted) Ypou tell me on here that I don’t know the hurt MM7 caused people, that this is gone on for 2 years, then on you go on and on about how new you are to this and was played to look like a fool. You change from knowing quite a bit about what’s going on and who everyone is to being confused and worried for people’s saftey. There are many other tell tell signs throughout all these posts. And Linda I don’t mean to pick on you, I just like you the most, everyones posts, including MM7 on here at times seem “not right”. Like I said before, I don’t know if the LISK is among these posts, but some people with alot of knowledge are playing games on here. And those I have showed these posts to also see it. As far as you all are concered I’d say “trust no one”. One last thing, I truely don’t know anything about MM7, she could be playing games as well, but the fact that the rest of you act like she (and fluke’s sockpuppets) are the only one playing games also puts up a red light to me. The posts are there for any one to see. And one last thing, if there is people invoilved with this case in these posts, someone (authority of some kind) will eventually look at these posts and see what I have seen. And if then some truths might just come out. Meanwhile you all can keep throwing ideas at eachother, but it is obvious with people in here with info that the rest of us don’t have, more games then sleuthing will continue to go on, have fun!

    • zero says:

      LOL, that was 2 last things!

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Thanks for your input as always! …even if you suspect I’m playing games, too. 😉 One day we may all get down to the truth. I sure as shit hope so! (‘Scuse the potty mouth) I don’t like to waste my time and I’d be pissed at myself if I spent all this time for naught.

    • linda says:

      zero..i AM new to blogging..ive read on the LISK site for two yrs, started posting after a serious accident because i cant work..i have always had differences w MM7. However, i also have always defended her right to privacy..I have FALLEN for her sincerity many times. i am now COMPLETELY wary of anything she says..i am good at seeing through lies as well..and YES i have definitely let my emotions get the best of me on LISK ashamed each time, and have publicly said so..once again my name shows up on a site accusing me of being someones murderous ex husband?? i will do my best to ignore those accusations in the future.

      i appeared on MM7 site because she invited me..then mostly human..i’m ashamed of that too..i’m hoping you continue to post on LISK forum, as that is the only place i’m hoping to post moving forward

      • linda says:

        And yes zero, we on LISK,including MM7, have changed our minds on certain one has ever reported FACTS, except her and fluke..all proven to be lies which she “apologized” careful buddy..

      • linda says:

        If you think those of us on LISK blog know “too much” about this case, Poster on WS will blow your mind..they are extremely knowledgeable and amazed by there research..The reason you we can no longer even read on that site is because MM7 was stealing information from them..why don’t you ask her about it..Posters on WS also planted false info to trick MM7..she took the info, claimed it as her own research, then WS busted her red handed..ask her about it..i dare you

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I never put things out as “FACTS”. How many paranoid schizophrenics view the LISK site? Are you all writing from the looney bin? Do the people who run the facility know you’re using the internet?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Linda, let’s set the record straight here. I posted the link on the LISK site and encouraged EVERYONE to read/comment since I’m not fond of talking to myself. So don’t think you got some special invitation. Stop being a nut, please. Zero can read and form his/her own opinion. Based on his/her blog, it seems he/she is able to formulate an opinion without your badgering, “BELIEVE MEEEEEE! DON’T BELIEVE MM7!” Geez! Get a fricken grip!

  17. zero says:

    @mm7 not sure you are playing games, I believe you are either like most people in these posts, you are not who you claim you are. If that is true then you are much more cunning then the rest.Because you let a fake idenity get leaked out that isn’t even you. Very clever and sinister. Or more likely you are who everyone says you are and being fooled by others (at times , at least) playing this game and probably scared for you and your families safety. Now it could be a mix of the 2, but I believe it is either one way or the other. This comes mainly do to your new posts, and since I don’t know Jim Jones and can’t find out which version of the story is true, yours or PS149. But I am once again thrown into confusion… very good everyone…lol. But it is obvious… this little circle of posters know quite a bit. If you are who you claim to be I hope the truth comes out and validates what you have gone through and helps the victims and all those in this case get the answers they need and deserve. If you are a devious one, and one amongst a few others in here, well then this all just went from bizarre, to really scary… for everyone.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I’ve been set back in finishing up a post with a lot of supporting facts. I’ve had to go through taking some more screen shots and I still have a family to care for that also requires my time and attention. I may have finished the follow up post tonight if I didn’t have to go off on a tangent after ps149 flipped his shit.

      Did you see my latest posts? You can read the lies from ps149 for yourself. I took screen shots of our emails since he tried, once again, to discredit me and call me a liar.

      Obviously, Dorothy is being wronged just like I was, but for her, it’s FAR worse because her personal email and PHONE NUMBER were posted… not to mention she lives in NY!

      • zero says:

        wow, now see if she lives in NY, PS149’s comment about her in Florida is really misdirecting, again making it imposible to truly know who is who. But since everyone seems to know you as who they outed you as, then you have no connection so and are probably just who you claim to be and again I hope you and everyone get some answers soon. Notice I did say probably, lol, the games blow me away. I think I will fit this into my blog.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Wow! Is that how it reads from the outside? I’m gonna add another pic of me… with palm trees.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Did you read my latest posts? It might help clear some confusion.

  18. zero says:

    By the way, I have tried to post on for a few weeks now but nothing ever gets posted, this is puzzeling to me.

  19. zero says:

    I read the posts, again, not confused like that, just it is impossible to know really who anyone really is. if you were someone involved in this case, Like it seems everyone on is (LOL) then what PS149 is saying could make sence, but he is the one who exposed you (right?) so my gut tells me, he and his girl linda are the confusers and the ones with (it seems) something to hide. But since it seems I’m in this tell I see some answers to all the questions, I’m gonna keep an open mind to who everyone might be.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Lol it DOES seem everyone involved on is involved or has some personal reason to be there. I only started commenting there because I got kicked out of WS for “sleuthing other members”. I didn’t even READ on because it seemed like a bunch of nut jobs flappin’ their yaps. I guess that’s probably why I was so naive about the whole “sock puppet” thing in the first place. I obviously picked the wrong person to trust. In compiling all the info for my drafted post, I went back to read some older comments. Wow! I had NO IDEA what had been going on on for the past couple YEARS!

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Oh, and, technically is was “Kristinsaysso” who first put my info out on, but now it’s ps149 putting my name out AGAIN. I don’t know WHERE lida read her name. Did you see her name in all that whining that ps149 was writing? I didn’t. Lmao! It’s STRANGE, to say the least!

      • linda says:

        read the link from dorothy..she names me and MD as sockpupets..just like you..and now mysteriously her husbands names appears on your FACTUAL party list..its done

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I didn’t read ps149’s link… he’s off his rocker. I saw all I needed to see in his post. I’m not Dorothy, so I wouldn’t know what she was writing or where. I’ve only seen her posts on the lisk facebook page.

  20. linda says:

    and she gives her phone number out numerous times..have you even read the entire link?? zero right you are scary. the question is WHY..mabye zero can figure it out

  21. linda says:

    And it is you who gave out JJs full name and place of disgusting and irresponsible.. hypocrite..i wish i never defended you..and i have!! the whole time you were calling me a killer!! yes even then!! stupid..and you SWEAR you care about peoples right to privacy!!

    You supposedly lied to JJ,” little white lie”, as you put it, and PROMISED him you wouldn’t put his info out deserve all you get in return

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Oh please! Spare me your crybaby bullshit. My full name, husband’s name, our phone number’s, including my husband’s BUSINESS number got plastered all over that site. Not to mention saying my husband rapes our kids… fucking hypocrites the bunch of you! His name is NOT JIM JONES, it’s MICHAEL DOUGHERTY!

  22. linda says:

    Why are you and dorothy so disrespectful of “JJ” are tied to her big time!! she sounds JUST LIKE make it so easy, really

  23. zero says:

    where can I read what Dorthy is bloging or posting?

  24. Daniel Borders says:

    See you soon, CPH.

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