How did he get this picture?

BDSM was mentioned by ps149 as a possible connection to the LISK. He was either leading the readers of WS in the wrong direction or he was giving intimate knowledge of how LISK found his victims.

He had first posted this picture:

The significance of this particular event flyer is damning. Amber Lynn Costello was never reported missing. It was only when her body was found and she was identified and the last person to see her (her roommate) thought it was around Sept. 2, 2010. It could be that her killer vetted her at that Vendetta at the Beach party and picked her up days later, or it could be her killer “brought” her to that party. This is my speculation based on the LISK’s stalking habits.

Her killer would be aware of the threats made against ALC on UG and that her home address and number were posted on that site he regularly trolled.

So when ps149 posted more on the BDSM link with pictures, I was curious how he had come across this site and the attached pictures.

He attached the picture he said looked like SG along with a picture of her the media has released:

This picture, I thought, was eerily similar to SG. I didn’t know SG to have a tattoo by her hip, but ps149 said, “Pay no attention to the fake tattoo.” I did an image overlay using the above image and the headshot given by ps149:

The opacity level of the overlay is at 130 out of 200. When I lined up SG’s eyebrows over the pic from that website, every other facial feature matched perfectly. The corners of her eyes, the nose, the chin, the lips, even the part of her hair matched. So where did ps149 get this picture?

Since ps149 gave a link to the picture, I didn’t get a screen shot of it while it was on that site. The other pictures remained while the one above was pulled from that site less than 24 hours after ps149 posted that link on WS. Luckily, he had attached the above picture in a post on WS, so I was able to save it.

The second link that ps149 posted was to a page of pictures he said looked like “one of the GB4”:

I’m not sure if this is significant since it’s hard to see the tattoos to confirm if it is one of the GB4 victims. These pictures were pulled a few days after ps149 posted the link.

Ps149 mentioned that he thought the above pictures looked to be taken at The Dungeon. The only way that he would know what The Dungeon looked like is if he had been there himself.



So how did he come across that website? Why did that one pic get removed while the others remained? Is that really SG or one of the GB4 victims? How does ps149 know what The Dungeon looks like? Is he connected to these “Vendetta” parties? Is that how he is able to anonymously stalk his victims? More questions…

2 thoughts on “How did he get this picture?

  1. BabylonBabyDoll says:

    Well, don’t knock the BDSM scene unless you’ve tried it! It runs from mild, fantasy play to more degrading, abusive stuff but I steer clear of the stuff ranked to the extreme.

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