Inconsistencies Revisited












I’ve noticed and made note of inconsistencies I’ve read. Many things have been written well before I was ever aware of this case. Again, it’s hard to see the inconsistent statements when they’re mushed in between real comments from people really trying to bring something to the table to help.

9 thoughts on “Inconsistencies Revisited

  1. linda says:

    i guess your readers will never know i am the only person in recent memory that came to your defense…or the horrible accusations i forgave, because you asked me matter..whatever your cause i wish you well.. i could are less what you believe about me, however i dont find myself on bit as interesting as you do..

    your readers will also never know you invited me to post here, then two weeks later i get an insane voice mail..

    if it is your intention to make me feel stupid and have achieved your goal..

    how this proves you’re being stalked by a killer?? ill let your readers decide..

  2. zero says:

    Linda confuses me…

  3. CPH says:

    She’s not being stalked Linda, she’s just a paranoid loser with nothing better to do then live in her own delusional world. She should be worried about raising those dog faced kids of hers instead of thinking the LISK case is a fucking joke. Stupid cunt.

  4. linda says:

    linda is confused herself???

  5. zero says:

    I have been looking into this weird case (lately I’ve been somewhat obsessed with it) and if it wasn’t confusing enough I came across you websleuthers yesterday and all I can say is, “wow bob wow!” Now I am not only following the cases timeline, but also mysterymom7’s as well. Is this all for real?

    • mysterymom7 says:

      It’s all for real. I’m the only author of the blog posts/pages. The comments can get a bit confusing thanks to the trolling. I stand by everything I have written myself on this blog. All comments have my “Seek Truth” picture that only I can use.

  6. CPH says:

    The only inconsistancies are in your fucking brain waves bitch, and your chemical balances.

  7. zero says:

    I get all the fake sns it doesn’t confuse me. I just wonder who are sleuths, who are really connected to this case, and who are just internet bullies.

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