If you don’t follow the information handed out by the “regulars” of certain websites, it is difficult to determine the inconsistancies from the comments made by those active “regulars”. On the website specific to this case, you can form 3 distinct groups: those seriously searching for the truth, those curious but not invested, and the “distraction”.

When the “distraction” is coming from an alias that becomes “known” and questioned, the alias changes but the “distraction” continues. One has to wonder the motive of any alias meant to confuse, distract, point fingers, ramble about irrelevant issues, and comment on the other alias’ personally (to discredit, accuse, misdirect, chastise, etc).

I fall into the group of wanting to find out the truth. There isn’t much to work with. In the absence of facts, I use common sense, and think, “The simple answer is the most likely.” This brings me to the conclusions I’ve surmised about this case.

1. Missing women/men/a child were found murdered on Ocean Parkway.
2. Body parts of 3 of the victims found on Ocean Parkway were also found in Manorville and Fire Island as far back as 1996.
3. The serial killer must have, at some point between 1996-2003, dismembered his victims.
4. There are unsolved cases with similar circumstances of dismemberment until approximately March 2007.
5. For unknown reasons, the serial killer stopped dismembering his victims.
6. SG went to a neighborhood on Ocean Parkway on May 1, 2010.
7. SG was at a home in that neighborhood between 2 am-4:51 am.
8. At 4:51 am, SG made a 23 min call to 911. Logic tells me she didn’t call 911 to discuss the weather or her occupation.
9. Approximately 7 pm on May 1, 2010, SG’s mother received a call from CPH, or at least someone claiming to be CPH. As a mother, myself, logic tells me that a mother trying to find out what happened to her daughter would not lie. Lying about that would potentially throw off the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance. I don’t believe that to be her character.
10. Until April 12, 2011, CPH denied making any phone calls to MG, which is the most likely reason the press could not release that information. It was also likely the SCPD asked MG not to discuss that information with the media until CPH was questioned.
11. CPH said, “This family needs closure and we need to find this girl if she is alive.” My interpretation of that statement is that if she is not alive, he does not want SG to be found. Most people would word that phrase, “This family needs closure and we need to find this girl.”
12. Dec. 5, 2011, the SCPD said they would not stop searching until SG’s body was found.
13. Dec. 6, 2011, SG’s belongings were found in the area neighbors claimed SG “ran into the marsh”, directly into CPH’s back yard.
14. SCPD Commissioner stated SG most likely drowned or she died from exposure… before her body was found.
15. It was in the 50s on May 1, 2010, and SG would have been running (increases body temp), and she was outside from approximately 4:51 am until 5:14 am (SCPD claims they arrived approximately 10 min after BB’s 911 call she made at 5:22 am). So we are to believe she died from weather exposure after being outside and running after less than an hour in 50 degree weather? My common sense says no friggen way.
16. CPH lied to media about the phone calls to MG, until he was shown the record, and finally admitted to calling MG AND SG’s sister. Common sense tells me you don’t need to lie if you don’t have anything to hide.
17. If he could lie about a phone call he could have explained easily if he had told the truth to begin with, what else did he lie about?
18. CPH is now saying that if he is such a liar, why was he telling the truth to MG and neighbors about “treating SG”. In order to lie successfully, there is usually a shred of truth hidden in the lie. It’s a matter of weeding out the truth from the lie that is most difficult. Did he tell the (half)truth to MG and neighbors? Is he telling the (half)truth now? There is probably a shred of truth in both claims he is making. He just doesn’t remember which (half)truth he stated and to whom.

2 thoughts on “Inconsistancies

  1. zero says:

    Piecing all the info is so hard… is CPH now admiting to have seen SG that night and giving her something… I thought he was still denying this?

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