The lengths…

For the past few months, and almost on a daily basis, I get a text alert that my Facebook password is incorrect. This happens most often around 2 am, while I’m asleep. Who would go through such lengths to get ahold of my private pictures, messages, contacts, etc.?

It came as no surprise when I checked my email this morning that someone tried to reset my password for this blog, while I was asleep. Who would go to such lengths to silence me?

I chose WordPress as my blog space after researching which blogs have the best SECURITY. That’s right, yours truly is not a complete moron like you had hoped.

Your desperation to not be caught is going to be your downfall. Remember the “Perfect Murder” comment you left that I deleted? Did it not read that covering your tracks is the best way to get caught? It’s too late, though. You’ve left your trail long before I ever came across this case. I just happened to be the one to see it and point it out to others.

Now he has spammed my email addresses. Apparently, I signed up for multiple subscriptions in my sleep (and I do not take meds to sleep). Desperation.

One thought on “The lengths…

  1. Barbara H. says:

    Good job honey!!! Your perfect murders, yeh right….

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