Group effort

At first glance, the murders of these women seem to have been part of a group effort. Serial killers typically don’t operate with others. The more people who are involved in a crime, the more likely those involved will be caught.

Looking at it from the small bubble of Shannan and GB4, it looks more like a group effort than if you add the earlier murders. Just adding Jane Doe Fire Island 1996 throws the likelihood of these murders being a group effort to a rarity. To have operated without detection for 20 some odd years makes the group effort seem to be non existent.
This killer has “perfected” his “craft” with trial and error. Jane Doe Fire Island 1996 is a perfect example of his “trial and error”. When he dumped her remains in Heckscher State Park, her legs washed ashore on Fire Island, and were found within weeks of her murder. He did not anticipate any of her remains being found so quickly. He had used several locations to dump the bodies of the women he killed: Heckscher State Park, Gilgo Beach, Manorville, Hempstead Lake Park, and there’s probably more that have yet to be discovered.

He’s learned where to and where not to dump the bodies. He’s learned how quickly a body would be discovered in Manorville as opposed to Gilgo Beach. He’s learned to change locations and, for lack of a better phrase, not leave all his eggs in one basket. He’s learned that when a pattern is detected, it is more likely those murders would be attributed to him and more likely to be investigated.

He studies serial killers. He studies killers who have been caught and those who had not been discovered for many years, if at all.

The character flaw of his I compare to BTK. He can’t help his need to be noticed. He can’t help talking about his murders directly (to the families) or indirectly (online message boards). This is exactly how BTK was caught. His ego was so blown out of proportion that he seriously believed he would never be caught. The LISK is of that same over blown ego breed of killers.

The group effort lies within the cover up of Shannan’s disappearance. For 19 months, Shannan had only disappeared in the minds of anyone but her murderer. For 19 months, Shannan had “run into the marsh” in the minds of the police. For 19 months, her body had been hidden, left undiscovered by the FBI and police searches. For 19 months, her killer thought the searches for Shannan would stop and that it would all blow over.

If you think of those closest to the killer, you can start to understand what went through the minds of those who covered his tracks for those 19 months. Imagine your husband, brother, or father… someone comes to you and says he was the last person to see a young woman before she disappeared. I can’t imagine anyone telling me this to be true and I would have a hard time believing it to be possible. It would be easy for my husband/brother/father to manipulate me to believe what he says is true and what others say is false, in turn making me feel like it’s us against the world.

Now go a little outside that family bubble and imagine your neighbor who you’ve gotten to know well over 15+ years. Your children grew up with his, you had summer BBQs together with your families, you had each other over for dinner, your wives were close friends, you had weekly poker nights, went fishing together… This man you’ve gotten to “know” over the years is accused of being the last person to see a young woman before she disappeared. He tells you he knew she was ok and he sent her off with her driver. For 19 months you believe this to be true because you can’t imagine this person you’ve been friends with for 15+ years could be capable of this woman’s disappearance.

On December 5, 2011, police were searching the 90 points of interest that HD images from the FBI Blackhawk helicopter found near Wantagh Parkway, several miles West of Oak Beach. That afternoon during a press conference, the SCPD stated they would “not stop searching until Shannan was found”. That evening, an A&E special on LISK aired and comments about the police doing a shoddy job were made.

Shannan’s killer had more bodies than the 10 police had found over the course of a year and change. The more bodies found in that area, the more likely Shannan’s killer would be linked to the murders. Shannan’s killer had to give up her body to discontinue the searches in that area where he had left more bodies.

There were many speculations of where Shannan’s body was hidden publicly talked about on, a website that Shannan’s killer read and studied like it was his job. There was an aerial image with a circle around where someone believed her body may be hidden. Shannan’s belongings were found on December 6, 2011, in the area of that circle, her body found days later off Ocean Parkway accessible to the Oak Beach community.

It was important for Shannan’s killer to leave her belongings in the area that was circled. He needed to have someone to point the finger at should the police call it a homicide. “How did this person know? Could that person be her killer?”

He’s mentioned several names of people who are trying to “frame” him for murder. He’s even accused me on this blog. It would be really difficult to blame me for murder or have motive to frame Hackett for murder.

Because he’s having difficulty trying to convince people I’m trying to frame him for serial murder (that he is trying to pin on me), he is trying to convince my readers (and those on and Websleuths) that I am either crazy or actually someone who he has already named as a person capable of murder and/or having reason to frame Hackett.

I’m not related to this case in any way. I’ve never met Hackett. I’ve never been to visit NY. I’m a woman. I’ve never met anyone related to this case man or woman.

He never anticipated some random woman would be able to see the trail he’s left. He never anticipated that woman to be completely unrelated to any inkling of his murders. He never anticipated that he would not be able to intimidate that woman into silence. He never anticipated that woman to be intelligent enough to DO something to lead to his arrest and prosecution. He never anticipated that woman would not give up. He never anticipated he couldn’t silence anyone who caught on to him. He never anticipated someone like me.

I have a strong mind and confidence in myself that any amount of swaying can’t shake. “Peer pressure” has never worked on me, and it won’t now. I don’t care what people think of me because I know me better than anyone. That confidence and security of knowing my intentions are pure, genuine and intuitive are all I need to continue to pursue this case, with or without the support of any other person.


29 thoughts on “Group effort

  1. Flaxseed says:

    June, 1986 PATRICIA COSTELLO of Brentwood,

    Suffolk County, was living in Bay Shore at the time of her murder. She worked as a topless dancer/cocktail waitress at various bars in Suffolk County. At about 5pm, Sunday, June 1, 1986, a horseback rider in Heckscher State Park found Ms. Costello’s nude, strangled body, approximately 200 feet from the shore of the Great South Bay in Islip.

  2. truth must be told. says:

    Police do not yet know what caused the death of Phylicia Barnes, a star student from North Carolina whose naked body was found in a Maryland river Wednesday, or the death of a black male whose unclothed body was found three to four miles downstream.

  3. Concrete Man says:

    You seem like a good person. I’m gonna throw you a bone to really help you make a name for yourself and solve this case.


    NBC 4 New York has learned there may be a big break in the eight-year murder investigation of Juilliard student Sarah Fox. Police have a DNA link between an Occupy Wall Street protest and the scene of Fox’s murder. Jonathan Dienst reports…

    Sarah Fox was found nude and strangled in the PARK in May 2004, days after she disappeared during a daytime jog.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      I think Kathryn Filiberti is also associated with LISK. Someone recently confessed to the murder, but the DNA evidence doesn’t match him. He took a plea deal 2 weeks before the trial.

  4. Concrete Man says:

    I’ll make it even easier and give you this info too-

    “They asked if he f–ked her. …You know, they tried to speak in that kind of a tone to, like, strike up camaraderie between sick minds,” said Mr. Sheinman. “I saw her clothes neatly piled up … and her tampon, on top of the clothes. So I thought, my God, she had the period. Probably not, that’s what I said.”

  5. Concrete Man says:

    There is so much more…

  6. Concrete Man says:

    In September 28, 1995, a patrol officer made a startling discovery behind a Hartford Road Strip Mall just a hundred yards off of Route 9 in New Britain, Connecticut. Wrapped in plastic and a sleeping bag, a dead young woman shot in the head once. To this day, her identity is still unknown. Her age was estimated to be about 17 to 20 years old.

    In Late September of 2009, Police Departments from three states have made strides in getting closer to solving this woman’s identity. They have linked her with an older female that was murdered around the same time (8 days later) in the Tolland State Forest in Massachusetts. Police believe the two victims are mother/daughter. The victim in this case may have been Bi-RACIAL.

  7. Concrete Man says:

    One more link for you before I go eat dinner-

    On July 26th, 1974 a thirteen-year-old girl walking her dog in the dunes near Provincetown made a shocking discovery of a woman brutally murdered. It is estimated that the victim had been dead for at least two weeks. Her nude body had been found lying on half of a beach towel as if she had been sharing it with someone. Her head resting on some folded jeans. Her head was nearly severed and the left side of her skull was crushed by what was believed to be an by an instrument similar to a military entreching tool. Police were never able to fingerprint the woman because both of her hands had been cut off and never found. Despite that, the deceased woman did have several interesting items on her. She had gold crowns on her teeth valued at over 5,000 dollars and her dental work was done in a “New York Style” of dentistry. She was estimated to be around 145 pounds and 5 feet, six inches tall. She had long auburn or reddish hair that was tied in a ponytail with an elastic barrette. Her toenails were painted pink and her age was estimated to be between 25 and 40.

  8. Concrete Man says:

    Pieces of a puzzle all need to be sorted and put together.

    Look at this- Nicholas Fialo is being sought by Suffolk County Police for Leaving the Scene of an Accident. A warrant for his arrest was issued November 2007. Page Created: 7/19/2011 – 12:58:57 PM

    Yet look at this- Nicholas J Fialo was born on 08/15/1954 and died on 12/02/2008 at the age of 54. Nicholas Fialo is buried in the cemetery: Calverton National Cemetery, which is located in Calverton, NY.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the serial killer is using the identities of dead men. It would help in staying off the police radar.

      • Concrete Man says:

        Identities of dead men are difficult to use but identities of men in nursing homes who have lost their minds and have little or no family is much easier. Elderly men can remain in nursing homes for decades while their identities are stolen. Assuming the identities of sick or senile men is a very easy to do.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Interesting. I would’ve thought it to be easier to steal a dead man’s identity than a live man.

  9. Concrete Man says:

    Forgot to add this- Trying to locate:nicholas j.fialo. f any one reads this please contact me as soon as possible that serve in the USS.JOHN S MACCAIN DDG 36. ADDRESS:urb. las mercedes 13 st.# 88 salinas,p.r.00751 telephone:area code 787-824-0010
    Please contact: jose a.garcia [tony]
    Mailing address: urb.las mercedes 13st.# 88
    City, State, Zip: salinas,puerto rico 00751.

    • Concrete Man says:

      the identities of dead men are difficult because of modern computers. he can’t renew their driver’s license or open a bank account in their name, etc…

      With a man in a nursing home he can change addresses at dmv and on credit cards. he can open accounts at utilities, cell phones, banks, insurance, even get his pic taken for passport or dmv to renew the stolen identity. choosing a man in a nursing home who has alzheimer’s disease is all it takes. nursing homes can keep a patient like that alive for decades to milk their social security and medicaid and veteran benefits while he is out there using the man’s identity to run around under that alias.

  10. Concrete Man says:

    One name I can say is the name Rolf Baars.

  11. Concrete Man says:

    Rolf Baars = stolen/borrowed identity.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      Ok, so assuming this man’s identity is stolen, how does he have a charge? He gets pulled over, gives the fake name, but doesn’t get put in jail?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        I guess what I’m asking is that if someone were using this man’s identity, how is the picture not of someone else?

      • Concrete Man says:

        He did not get pulled over.

        He’s charged with leaving the scene of an accident. Someone driving a vehicle registered to his identity was in an accident with another person and then fled the scene before the police arrived. Police use the photo from his driver’s license.

      • mysterymom7 says:

        Aha! But the same wouldn’t have been true for Baars?

      • mysterymom7 says:

        So maybe this is the answer to him having another location to commit his murders, dismember, and possibly hold his victims to torture? Do you believe that may be the case? I think this guy is smart and resourceful. This identity thing is very clever to keep from getting caught.

  12. Concrete Man says:

    If you look here- you see that in 2011 Baars is wanted by the Southampton Town police department for resisting arrest, operating a motor vehicle in an intoxicated condition, while his license was suspended all while Baars also has a Suffolk County Probation warrant.


    The police in the good state of Georgia know that the real Rolf Baars was busy in Statesboro according to this-

    Baars has been charged for the following incidents:

    On February 22, 2011 a structure fire at a residence located at 344 North College Street.
    On February 25, 2011 a second structure fire at the same residence at 344 North College Street.
    On April 19, 2011 a fire of furniture located behind the Time Saver located at 301 North Main Street.
    On April 25, 2011 a structure fire at a business located at 12 Pretorious Street.
    On July 11, 2011 a second structure fire at the same business located at 12 Pretoriuos Street.
    On July 21, 2011 a structure fire at a residence located at 913 North Main Street.

    Additional suspects are still under investigation.

    Baars was previously arrested in 1998 for arson in Southhampton Town, NY.

    • mysterymom7 says:

      So while Baars is in GA, his identity is being used in Southhampton, NY? Wouldn’t he have been arrested and the mug shot of the man in NY wouldn’t be the same as on Baars’ license?

  13. Concrete Man says:

    so Baars was in two places at the same time.

    Odd right?

  14. BabylonBarry says:

    CHP= liSK. I hope ‘the good doc’s” wife cracks and finally admits to a sworn jury how her husband is a pathological liar that likes to troll the internet for prey and discredit anyone who is against his sick ways

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