What can be learned through fieldnotes?

Fieldnotes is a fictional character who is also known as Jim Jones. Jim Jones was the name [Billy Bob] gave to CPH when he went with MG during the year anniversary of Shannan’s disappearance. This is why ps149 tells the members of WS that fieldnotes “gives the facts”. Of course ps149 would tell everyone to believe fieldnotes, because both ps149 and fieldnotes are aliases used by CPH to distract and misdirect. Let’s take a closer look at the words he’s chosen. Pay careful attention and read this as if written by the killer himself…







Please check back. I will explore more soon.


2 thoughts on “What can be learned through fieldnotes?

  1. Barbara H. says:

    The lady across the street is patty max. She cleaned brewers property after the SG incident… Why?

  2. Barbara H. says:

    Please turn yourself in… I can’t take it anymore and it’s just a matter of time til the lock you up.

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